Soulfire SGT Report


Soulfire SGT Report

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Soulfire Report


So, moving stuff sucks. I have (with the help of our friendly neighbourhood Quaestor) moved all of my crap out of the old awesome DB house in the UK and back home, and I'm finally back to something approaching full working order. Yay and hooray in equal measure, although it does mean I'll probably actually show up on IRC at some point, unlucky guys.

So the Fading Light ACC tourney is ongoing, and we've had a few of us participating, with Mark almost pulling off an epic victory only to be pipped at the last second, and I managed to somehow lose to Wally (not surprising). In better news though, our very own Riverche has managed to get into the third round, and faces the veteran skills of Timeros in her fight. Good luck River, let us know if you need any proofing!

I've added a new post in the squad RO, sorry for letting that one lapse a bit. Also, due to no entries for the previous motto and banner comps, I'm extending them for the next 2 weeks so that I can hopefully have someone enter and get awarded some medals. Come on guys, it's not hard so if you can, throw an entry in.

That covers the main points relevant to the squad for the moment, anything else can be found on the DB news page.


Riverche got promoted to KP! Awesome work River, keep on rocking!

-----Arrivals and Departures-----

We welcome Talos Erinos back to the squad, and Draith Dreadsoul has also joined, welcome to the good fight guys!


Fading Light ACC Comp -

Soulfire Motto Comp [EXTENDED] -

Soulfire Banner Comp [EXTENDED] -

Soulfire RO Comp - and the RO is here

-----Closing Statement-----

This report is pretty short and punchy, the competitions I've listed are the SF specific ones, ones run by people from the squad, or big comps that we need to keep our eye on to show the DB how awesome we are. It's been quiet for a month or so, but hopefully things will pick up a bit now, and we can get started on being at our best once again.

Thanks for reading,

SWL Nadrin Erinos Arconae

Nice report Nadrin

Nice report!

Nice report.

Since the forums were moved the new address for the RO is

woo, soulfire!

Also, other massive news, Adam no longer lives in the UK. Which sucks more balls than Jon in a ball-pit.

le sad

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