Seneschal Report


Seneschal Report

In which James talks about recent changes to the site, copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon.

Hi all, It's that time again! About time for another report from your friendly neighbourhood Seneschal with the latest ins and outs related to the site.

Deployed Code Changes

Below is a list of most of the code check-ins done to the site since my last report. This isn't an exhaustive list, and does not contain code changes that have not yet been deployed to the main website. To summarise, here's the TLDR:

  1. Orders, Paths and Non-Force Orders
  2. ACC tweaks
  3. Character Sheet Updates
  4. The Trial of Identity and changes to the Join Process
  5. CoJ Utilities
  6. Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks
James Entar:
      Attempt at copy-to-clipboard button for oauth code
      Change ACC Venue index to 4-8 column width ratio
      Disable ACC challenges; tweak Venue listing
      Keep a history of Elo Rating Changes; allow replaying Elo chain; add M:VOICE to CS mails
      Allow reopening ACC battles [fixes #10] [fixes #13]; Add description to Tradition Change Form
      Allow zip download of competition entries
      Tweak ACC Reopening code
      Prep Gray Path in welcome mails, etc.; fix a bug in Promo Assessment
      Remove Ambidextrous as a Handedness Option; existing Ambidextrous sheets will be converted to Right Handed
      Re-enable ACC Challenges
      Enable accepting challenges too
      Remove Dinaari and Ektrosis lists from Kallisto
      Unit page tweaks
      Small tweaks; enable Traditions
      Add link to competition in judgement warning e-mails
      Switch theme based on order rather than Path; add rank name and order/path to rosters and promotion requests
      Prep CS for non-force Orders; clean up navbar a bit
      Some CS admin bits I forgot to include in last commit
      CS bugfix
      Allow specifying a species' native languages in backend
      Fix minor CS bug affecting skill/force power editing
      Update Promotheus to know about the Novitate Tier
      ToI updates
      ToI: Textual adjustments
      CS: Allow restricting disciplines; CS: show validation errors in tooltip; Add subunit column to summit member index page
      Promotheus: Rename Journeyman Hall to Novitate Hall
      Don't error out when trying to calculate Elo for non-ACC-qualified members
      Fix a rare error with unapproved withdrawn character sheets
      Fix small bug with Promotheus export for legacy records
      Small bugfix for promo assessment and inconsistent histories
      ToI: allow changing order/species description through admin interface
      ToI: pick up species and tooltips from database
      Fix ACC navbar brand padding on small screens
      Update internal restricted name list
      CS: Improve Linguistics/Language handling
      ToI: Small fix, show Gray robes to Dark Jedi
      Some more minor ToI tweaks
      ToI - add order reference images
      Update SA degree requirements
      Streamline CS Lore Selection
      Join Process Updates and Trial of Identity
      Allow summits to configure which sub-units new members are placed in; Automatic unit welcome e-mails
      Minor bugfix
      Updates to welcome mail and sub-unit placement code; Kallisto updates
      Minor bugfix for preview of automated welcome e-mail
      Fix Bingbot causing ActionController::InvalidCrossOriginRequest on ACC Venues Listing
      Fix some minor glitches with search engine bots; remove Fundamentals from ACC entry requirements
      Fix various ActionNotFound errors
      Don't report ActionController::UnknownFormat errors
      Fix hidden error when adding an empty comment to an ACC battle
      Add Join Headers to News Carousel
      Fix error with autocomplete and weird characters
      Fix bug on dossiers where the filter button was targetting the wrong filter; fix bug with ACC battles and deleted dossiers; allow reopening manually closed ACC battles
      Show Path on Order/Rank selectors (manual admin, NPC admin)
      Society Progress Page
      Don't show member e-mails in report/news for anonymous users; Update Writing Sage requirements; add INQ to Promotion Guidelines
      Slightly tweak Tactical Point values
      Revert Markdown Changes
      Fix Closed ACC battles pagination not working

Kalen Aquillarum:
      bug fix for position assignments page
      Update "Useful Links" section of ACC landing page
      fix page width bug on Competition page for mobile devices
      Fix page/table width problem on Unit roster for mobile devices
      Add new ACC logo to ACC navbar
      Implement Shared IP Address tracking within the DB site
      clean up some database queries
      fix Hand of Justice permissions
      Add CoJ visibility to Shared IPs on member dossier
      implement Probation Tolling for CoJ
      bug fix
      bug fix again
      bug fix on assessment report
      bug fix
      update assessent report one more time
      assessment report fix (finally)

On the Horizon

This section provides some sneak previews of upcoming site changes and the larger things on the Seneschal Office's todo-list in various stages of completion.

  1. Possessions (status: Waiting)
    The coding for phase 1 through phase 3 of Possessions has been completed and deployed to the site, and the focus has now shifted to creating items, item aspects, and balancing everything. Once that's done, and everything has been added to the site, we can move to beta-testing and implementation of the subsequent phases (load-outs/equip sets)
  2. Fiction Society (status: Waiting)
    All Fiction Society Code has been completed, and is waiting to be deployed once all other assets, rewards, exams and wiki pages have been completed.
  3. Badges/Achievements (status: Low Priority)
    Work towards achievements by doing things (or not doing things) on the site. This has been a low-priority project for a while due to other projects having precedence, but I will expect to pick it up again in the future.
  4. Random Bugfixes and Things That Come Up™
    A wild Dark Council member appeared. It uses Feature Request! [FIGHT][ITEM][PKMN][RUN]


Again, lots of fixes and additions to the site, and even more interesting things to come. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to either e-mail me or throw in a comment.

James L. Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood

Keep up the great work, James!

I do love me some informative changelogs.

Awesome report, amazing work

Yay, thanks James!

Omg I'm so psyched for Possessions, I can't wait.

Great stuff James!

Bring on possessions. Can't wait to officially own my nssis clawcraft

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