Strike-Team Ooroo Report #122514


Strike-Team Ooroo Report #122514


We have sworn to protect the innocent by destroying any traces of the Dark Side. We infiltrate. We observe. We strike hard, fast, and precise. We are nowhere but we are everywhere. We are Strike-Team Ooroo.

Be safe this holiday season…

I promise to make this quick as I assume many of you are heading out to see family, running from the great floods or remembering that you forgot to buy something for that special someone.

This will be my last report for the year 2014, and it was a great year. 2015 will be even better. We have the next GJW quickly approaching, big events in HOU, and we will be hitting a large project pretty hard (and raking in the rewards as well).

Also, we will be pushing our own storyline and establishing ourselves on our recently liberated homeworld. That means I haven’t forgotten about Project: Homeward Bound, which we should start finishing up within the next couple weeks.

For those of you celebrating this Holiday Season. If you’re going to drink, do so, but be responsible. Call a cab or secure a designated driver (preferably one that doesn’t drink) and make it home safely. We have a great group here, lots of talent and great personalities make me proud to be a part of it. It would be terrible to find out anything happened to one of you guys. Additionally, this time of the year can be a hard time emotionally for people. I’m not ashamed to tell you that for me, the end of November is rough. Look out for each other. If you don’t feel yourself or you suspect that one of your fellow members isn’t his/her self, speak up. Bring it to someone’s attention. To my knowledge, every member of your Summit is human, and has been through a multitude of things. Reach out, we can help.

Ok so I went a little deep there, I’ll try not to get all sappy on you next time. In summation…

  • Lets dominate the GJW

  • HOU will be even more awesome than it is now

  • StO will be even more awesome than HOU

  • If you drink, don’t be an idiot

  • Summit gives out free hugs



  • Let’s all congratulate LaLa for making the jump from Defender to Padawan. Keep up the good work, you are so close to JK!


  • As you all have seen by now, a new Rollmaster has been chosen! V’yr is a great person and will work tirelessly to make sure that your experience here exceeds your expectations. Say hello V’yr… “I am V’yr.”

  • Also, we have an addition to our roster, Seridan Brehevik. He is active and very skilled, feel free to bombard him with questions or hit him up to chat.


Tired of hanging around with your In-Law’s family? Regain your sanity by doing these!


  • Krandon- Anteian Cross

  • Gon- Dark Cross

  • Revak- Anteian Cross

  • Zeon- Anteian Cross and 5 Clusters of Fire

  • Rangel- 75 Clusters of Fire

  • LaLa- Dark Cross, 2 Crescents with Amethyst Star, 2 Pendants of Blood and 22 Clusters of Fire

  • Enric- 30 Clusters of Fire

  • Autumn- Dark Cross

I'm Revak Kur. You stay classy, New Tython ;P


GP Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar- Pin# 10407

CSV Sanarai Iridana- Pin# 12301

CSV Krandon Lucian Firebringer- Pin# 8629

SC Gon Doru- Pin# 12767

SC Revak Kur- Pin# 12656

JK Seridan Brehevik- Pin# 13767

JK Zeon Blacktooth- Pin# 10301

PAD Rangel- Pin# 13387

PAD LaLa- Pin# 13998

PAD John Brown- Pin# 13968

PRT Enric Galazin- Pin# 14012

PRT Autumn Axiuos- Pin# 14004

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