Taldryan Consul Report: September 2021


Taldryan Consul Report: September 2021


Welcome to the Taldryan Consul Report for September 2021. We've got a few major items to cover, so let's get to it.

The DB Is Moving to Discord

For those who haven't already seen the updates on the website and Telegram, the DB's official chat platform is moving to Discord as of October 1. For more details, see Bubba's news post here.

Taldryan is already well-established on the Discord, including a new(ish) RP channel for in-character interactions. The RP channel in particular has exploded, which pleases me greatly to see.

A New Taldryan Event: Port Kasiya Invasion

Appius, Teebu, and Crysenia have been hard at work on developing Taldryan's next major event, the Port Kasiya Invasion. I don't eant to spoil the surprise, but the things I've seen so far look very exciting. Keep your eyes out for updates in upcoming Summit reports.

One Last Time

This will be my final report as Taldryan Consul, at least for the foreseeable future. After discussion with Evant, Bubba, and the rest of the Taldryan Summit over the past couple of weeks, I'll be stepping down from the position as of October 1.

I hadn't planned on such a sudden resignation, but RL has taken its toll on me over the past few months. Appius, Teebu, and Crysenia have done an admirable job of running Taldryan in my absence, and my situation isn't likely to improve anytime soon. So, after eighteen months in the position, it's time to yield the floor to someone else.

My tenure as Consul has been a wild ride. Taldryan has all but reinvented itself in the last year and a half. We've written compelling stories, started a thriving RP community, and breathed new life into our brotherhood within a Brotherhood. I couldn't be more proud of how the Clan has grown and become a place where people have fun during my time on the Summit. (I have a lot more feelings on the topic, but I don't want this report to become as long as one of my fiction pieces, so I'll stop here.)

My resignation as Consul doesn't mean I'll be stepping away from the DB entirely. I'll be sticking around as an informal advisor to the Taldryan Summit, and probably still working on Clan projects as I have time. I'll also continue as Praetor to the Headmistress and other DB jobs. (Don't worry, you won't be rid of me that easily.)

As for my replacement, I haven't been made privy to how Evant and Bubba plan to go about filling the vacancy, so keep an eye out for news posts from them. In the meantime, I have every confidence that Appius, Teebu, and Crysenia will do a fantastic job looking after the Clan.


Thanks to everyone who's made the last eighteen months such a huge success for Taldryan. I look forward to seeing what the future holds, in the Port Kasiya Invasion and beyond.


Great report. Thank you for your service.

"Nooooooooooo!!!!" -Vader

I knew this would come some day, but not this soon. You've been a great Taldryanite, and glad you're not going away completely!

Enjoy your time off, I am sure they will find a capable person to replace you.

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