Taldryan Proconsul Report: And so our watch begins...


Taldryan Proconsul Report: And so our watch begins...

Evening Guys,

This is a bit of an abbreviated report tonight, because I spent most of the night trying to help Shad understand that 5000 words is not acceptable for an ACC post. But some big stuff went down since my last update, so I wanted to catch you all up on the news!

Headlines that you need to know

  • ACC: Round 3 is Open!
  • DB Fiction: Now on DeviantArt
  • Gathering Darkness Update/Fiction
  • Rollmaster's Corner
  • Competition Roundup

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Fading Light ACC: Round 3 is Ongoing!

Despite it being a relatively slow news week, we did see some pretty big stories break. The second biggest piece of news from the last week was of course that the third round of the Fading Light ACC Tournament has begun. Taldryan has been doing fantastically well in the tournament thus far, and I hope you'll all continue to show your support for our members still fighting on in the tournament.

You can check out Tal's ongoing matches here:

We've already seen both myself, and Jac advance to the next round via disqualification and resignation.. and sadly real life reared it's ugly head and cost Dru his spot. The battles above are all great reads thus far... especially Zoron and Howie's.. that one had me laughing out loud.

If everything goes well for us in those matches, Taldryan will lock down 6 of the spots in the Sweet 16. Keep up the great work guys!

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DB Fiction: Now on DeviantArt

One of the other big pieces of news this week was the Voice's announcement that he is beginning to upload the DB's Fiction to the DB's DeviantArt page. Because I got to try to help Sarin navigate the murky waters that is the DeviantArt interface, I know just how much work this was.

DeviantArt is a massive community of creative minded people, and it'll be a great opportunity to start sharing some of our fictions with the rest of the Web. If you're a member of DA, or even if you're not I would suggest you head on over there ASAP and start supporting the growing DB community on the site.

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Crisis on Karufr!

TalSEC Communique #8154-c.6 Copied: TalSOC, TalSIS There has been a drastic increase in anti-Taldryan propaganda spreading in Karufr City, and other major cities on Karufr. What had initially appeared to be an unorganized show of dissatisfaction is beginning to take on a more serious tone. All initial attempts to infiltrate the protest groups have been completely unsuccessful. There is some worry that our own security may be compromised, or that the dissidents are receiving outside assistance and information. Recommend SIS confer with SID and begin investigating possible hostile intentions from outside parties.

Rumour has spread of a co-ordinated protest march being planned. No details on timing yet. Will report further when more information is Found.

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Gathering Darkness - A Taldryan Event

Now, I'm biased when I say that the biggest news of last week was the Opening of the Prologue to Gathering Darkness. The Summit have been working their butts off in order to get this competition up off the ground, and we really hope you all enjoy it.

This is partially due to the fact that we realize that the ACC Tournament, while it is important and occupies a lot of our time, isn't really something everyone can compete in week after week. Gathering Darkness is our effort to fill the void.

More important than that though, is that Gathering Darkness will shape what Taldryan's story is to come for the future. It's an evolution of Taldryan's history, and persona.. and we've designed the competition so that your efforts and your victories will help us shape the path we take.

The first competition, which is to help us define one of the main protagonists is currently open, and runs until Sunday: Who is the Paladin?

You can also keep track of the plot updates as they happen, and the some of the winning entries on the new Discourse Forums.

Protip: You'll want to become familiar with Discourse sooner rather than later.

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Rollmaster's Corner

Hello all, sorry it has been a while. As Yacko mentioned in his previous report, I was down with panda flu. It was quite unfortunate. Last week, I spent my week at work responding to flooding in Southern Alberta. Taldryan masters and journeymen, get in touch with me about the progress of your members (obviously, this means you’re going to be getting a pestering note from me pretty soon!)

I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome Sicarius Aara to Taldryan! Otherwise, here are some accomplished of our journeymen in the past week few weeks

  • Novice Sicarius Aara: Promoted to Novice from Apprentice and completed the DJBWiki Shadow Academy Course!
  • Jedi Hunter Kooks earned a Pendant of Blood!

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Competition Round Up

Taldryan Competitions
DB Wide Competitions

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Well, that's it for this week folks. Keep calm and kick ass.

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