Tarentum PCON Report #10


Tarentum PCON Report #10



Last month, there was no report. With Aftermath and a lot going on (including some other important writing), I skipped one. I had written up a full report a week ago or so, but I scrapped it in favor of expanding a few other things, and rethinking what I wanted to pass on. The end of 2016 approaches, 2017 will begin. And do you know what continues?

We do. Tarentum lives. The Clan of Life and Death moves forward. We cross the River Styx, and the ferryman pays us for passage, for allowing him the chance to walk the path with us. He has learned from our history, and our tales.

“Umm, Beef… this isn't Greek mythology.”

No. No, you're right. This isn't. It's our mythology. It's the lore of us. The great history of Tarentum. And we are the ones making it. Frosty. Ranarr. You. I. We, ourselves. We are making the tales of a bright future. And it is up to is to make our Clan shine. The stories of the past teach us lessons. We learn, and we improve.

In the past, Tarentum was the “Guardians of the Shroud of Antei.” I was Jac's Praetor, both when he was DGM, then after he became GM for the second time. Brotherhood lore used that, and put us in a unique position to ally with the Council and to serve the Grand Master. We were incredibly proud of that noble role. Time and apathy changed our course, and we spun out of control. We got drunk on success, and we forgot who we truly are.

Tarentum is the Clan of Death. We are evil. Life was restored among us with our Grey brothers. Believe it or not, after the Split, I coined the nickname “the Clan of Life and Death,” fully intending to try and somehow work a Light/Dark mix into the Clan. I thought the dichotomy of Light and Dark bound by the powers of Oblivion in Tarentum would be cool. Along with a creative team and my PIC Rekio Corsair, we created the Keepers of the Secrets of Life and Death -- or, The Keepers for short. They were the remnants of a race of Force-users, and only the Dark Side Keepers had survived a purge, which was mirrored by the rise of Palpatine and Vader (in our lore).

I wanted to introduce the Light Side Keepers at some point, which was undertaken later on by Anshar and Talitha, his creation. Fast forward years ahead, and Clan Odan-Urr was actually the first Light Side part of the Brotherhood. Some former Tarenti were actually a part of that amazing accomplishment. Not because of us, but it's still cool to know that former Tarenti were (and are) a part of Odan-Urr. I'm still proud of them, and envious of their accomplishment. We all should be.

“What's the purpose of this long history lesson, Beef?”

Quite simply, new history and updated traditions need to be made. We are the history-makers of Tarentum now. If you are a new Apprentice, a recent Knight, or a hopeful Equite, you will decide the modern lore and mythology of the Clan. Your activity and hard work will define Tarentum, and refine it. We are not presently the Clan who has the talent and drive to make a go at the top and try to win Great Jedi Wars. Yet. But you all, we all have the talent to be that Clan. You have the ability. Let's make it happen. We were once the Guardians of the Shroud.

What might Pravus make us if we can climb our way to the top once more?

Do you want to find out? Do you want to challenge others to hold us away from the top?

I do.

The Plan For 2017

So for the year ahead, we want to try something different. Something novel. And yet, it really is just because it makes sense.

For Clan fiction and competitions, we seem to have this idea that we have to have “secrets,” and that you as members have to be “surprised” and read along like you're outside of our story and following along on some kind of hamstrung Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. You can make choices, but you can't. You can know things, but you can't. This is wrong. You aren't the reader. You are the characters within the story. But you are also the authors along with everyone in the Clan. The authors know all, and tell the tale, while the characters discover and travel within the adventures. This year, we all develop the story and tell the tale.

So, the plan ahead is to make sure I frequently release “the road ahead,” and where we're going with the story, and let you add to that. Decide where your character wants to go. How they would react to things, what plans and plots they have. And, as we all decide the overall story, the Clan and House Summits will create competitions, and the Team leads will help coordinate your efforts and assist you in writing and creating submissions, Wiki entries and more. We're doing this as a team, as a family.

That said, here we go.

In the Aftermath of Telona's slaughter, we continue to solidify our alliance with Plagueis, and renew and strengthen our alliance with Arcona. We failed to assassinate Pravus. He doesn't even fear us. He didn't come. Our ships were heavily damaged, or in ruins. We've begun to rebuild, and the new Strike Groups Hammerhead and Stingray -- under command of Pel and Hades, respectively -- are beginning to form. New ships are entering the Yridia system, and Tarentum is rebuilding its ground forces under Rollmaster and Major General Ranarr Kul. There is a darkness growing in Yridia, in the Brotherhood and the galaxy at large. Fortunately, there is also a united front standing against that darkness.

The Grey Wolves are a unique facet of Tarentum. And those who are not Sith, but truly dedicated to Tarentum and nothing else balance the ruthless darkness and absolute evil that reside with the Clan of Death. Life has a home in Yridia, and they will stand against Mortis, the Deathsworn or the Nekros, or any who endanger Yridia.

Yet the danger to Tarentum may be greatest within. Few know it, but the man who has painted himself as the loyal defender of Tarentum is a liar, a murderer, and loyal only to himself. Sith Bloodfyre has given the powerful Consul of the Clan, Frosty Romanae, reason to doubt the purpose of the Shaevalian Master. Frosty has not yet removed his Proconsul from power, but the Clan has always whispered that Bloodfyre may be the power behind the throne, and the true lord of the proverbial manor. Sith is taking a greater hand in the training and actions of the Deathsworn, and the powers of the Ghost Dragon are thought to be growing. Plans are forming, but what is the Sith Master's true aim? Is he seeking to regain control of the Clan? Does he want to kill Pravus, or join him? Sith Bloodfyre served Jac Cotelin faithfully. Does Bloodfyre now seek the Lord of the Iron Throne as patron once more?

Frosty doubts the loyalty of Tarentum's powerful Grand Chamberlain. The Dashade empowers his Rollmaster and draws closer to Ranarr Kul. In this time of change and confusion, who do you feel drawn to? Do you feel loyalty to Tarentum as a whole, to Frosty, to Bloodfyre, or the Iron Throne? Is Tarentum still isolated and insular, or more prone to actively served the Grand Master? Does the fate of the “Undesirables” affect us? What is your place in the world around you?

We'll be finding out this year.

Rogue One

I haven't seen the movie yet. Have you? This movie isn't in the present for Star Wars, but in the past, before A New Hope. Go see it. It promises to be an amazing addition to the franchise. I'm excited about it. However. Please remember, no spoiling the movie for others. There are spoiler Telegram channels available to talk about it.

Not on Telegram? Email one of us, and we'll help out. Turn on the Google Play store or the Apple version and look up Telegram. After that, we'll help you get into the Tarentum channel and others. It's a good way to stay in touch with all of us.

Naga Sadow In My Sights

Clan Naga Sadow doesn't know this yet, but they soon will (hi guys!). I would love to work on a cooperative event with them. We'll see if they read my reports. :) But, for real, if we can find a way to work it with them, and their schedule, I'd love to do something with them. If you know anyone in CNS, maybe start thinking of ways we might be involved with or interact with them in our stories.

Ships Spotted

We have new forces! Wooot, right?

If you haven't been taking advantage of the Possessions system, you really should. If you've been dreaming of owning your own ship, now you can. Our wonderful Regency team, headed by Evant Taelyan has fully released the system. If you log in to the Brotherhood website, click on the menu, Resources and scroll down, click Item Stores, and it'll take you to spend your creds.

Also, if you haven't started in on Possessions yet and are Knight+, the Trial of Acquisition is open to you. It's just bonus items and/or credits for you. Then go all trust fund rich bitch on it, and swipe away your creds. Remember, this includes weapons, robes, everything. The Clan has its ships and forces picked out, we just need to Wiki it up. Our two Carrier Strike Groups (you'll remember I said Hammerhead and Stingray, a nod to Tarentum's past) revolve around Venator-class ships, Nebulon B frigates and Corvettes with a lot of firepower in B-Wings and TIE Defenders. You can see all that we have from the Clan roster page under our Possessions tab. Curious about our picks? Talk to Hades, Pel or Oberst and they can give you some insight into our “strike hard, strike fast, GTFO” military policies.

To Wrap It Up

2016 has come, and will soon be gone. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanzaa, or Seasons Greetings. Whichever you prefer. To our service men and women from all countries, we love and support you, and we want you to come home safe. I know of at least a few men and women in the DB, from Sarin and Monty, Val and Drac, Demos (ShadowFoxx) and more who serve honorably and proud, who may be away from home or family. We love you guys. Please be safe, and come home.

There is something about this Club that has kept me here approaching two decades. Others for longer, some for far less. It is community. Family. Friendships, fun, and respect. We each respect each other, and want to include each other in the fun and opportunities for growth. The Dark Council respects us and wants us to be happy and involved in this amazing environment and group dedicated to Star Wars and each other. This Club, it is dedicated to us. Let's make 2017 a year to remember for Tarentum.

If you're new here, this truly is your Clan, your time, and your opportunity. Jump on Telegram and talk to all of us. You make the most out of being here when you make friends. Tarentum is, without a doubt, a social club, and you will make lifelong friends. As often as I spend time with my own family (my wonderful wife Kendra, and our boys Brodie and Cameron), I spend time with you. Sometimes, “Beef’s Wife” will even jump on my phone and on Telegram in the Tarentum channel and try to chat you all up and get you to “teach (her) your secrets” (yep, that was her a few days ago). This place is part of my family, and it crosses all of the boundaries of friendship and kin. I share pics of my boys growing and being goofy. My wife will likely chat you up and try to embarrass me.

And moreover, you will have people who look up to you because you have carried on the honor and traditions that make the Clan of Death, the Clan of Life and Death, the Necromancers, the Dead Freaks, the Tarenti and Tarentae the best Clan in the Brotherhood. This is the place to be. So many of us keep coming back year after year not because we're reliving old glories. It's because we want to help you live out new ones.

This is our time, guys. Let's reach out and grab life by the balls. 2017 is for us.

-You are the history-makers of Tarentum.
-Ermahgerd, Beef is a bad guy. This year is our story. Hells yeah.
-Don't spoil Rogue One. But get on Telegram. It's easy to get on the app stores.
-Does CNS read my reports?
-Go buy stuff all rich bitch style! Wooooo, Possessions!
-2017 is going to be the Year of Tarentum!

Have a great weekend. I love you guys!



Many of COU's founders and long time members still speak fondly of their days in Tarentum. Thanks for the shout out. Also, love your take on member-driven stories and not keeping plot points "secret."


Woooo!!! Great report Beef! :) Totally looking forward to the new year ahead (first have to survive the holidays ;) ;) ). Can't wait.

The Beefster never disappoints!

Happy Holidays!

All Tarenti/Tarentae together will bring us to new heights!

Sounds like I need to get involved again.

Yes you do, Jason. :)


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