Tarentum Rollmaster Report #4


Tarentum Rollmaster Report #4



Alright, so another month has passed and that means it's time for me to bore you once again with another exciting edition of the Tarentum Rollmaster Report huge applause


The most exciting non-news item I have to report this time is that a few weeks ago I went on a roadtrip and met two of our esteemed leaders within the Clan. I spent a day in Columbus, OH just exploring the city and having a great time with our very own Frosty Romanae Tarentae and Thanadd Mawgath! We had a great time and it was really cool to get to meet some guys that I had known for a while(over a decade in the case of Frosty) and turn our online friendship into a real friendship. We're pictured to the right, Thanadd is on the left, yours truly in the center, and Frosty on the right.

Master/Student Pairings

We haven't had any new pairings since my last report, but I do have something I'd like to address in this section. For the last little while I've talked with Beef and Frosty about my desire to leave lasting legacy for my tenure as Rollmaster. To create something that benefits the Clan as a whole that will last even after I have moved on to another position, stepped aside to let someone else have a go, or whatever.

The one idea I kept coming back to was the idea of actually codifying the Master/Student Program within Tarentum. Right now we play pretty fast and loose, there are no real regulations in place as to what we expect from Masters, what Students should expect, or any sort of unified schema to help Masters and Students along their path of learning. So far I've only got one real regulation, that being that Masters and Students need to both be a part of Tarentum.

I've toyed with a second guideline as well this week. While we have Prometheus guidelines, there are no "set in stone" things that a member must do to attain the rank of JM4 besides tick off enough boxes. So, I emailed one of the Masters in the program and asked him to assign a specific task from that list to have his Student complete to attain Knighthood. It's something that we actually used to require years ago, I had to do it, and a lot of our veteran members had to do it as well, and I feel it's a pretty important step before reaching your final Journeyman rank because it causes you think about your character and develop your character a bit to achieve it.

So, what is this mystery requirement? Well, I tasked him with having his student write a character fiction that detailed the creation of their lightsaber. I realize this won't work for every member because we now have NFU members among us, but I know we can adapt it to fit each of the new Orders.

So, this is where you guys come in. What I would like is for anyone who has any ideas on what sort of a fiction a loyalist or merc should write that is somewhat equivalent to the creation of a lightsaber to please get in touch with me. Also, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for things that you would like to see become part of the MSP please don't hesitate to let me know. While I may be the Rollmaster and the one who oversees the MSP, it doesn't belong to me; it belongs to Tarentum. Everyone's input is not only appreciated, but is highly encouraged. This is a system that we all have the chance to participate in, so everyone deserves to have their voice heard during the effort to formally codify it.

New Members Joining Us

We haven't had any new members joining since my last report. Get out there and recruit!


New Ties has ended and we're starting to gear up for the next Great Jedi War. So far the only word we've had is that it won't happen in June, so we're working on the assumption that it will be in July or perhaps August. That gives us plenty of time to sharpen our skills and get Tarentum into the greatest fighting shape it's ever been in so we can dominate this GJW and show the "lesser Clans" exactly why Tarentum is the "premier Clan" of the DJB!

Current Clanwide and DBJ-wide Competitions

Closing Statement

That's it for this time around. I'm just finishing up my second month as Rollmaster and I feel like I've really gotten into the swing of things and started to get my ducks in a row as far as what I need to do to not only effectively manage the duties of this position, but to excel at them. I've felt very welcomed by the Clan and House Summits of Tarentum and had no problem jumping in and becoming an active member of the leadership team. Keep up the good work guys!


I did wrote a Sabre-Creation-Fiction back in the days. And it is fun!

Maybe a Merc could write a fiction about a certain bounty given by the Summit, or something like that.

For a Loyalist it seems harder to find something fitting...

But yes, I like this a lot.



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