Soulfire Report #6


Soulfire Report #6

Nadrin approached Andrelious. The younger Warlord gestured to a quieter corner of the room, indicating that he had something to tell the Soulfire Captain.

“We’re finally among friends right now. If there’s something on your mind, you can share it with all of us. It’ll be a while before the rest get back, anyway. And by then we’ll probably all be passed out,” the ex-Imperial stated, noticing that Kordath was already having trouble staying conscious.

“Very well. I want to make a yaim’ol. The Qel-Droman life just isn’t exciting enough,” the Erinos stated. Andrelious looked confused.

“He means he’s coming home.” Saskia explained. Her father smirked.

“Excellent. We’ve certainly missed your tactical expertise on the battlefield. I didn’t think Port Ol’val was quite your scene,” he stated.


The Eleventh Great Jedi War is on and its second phase has just started! Arcona is looking to make it three GJW victories in a row - some of you will also remember the bitter-sweet ending to the last war, where Sashar and Zandro sacrificed themselves to ensure an Arconan victory!

Speaking of Cox, he’s back!


GJW Phase 2 Gaming: Play Pazaak, or the X-Wing series!

GJW Phase 2 Fiction: Track the rite of Immortality!

GJW Phase 2 Graphics: Draw your character by hand!

GJW Phase 2 Puzzle: Can’t say much about this one!

Please note for the GJW competitions that the prompts and rules are available on subscribing. Do not subscribe to the puzzle until you’re ready to do it!

GJW Run-On

GJW Battleplan

GJW Multimedia

These three are all teamed events. Contact myself, Atyiru or Cethgus if you’re interested; we’ll try and find you a team!

Awards & Roster Changes

Nobilus (formerly Vosh) - promoted to DJK!

Nadrin Erinos Arconæ - transfers in from House Qel-Droma!

DJK Nobilus: 3 Pendants of Blood!

Captain’s Corner

With the war in full-swing, I have just one thing to ask..


Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj

Soulfire Captain

Vosh owes me a drink! (Gratz though)

I feel I deserve two of those drinks; one for me and Kord :)

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