Taldryan Consul Report Supplemental: April 2021.1


Taldryan Consul Report Supplemental: April 2021.1


Hi again, folks! I mentioned my main report that the first round of the revived Cohors Praetoria Taldryae title, awarded to the two most active Taldryan each quarter, was due to go live for Q1 of 2021. The results were delayed a bit more than I intended, but I've finally wrestled the spreadsheet into submission and gotten the names that I wanted. Please give a round of applause to Benevolent Taldrya Whiner and Raistline Taldrya Majere for showing the younger folks how it's done, and becoming the first two members of the reformed Cohors!

For more information on how activity is calculated for these titles, you can look at the Cohors Praetoria Taldryae page on the Wiki.


Seems like a cool system, good setup, congrats guys!

Congrats my dudes!

Congratulations Ben and Raist!

Good job keeping up Ben!

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