Battleteam Shadow Gate

From the Shadows

Greetings all as you may know Shadow Gate has been reinstated with me at its head and I'm happy to say that I'm looking forward to working with my new team

With the reopening of the team there are going to be lots of things that we can improve and work on. We are going to be making Shadow gate into a entirely different team than before and we want to give you guys a chance to help shape it so if anyone wants to help either with the wiki or getting some new graphics after the war you can reach me or Revs either on IRC or email.


This is war

Right guys The GJW is here and in full swing I expect that everyone will be doing there best to get 100% participation, I know thats what I’ll be doing when not making subs for a living :P

So heres a link to the competition list. So go out there and show the rest of the Brotherhood why they need to fear the shadows.



For the Month of December


  • Crescent with Diamond Star

  • Crescent with Amethyst Star

  • Crescent with Topaz Star


  • Grand Cross of the Dark Side

  • 37 Clusters of Fire

  • Scroll of the Master


  • 15 Clusters of Fire


  • Anteian Cross

  • 37 Clusters of Fire


  • Dark Cross

  • 3 Pendants of Blood

  • 258 Clusters of Fire

  • 2 Clusters of Ice


Sergeants Smoke Pit

Hello everyone. I'm just going to be brief here, because there's no point in saying what has already been said. Some of you I have worked with in ROs and I've read the other’s dossiers. I can say with confidence that we have a team with a lot of potential here. We have a lot coming up after the War for us. If anyone has any ideas or things you would like to see happen, please share. Its going to take every members opinion to make this team great. If any of you need to get in touch with me feel free to email me. For now though let's focus on this war and bring Shadow Gate back with a bang.



Okay, guardians, that's all we have for you at this moment but i'm looking forward to hearing about your deeds in the war. Arcona Invicta!

  • DJK Rrogan Skar, Gatewarden
  • DJK Revs, Gate Steward

WOOOOOOO, now go jump through a gate

To go where no Kaleesh has gone before!! You rock that team, Skar! :)

Daniel: How is it that you always manage to come up with the worst case scenario?

Jack: I practice.

Good first report, Skar!

Sexy report! It just needs a header...


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