Taldryan Consul Report: March 2020


Taldryan Consul Report: March 2020


Hi everyone! Welcome to my first report as Consul. Thanks for all the congratulations and warm wishes you've all given me. I'm excited to see where this adventure leads.

I'll start by saying thanks to Mav and Evant for giving me this opportunity, and to the members of Taldryan who have already worked so hard to bring our Clan back from the brink of the abyss. Special props (and congratulations!) go to Rian, for having steered the ship for the past couple of years.




Member News

  • Although this has already been announced, it hasn't been included in a Clan report yet: Our outgoing Consul, Rian Taldrya, was promoted to Adept/EL1 as a retirement gift. He also received a Grand Cross for his work in the Herald's office. Congrats, Rian!

  • Speaking of Taldryanite Herald staffers, Bale Andros got himself a second Amethyst Kukri for both his incredible work as Praetor to the Herald, and his service as a member of the Taldryan Summit. Congrats, Bale! Fanart of Bale charging into battle with a pair of sparkly purple kukris has, sadly, not yet materialised.

  • And speaking of promotions, welcome and congratulations to our newest member, Crysenia Orainn, who climbed her way to JM1 in a measly 24 hours! Well done! (Full disclosure: I recruited her, so I'm probably biased.)

  • Obviously, with my ascension to Consul, I will no longer be Taldryan Proconsul. (I realise that probably doesn't qualify as news, but I'm trying to make my first Consul report thorough.) After discussions with Mav, I've decided not to open the position up for applications, largely because I stubbornly insisted that I already knew who I wanted in the job. Thus, please give a hearty congratulations to the new Proconsul of Taldryan: Zxyl Venzos/Nihlus Vexrii! Taldryan members can now look forward to having twice as many reasons to gripe at him.

  • Fun fact: With my appointment, a solid 5/7 Consuls are women, just in time for International Women's Day! (I originally wanted to mention this for the "solid 5/7" joke, but the date was too perfect to leave out.)

Clan Activities

  • Zxyl/Nihlus is currently running the New Pursuits competition, ending March 31, which will set up the next phase of Taldryan's Clan storyline. Participation is only open to Taldryan members, but if you aren't in Taldryan and are curious about what we're doing, I would encourage you to read both the competition prompts and the entries. (If you are in Taldryan and are curious about what we're doing, this is your chance to be part of the answer! Go write!) Plot points include (but are not limited to) dealing with the fallout of the attempted Collective insurgency during the Unsteady Ground competition series, the exploration of a mysterious Force temple in Taldryan's home system, and the beginnings of an interstellar trade empire.

  • We are still accepting submissions for the pilot edition of Taldryan's Clan Fiction Anthology, also until March 31. The fiction pieces can be any length above 500 words, and can be an entirely new piece or one you've already submitted for a different event, as long as it depicts your character advancing the Clan's interests. The events depicted in the fiction anthology will be considered canon for the Clan, and for entirely new pieces, I will submit a request to the VOICE staff to have it counted as a "fiction update" for CI purposes. (Pieces that were submitted for other competitions will still be considered Clan canon, but won't be submitted for CIs, because I'm certain that would be considered double-dipping.)

  • Vodo ran Tal Trivia on Telegram for the first time in an age a couple weekends ago, and it was a blast! Congrats to Rhylance and Vez Hirundo/Archsenkov on their shiny new Legions of the Scholar, and big thanks to all the participants (full list here). I hope you'll all join us next time, whenever that is; Vodo will announce it on Telegram when he's decided on a date. (No guarantees as to how much advance notice he'll give, considering that last time it was like, two hours.)

  • Work continues on the development of Taldryan's fictional divisions and badly-outdated Wiki presence. Quite a few people have been helping with that, and I appreciate all of their hard work.


That's it from me, for now. Please join me in congratulating all the people who earned congratulations, and stay tuned for the next report!


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