Tacitus Athanasius Report #1


Tacitus Athanasius Report #1

Frigid winds blew as across the frozen landscape of Caina as night prevailed over the land. In the distance, the outline of a mountain ridge could be made out. It was there, in a cave, where Shadow Nighthunter and her apprentice were both in search for a place of secrecy away from prying eyes and anxious ears. The leader of the newly formed Tacitus Athanasius was in deep thought as she looked around the cave, and depicting images of a possible headquarters within the mountain. As an assassin, solitude was very much preferred, and Shadow knew that such seclusion from the rest of the world would serve the the battle team well.

However, much more important matters were on her mind. Not too long ago, the Sith had barely been able to crack down on a plan to assassinate House Excidium’s Quaestor. Her discovery had revealed that a survivor from the League of Liberation was still out to finish what the league had started, and Shadow’s concern had led to taking extra measures to eliminate the threat.

“You said you had intel?” Alara Deathbane, Shadow’s apprentice and Sergeant, looked upon her master with curiosity.

The Sith nodded, ready to get to business. “Yes. Seems a rebel from the League of Liberation isn’t quite ready to give up. A little bird has informed me that this fool has some hired mercenaries already here on Caina to do what he failed to accomplish earlier.”

Alara looked outside of the cave, pondering over what the Sith had said. “I’m guessing you plan to release the hounds...when do we start?”

Shadow looked out into the night as well, the song of the wind feeding her resolve to spill blood. “Right away.”


Darkest of greetings everyone, and wecome yo the very first report for Tacitus Athanasius. We've got quite a bit of new stuff to go over,so without further a-do, let's get started!


First order of business, Excidium finally has its very own battle team. Shadow Guard has had its time of glory and fun long enough. Now it’s our turn. A few of you have expressed what you’d like to see happen in this battle team; and Alara, Blade, and I plan to do our very best to make it all happen. We have a wiki page beginning to form already and are planning ahead for future events to come.

As you found in the fiction, Excidium is still having to worry about a pest from the League of Liberation. However, we’re going to take care of the problem. Starting next week on Monday, I will release three competitions where you can help in silencing the threat. The mission reads as follows:

“Excidium has received intel in regards to possible threats from three individuals codenamed the “Snake,” the “Crow”, and the “Scorpion.” What intel we do have on them is as follows. “Snake” is a male, red, Twi’lek mercenary who is in league with “Crow,” a Zabrak male; and “Scorpion,” a Mandalorian female with an attitude. It’s believed that they have been hired by a survivor of the League of Liberation out for revenge. As to the location of these three, they can be found in three abandoned LoL outposts on Caina. Your task is to pick one of the targets, or even all three, and to eliminate them.”

With approval from the Quaestor himself, it is up to you to eliminate the given targets. The competition will be divided into three separate fiction comps for everyone do.

Second, many of your are aware of the new change for the DJB to fit with the new canon timeline. Just like everyone else, I will make sure that we follow along with the change accordingly. What does this mean for us in the future? For sure, this will lead to many opportunities for us to evolve as a battle team. If anyone has questions in regards to this, Alara, Blade, and I will be glad to answer them.

Awards and Promotions

  • Hunter Alara Deathbane - elevated to Inquisitorius Rank II and SA rank VII, placed 2nd in Through the Looking Glass and February Gaming Bash, and placed 3rd in The Weakest Link

  • Hunter Blade Ta’var- elevated to Inquisitorius Rank III, placed 1st in The Weakest Link and Square 1, and placed third in Species of the Galaxy,

  • Acolyte Zehsaa Hysh- placed 1st in Who ya working for?

Great work everyone! Gotta get all those shinies!


Only announcement is that another competition came out yesterday titled “Tradition!” Wanna make Tacitus Athanasius more unique? You now have the chance to do so by taking part in this competition. Just come up with a tradition or ritual that members of the battle team could take part in. Perhaps a special way of celebrating, or perhaps an oath of allegiance when joining the battle team. Winner’s entry will be put into action.

Just to remind everyone, we also still have two competitions out for everyone to enjoy. “What’s in a logo?” and “What Sayest thou?” So far, I’ve received some pretty good entries for the motto. I hope to see more. Hoping to see entries for a logo soon. Both end on March 3rd.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get more shinies!


I really hope to see this battle team grow, and I hope to make it as fun as possible with the help of Sergeant Alara and Blade. For sure, Tacitus and Athanasius will face new enemies and pests that will need to be disposed of. I’m always up for new ideas, so do feel free to contact me on Telegram and by email.

-Battle Team Leader Shadow Nighthunter

Nice first report ^^ Can't wait what we will accomplish

Good stuff

Awesome first report, Shadow, I cannot wait to see many more.

Good report... i see we shall have battles not only in the field but also in the reports :-p Challenge Accepted.

Great report Shadow, well done!

Looking forward to the road ahead :D -salutes-

Thanks everyone :) and you're on, Delak!

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