Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #24 - Excursions Results and New System


Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #24 - Excursions Results and New System

Consul Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! This month’s Consul Report is a big one, so it is also coming courtesy of our wonderful Proconsul Elincia! We’ve had a very very busy month with the exploration of the SW galaxy as seen in Excursion and getting the 1.0 release of the new clan system ready.



Excursion Closing Fiction

Inner Rim

Reiden sat on the grown wooden bench enjoying a refreshing local drink. They had called it Imaroto, a juice from one of the planet’s indigenous fruits. They had been surprised to find such an isolated system in the inner rim. The people were simple, pre-hyperdrive capable, barely reaching out to colonize the other planets and moons of the system.

Dek Ironius II kept his hand resting on the hilt of his Westar-34 blaster pistol. Something about this place felt wrong, and his keen blue eyes examined the rest of the village as if he expected an illusion to be broken.

“You should relax some,” Reiden said taking another long drink. The planet was densely forested, and the mixture of heat and humidity made the drink especially enjoyable. While the locals were having a growing technical age, what was remarkable about this place was that all the buildings had been grown, not built. Each was continually growing stronger, and larger. The richest people on the planet were direct descendants of bloodlines stretching back generations.

“I am relaxed,” Dek said. He locked eyes with a group of mothers herding their children along the pathway. The mothers pushed their kids across the field, cutting a wide berth around the two outsiders.


The shouting was faint but clearly audible. Reiden stood up beside Dek and looked off in the direction of the cry. It came again louder.

The two peers through the trees across the small open field and saw a man running through the trees. A man with no pants.

“We need to go!” James Malum yelled. One of the newer members of the clan, he had taken up quickly to venture out to find a new home. Behind him, dozens of locals were giving chase. Dek and Reiden both swore and took off running in the direction of their ship.

Click here to read the rest of the closing fiction to Excursion

The full Excursion fiction can be found here in .pdf format


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Excursion Results!



Intel: Brotherhood Wide - NPCs

One of the biggest additions to the club this month has come in the form of members being able to purchase an Alternative Character/NPC slots! Wally’s news post has a great break down of how it works, but here is the super tl:dr read version.

Everyone in the club creates their “main character” when they sign up. This is the name located on your dossier, its the one that you create a CS for and is the one everyone else refers to you as in fictions and the like. However this single character can be a bit limiting. You love to play a badass Sith but man those Mercs sure look like fun. Well good news. Using your hard earned credits on the site, you can unlock permanent alternate CSs to link to for an alternative character and NPCs.

How does this work? First off, be at least EQ1. Then go to your admin menu on the site. There is a link there for Additional Character Slots & NPCs. You unlock the option to purchase slots at Equite 1, Equite 3, and Elder 1. They get more expensive the more you wish to unlock. These characters come with a maximum rank as well. The first one can go up to your current rank, the send up to 2 ranks below you, and 3rd up to 4 ranks below you.

This addition opens a lot new fictional routes for people to take and its one I’ve been excited about having on the site for years.


Intel: Brotherhood Wide - Play Fair

This is a section I really don’t want to have to be including, one that needs to be brought up, hopefully just as a refresher for you.

This club has a lot of fun activities to do, Fiction, Gaming, Art. We try to adequately reward efforts in these venues. Because we want to keep things fair in terms of awards, and to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to do things, there are certain rules and policies in place to follow. But these things can’t cover every possible situation.

Periodically people like to try to exploit the system, fudge their numbers and submissions to get better awards and placements. There are varing punishments for this. Obviously there is overt cheating, but anything considered “shady” or “bending” of the rules to exploit the system is still not okay. In the end you are going to be hurting yourself, cause a lot of work for the people who oversee these things, and result in stricter rules and policies to close whatever you are trying to exploit.

In the end everything here is just numbers. Trying to cheat the system with some loophole isn’t cool, and isn’t worth the effort just to get a few extra shiny things on your dossier. Don’t make things harder for yourself, and in the process ruin the experience for everyone else in the club.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - The Caperion System

Caperion System

As you all know, our previous system, the Cocytus System, is no more, glassed by Pravus’ Iron Fleet. With that comes a need for a new homeworld. The creation of a new system is an exciting new venture for the clan and opens up a great range of potential storylines that were previously unavailable to us.

Our primary aim for this system is to create something dynamic, something that can change and respond to our actions in it, and with interesting, challenging natives, not just the primitive tribes that bow to us and roll out the red carpet. The Caperion System is already a technologically advanced, spacefaring system featuring many political groups with a military strength equal to our own. Secondly, in the interests of realism, we distance ourselves from the idea of having 4 temperate life-supporting worlds. By focusing more on one central world, we can pour life into that world to really make it come alive, with all the depth and richness of the Cocytus System combined. That world is called Seraph, and its moon, Ragnath. What we present in this report is a 1.0, a blueprint which will be populated by your ideas over a series of events.

Click here for the Caperion System main wiki page

Caperion Orbits


Intel: The Imperial News Net - The Planets

The planets and moons of Caperion are where the majority of the clan fictions will take place for the foreseeable future. We will have many competitions to allow this to be fleshed out further. The system will have 6 planets, with varying terrains. The third planet, Seraph, is our Earth 2.0, a world perfect for life with a thriving global community.



Click here for the Isergess wiki page

Isergess is the planet closest to the star Caperion. It is a hot and volcanic planet, a hostile and volatile environment. Any outposts built there would require extensive temperature shielding and careful placement around the volatile and changing landscape. It has a single moon, Xejtrok, which for unknown reasons has largely damaged body, causing a growing trail of debris to follow the shattered moon’s orbit around the planet.



Click here for the Venenum wiki page

Venenum is the second planet in the system, and the only which follows an elongated elliptical orbit of Caperion, leading to wild temperature fluctuations. It’s a hot and actively hostile planet, with no sentient life to be found. The life that has grown in its toxic atmosphere is dangerous, both flora and fauna. Its moon, Ly’palion, is beautifully colored but lacks natural resources or an atmosphere.



Click here for the Seraph wiki page

Seraph and its moon Ragnath are the only two easily habitable areas of the system. Seraph falls comfortably within the goldilocks zone of Caperion. A breathable atmosphere, varied terrain and water oceans are ideal for a variety of plant and animal life. It is heavily populated, with locals harboring a severe mistrust of the wider galactic community. Its 3.7 billion people are divided into 5 countries, with the two largest currently at war.



Click here for the Albicosus wiki page

Albicosus is an enormous terrestrial planet, featuring freezing temperatures and an incredibly thin atmosphere. It’s moon Ulress had been carved out by the local population in the early stages of their space exploration. Ulress has since going through many upgrades and is now home to many of the criminal and underworld individuals of the system, while Albicosus is home to a few small mining colonies under the control of the governments on Seraph.



Click here for the Myryakur wiki page

Myryakur is a gas giant with a fast rotation period. It is orbited by two moons, Korgollo Major and Korgollo Minor. The planet has a strong gravitational pull and has bands of colors ranging from white, to orange, to brown. The swiftly moving gases and tiny particulates in the atmosphere generate a perpetual lighting storm around the planet.



Click here for the Balaerion wiki page

Balaerion is an icy rock far from the light and warmth of Caperion. Its rocky geography is home to valuable resources. At the back end of the system, a maximum security prison had been constructed by the local people, where inmates are forced to work in the planet’s mines.

Final Thoughts

We really want these planets to continually evolve and develop over time. We have written the system in a way that it will yield future storylines and room for expansion.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - Caperion Politics

The best stories are driven by characters and their interactions. As such, our development of the Caperion System was driven by a desire to create a political climate within which the clan will carve out its own place. The planets themselves are really secondary to the opportunities a new system gives us in creating both friend and foe. There are 5 main political powers in the Caperion System. These groups hold long term territory and have established governmental systems. We imagine these not just as groups of people, but also as places you can go, in the same way a country in the real world represents more than the person in charge, but carries with it culture, territory, people and communities.

The Meraxis Empire (Meraxis)

A military dictatorship, Meraxis harbours the long-held desire to rule all of Seraph. They rule their dominion with an iron fist and a strong army backed by forced conscription. Their main enemies are the Democratic Republic of Elaya, with whom they have been at war for five years, and the constant threat of a civilian uprising as a result of their authoritarian rule.

The Democratic Republic of Elaya (Elaya)

The Democratic Republic of Elaya is a powerful liberal state controlling the largest territory of the planet. Their goal is global peace and prosperity, and support the ideals of freedom, justice, and democracy. They are at war with the Empire of Meraxis, who they see as a threat to global peace. They maintain peaceful relations with other countries on the planet, and will use their power to protect them if necessary.

The Republic of the Force (TRF)

The Republic of the Force (TRF) are a spiritual society that follow a mysterious religion unique to Seraph, based on worship of the Force and protection of nature. They seek to avoid interaction with the outside world, but rely on the protection of Elaya for protection from the Empire of Meraxis.

Nayama Dynasty (Nayama)

The Nayama Dynasty are a kingdom rich in culture, history, and martial tradition. Among the other countries of the planet, they are the masters of the arts, ruled by a dynasty that dates back millennia, although their power has waned over time. They are seen as an exotic people by the other countries, and have repelled numerous invasion attempts from the Empire thanks to the martial skill of their civilians and military.

The United Corporations of Elaya

The United Corporations of Elaya (UCE) was once a city of the Republic, but an alliance of powerful companies negotiated secession due to the president’s favouring of people’s welfare over business output. Ruled by businesses, for businesses, the UCE hold only a single city, but it is a densely packed metropolis of high rise buildings. Despite their small territory, they are untouchable due to their advanced economy, driven by science and technology manufacture, as well as financial services.

At the point of Scholae’s entrance in the system, the Meraxis Empire has launched an attack on the TRF Surik Island. Elaya arrived in the defence of TRF, while Nayama stays out of the conflict and the UCE attempts to profit financially any way it can.


Intel: The Imperial News Net - #AskTheXen

Alara asks: how do you take your coffee?

  • Through my mouth-hole.

James Malum asks: Best part about CSP?

  • Myself! J/K its the members. 110% because of you all that CSP rocks so much!

The Beardhulk asks: Can you get any cornier?

  • Absolutely.

Xantros asks: What would you suggest the aspiring members of the Brotherhood to do, in order to advance through JM4+ ranks?

  • Do the things that interest you! Stick around, have fun. Those ranks will come easy if you do.

Intel: The Imperial News Net - #AskTheEli

Xantros asks: What would you suggest the aspiring members of the Brotherhood to do, in order to advance through JM4+ ranks?

  • Dont underestimate the importance of consistent activity and the don't get discouraged if you don't think you're making progress. As long as your numbers are going up on the site, you're getting there, for the first few equite ranks. Beyond that it does start to require leadership

Katyusha asks: Can we get a mascot for CSP?

  • We had Pete from Sales and Kevin the Drunken Krayt. Fate unknown after the glassing of Cocytus


Fantastic work from everyone participating in Excursions! I hope you all enjoyed this opportunity to go off, explore, and imagine without restraint. Now we turn our eyes toward the Caperion system, and to establish the seat of the new empire, Long may it reign.

For the Empire!

Also, I’m sure most of you have already seen it, but make sure to check out the Last Jedi Teaser!

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