Tarentum Rollmaster Report #4


Tarentum Rollmaster Report #4

Castle Tarentum - Yridia II

The boarding ramp of the underwater shuttle had hardly finished extending before the Rollmaster of House Tarentum, Farrin Xies, strode confidently out. Dismissing the two bodyguards that had accompanied him with a slight wave of the hand, he crossed the hanger bay, ignoring the looks from the technicians at work on their tasks.

Ever since returning to Tarentum, he had spent little time within the castle's confines, much preferring the almost abandoned base his friend and mentor Hades called home or his office in the Shadow Academy on Lyspair. The palace intrigue so prevalent in Yridia, but never stronger here, was distasteful to him; he much rather would focus on his studies and meditation. Alas, as Rollmaster it fell to him to ensure the training of the journeymen under his command was proceeding at the correct and proper pace. Most of the time he could do this from Lyspair, but on rare occasion is fell to him to return to Castle Tarentum to work with his charges here.

After a few minutes, the Krath found himself in silent meditation as the turbolift brought him deeper into the bowels of the castle. When the doors opened with a soft hiss, Farrin was surprised to see Tarentum's Quaestor, Scion Altera, standing there, his arms crossed impatiently across his chest.

"You're late, Farrin."

The Dark Jedi Knight dropped immediately to one knee and bowed his head in deference. "I apologize, Quaestor. I have no excuse, but beg forgiveness."

Scion grunted, stepping around Farrin into the turbolift. "Ensure it doesn't happen again, Rollmaster."

The door softly hissed again as it shut, and a moment later Farrin was back on his feet, smoothing his ruffled robes. It was true, the past few weeks he had been more reclusive than normal. Setting those thoughts aside, he stilled his mind before stepping into the large training room. Gathered inside, waiting, were all eight of Tarentum's journeymen; they were the future of the House, vital to its continued existence and, eventually, reattaining the status of Clan. He could not fail them, because failing them meant failing Tarentum.


We have some amazing units in the Dark Brotherhood full of hardworking, dedicated members, and so we knew it would be a tough slog to try to place in Fading Light. We pushed you all, and ourselves, knowing that we were capable of excelling but just needing to show everyone else that we could.

We asked, and you delivered. Third place might not sound like a lot, but I'm not kidding when I say that every single unit in the DJB is incredible; for us to finish above so many others says a lot about all of our dedication to the cause of Tarentum. Could we do better? Of course - third place is obviously not first or second. But do I think that we can not only compete but even win come January with the GJW? You're damned right I do. We will be Clan Tarentum again, and we'll be able to point right here, to this third place win, as when it started. Tarentum Momentum, boys and girls. Tar's back, baby.

House News

  • Our awesome Quaestor has two fiction competitions going on right now, Escape from Joran which will continue the story arc that we've got underway and Fear Itself which is a really interesting way for you to expand on your character's fears. Expect to see more competitions from the rest of the House Summit (including myself) soon, as we get back into gear following the Vendetta and, for us Americans, the Thanksgiving holidays.

Member Spotlight

It's an awesome problem when I can pick half a dozen members of Tarentum who have really shined in the past month (and a half...) since my last report, but I want to shine the RM spotlight on our newest member, Magik. He joined less than a month ago, but has already hit ACO in a large part due to his work in the Shadow Academy, where he's completed 22 courses and earned himself two Pundits. One of the things I like most about Magik, and that's because I do this too, is that "okay" is not good enough - if he doesn't get a 100 on a course, he retakes it until he does. Well done, Magik, and keep up the good work!


I mentioned in my last report that I've begun work on creating a more formal MSP for Tarentum, and hoped to have more concrete work to show you on that front. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case, as I've been completely overwhelmed in that wonderful place we call Real Life between a month from hell at work and beginning the process of planning a wedding. Never fear though, as I've got a lot of material to work with all the same and hope to have the MSP written by the end of the year, ideally in place before the GJW.

Don't forget to be reaching out to friends you have, either in other online communities or in the real world, that might be interested in the DJB. Everybody loves SW (or should), so use that as a stepping stone!

Path to Knighthood

  • GRD Garloaf (Master: Raiju Kang)
  • GRD Shadow Corran (Master: TBA)
  • GRD Jabis Ravenhawk (Master: Liam Torun)
  • GRD Jalen Ramz (Master: Jaredi Edius)
  • PRT Shujiru Raunien (Master: Farrin Xies)
  • PRT Zero Raven (Master: TBA)
  • ACO Zuri Kaplan (Master: Aynar d'Tana)
  • ACO Magik (Master: TBA)


  • Third place is incredible. Let's keep that rolling into the GJW!
  • Magik's kicking ass and taking names in the SA, well done!
  • Talk to your friends, get them to join. Nerds unite (in Tarentum)!

Thank you Farrin on all your compliments. I look forward to the next promotion of PRT.


Tarentum Momentum!

Outstanding report Farrin! Better late than never ;)

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