Shadow Gate Report #8


Shadow Gate Report #8

K’tana glanced across the table, idly wondering how wise it had been to assemble the whole of Shadow Gate in one room, as it had been some time in truth, and yet she mildly regretted the decision. An unusual stillness had settled in her belly as the new Gate Steward glared across the table. K’tana had met the Iridonian before, but she never recalled her being quite so intimidating.

“So!” She finally broke the awkward ice that had seemed to settle in the back room of Skar’s little slice of Port O’lval. “I thought it might be a good idea to mingle and get a few things sorted while we’re all together.”

Skar sat to Nath’s left, he nursed a bottle in his claws and the wounded pride from his last encounter with his Gatewarden. He and Nath seemed familiar on some level as she seemed to tolerate his presence with ease. To the Iridonian’s right sat the new comer Laboki, yet another disconcerting Human with unkind viridescent eyes that were partially obscured by a mop of unkempt hair.

Next to Laboki sat Skalagrim, a large Wookiee that had managed to cram himself into the chair and seemed to observe the older members of the team. Finally Wolf sat next to Skar and reclined back with a slight hiss of breath.Kanis, Soccrra, Timeros, Tevans and Marick turned their attention back to K’tana as she spoke.

“There’s an actual agenda for this meeting?” Marick asked tentatively, the Hapan brushed a few stray locks of black hair from his eyes as he spoke. The Gatewarden gave a large smile, flashing a set of white teeth as she did so.

“Yeah! I wrote it all down!” She replied with far too much enthusiasm than the majority of the team could take. Timeros gave a slight smirk at this, knowing he had ‘suggested’ as her mentor to do so, when in actual fact it wasn’t so much a suggestion but a clip across the lekku and a command in actual fact.

So welcome to December! Another month has passed us by and this report is a little later in the works, I’d like to pass my apologies for not being able to get it out any sooner. I just want to quickly pass on my huggles to Kat who is currently not in Kansas any more! I really hope you enjoy your trip across the pond and explains partially why she isn’t writing this month's report.

Most of you already know me in some form or another and I’m really excited to work with all of you guys in Shadow Gate. For those of you who don’t HAI I’m Nath and have only recently transferred from Nighthawk to give Kat a hand when she needs it.

If you would like to get in touch with me I’m around on:

A quick public service announcement

As I’m sure you’re all aware (unless you missed the massive countdown on the main page) that the new Star Wars film IS NEARLY HERE. I would like to ask; even though I know you all have plenty of brain cells to figure it out for yourselves: Please do not give spoilers on the main channels if you have been fortunate enough to catch the first load of screenings. Not everyone has had the chance to watch right away, so if you have found someone else and want to have a small gazm over how amazing (or not?) it is, please take it to a private message for the sake of those that would like their first viewing to be unbiased and unspoiled.

Normal transmission resumes


So we’ve had a good influx of new members of late and it’s nice to see some of them have made their way to Shadow Gate. I’d like to welcome Laboki, Wolf and Skalagrim to the team. I am sure they will have fun here with us and develop to one day help guide newer members in the future.

Goings on within the DB

At the moment, we have some amazing opportunities for participation and the chance to get shiny shinies! There are two main ones I’d like to draw attention to and that is the DC competitions going on, which has a great selection of different comps for you guys. There may also be hints to what is in store for the next Great Jedi War in there, so it may be worth having a peek to see what evil deeds will be coming up.

On a lighter note, we also have a more lighthearted set of competitions upcoming for Arcona which is: An Arconan Holiday. These are a variety of comps from writing-based, to art and gaming. I really hope you guys have fun with these as they were put together with loves for us to enjoy over the holidays.

A slight heads up on some older news just in case you missed them, for those who enjoy starting up competitions; this will also be handy to know if you have Apprentices and want them to meet their organise competition requirements. There have been some slight tweaks to the rules that are worthy of note:

  • Easy to grade competitions like flash games may only have a single co-organizer. Automatically graded competitions like CF based gaming ones may have no co-organizers unless the main organizer is the student of a master, who may be a co-organizer.

  • Organizers and co-organizers to place in their own competitions: they now cannot.

So that’s that on that and came straight from the MAA report.


There’s been a relatively short gap between reports for November and December so this section will be quite brief compared to normal.


  • Cluster of Ice x2
  • Crescent with Emerald Star x1


  • Cluster of Earth x17
  • Cluster of Ice x6
  • Cluster of Fire x8
  • Crescent with Amethyst Star x1
  • Crescent with Ruby Star x1


  • Cluster of Fire x2


  • Cluster of Earth x1
  • Cluster of Ice x1
  • Crescent with Sapphire Star x1


  • Scroll of Indoctrination x1


There are a few other competitions out there for you guys to have a dabble with if it takes your fancy:



Final Thoughts

At the moment, K’tana and I are working on an update to Shadow Gate’s wiki, to reflect the changes that have happened over time. If you would like to help out with that, I’m sure if you poke one of us we can find wiki project to suit you.

We are also really interested in hearing what you guys want and think, so we would like to hear from you guys and see what you want out of Shadow Gate. Do you have any ideas or requests for competitions that you would like to see? If so, please feel free to leave a comment at the website copy of the report (especially if you are Journeymen as this could meet a requirement if you provide a constructive comment) or if you’re feeling shy, shoot us an email or pm on Telegram. We would love to hear from you.

For me (Nath) music inspires me the most so I decided this report can end on a song so hope you enjoy:

We hope you all enjoy the holidays, however you choose to celebrate them and look forward to a New Year which is fast approaching with even more exciting things to look forward to.

Nath and K’tana

Mmmmmmmmm! Very nice report. Everyone, give Lucy a warm and thankful hand for this month's report. Damn good job and a very huge help. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. <3

Great stuff, Nath! Proud of SG!


I mean, excellent report. o---

\o/ yes new report well done guys

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