The late


The late


Good day, Hoth-ites (Hothers?)! We have seriously got to figure up a name for ourselves. First let me apologize for the lateness in getting this out. I am a consummate procrastinator at times, and I tend to wait until the last minute to do things. Also, for those who don't know, I work in private security. We had a shooting at a nearby industry yesterday (no fatalities thankfully), so my employer has been on high alert. However even out of something bad, good things happen as I believe we will now see some things budgeted for our plant security soon. Anyways, that is a big reason this is late.

Now that the bad news is out of the way, on to better things! Oh and if you get a chance, wish a certain Miraluka cough, Junazee, cough in HSS a Happy Birthday! I wont leak her age, but its creeping on old. :D

Be the Legend Kamuikiko and Hoth deserves!

As Im sure you've heard or seen in the past few weeks Hoth has been running the inaugural Legends campaign for our House. These events are made so that the winners of each phase, and overall winner of all phases become an integral part of our House Lore, a Legend if you will. This phase pits us against a Harakoan tribe striking out from the jungle to the North of us at local Settler populations.

Phase 1 has just ended and we will have the results soon. Look for Phase 2 to begin in a few weeks as we are balancing our events with the upcoming Sentinel Network event run by the Clan Summit. This along with rumors of a potential feud with another Clan should certainly keep us busy for the foreseeable future!



Celebration VII has just wrapped up in Anaheim CA. We had some members that were able to attend. They were able to hand out a few business cards, and get the DJB name out to some potential recruits! Also with the Celebration most were able to witness the new teaser trailer for Ep. 7 as well as view scenes for the new Battlefront, Rebels, and a teaser for Rogue One!

We celebrated the Exodus this past month. Congrats to all the winners of Seals of Loyalty! Especially the Odan-Urr recipients.

Odan-Urr News

Stay tuned for news on the upcoming Sentinel Network. This 2 week long series of events will kick off on May 1st!

Satele Shan’s QUA Ji has stepped down. However he has requested that Solari be elevated to QUA in his place. He will remain in the House, and assist in helping HSS maintain its glory!

Hoth News

Fort Pernicar has been established on the eastern coastline of Kamuikiko. We have CCL Liam Torun’s efforts to thank for scouting this base for us. During his scouting he was able to find abandoned ruins of a gladiator style arena. We are able to use these ruins as a training facility, and have built the remaining facilities of our base in the cliffside and under the arena.

We also have a new maxim for House Hoth. “In peace, Vigilance”. This fits our alignment perfectly. We are the House that strives for peace, but maintains the guard against evil. However we are not above the use to force to subdue the threats against us, or our charges. Thank you to Liam for that submission! I do believe this man is on a roll!

I am currently seeking members who are Jedi Knight and above for Mentors to our newer members. Only requirements other than JK or above is you must be active. We need our best and brightest helping to show the future the ropes!


Torin Ardell to Padawan!

Stranger to Disciple!

Suur to Defender!

Seraphol to Sentinel Shadow!


Torin Ardell - Dark Cross

Seraphol - Seal of Loyalty

Its a great time to be a Geek!

So yea, to me its always a great time to be a geek. However the next few months are especially so, though I'll keep it to just Star Wars stuff for right now. With the end of Celebration VII in Anaheim and the release of the new Ep. 7 trailer, we are seeing more and more interest in Star Wars again. I was around during the days of the prequel releases and I remember us getting a fairly large influx of new members. However this was due to, in part, by active recruiting by members.

Gone are the days where you find a group by looking for TIE Fighter missions through (thats how I ended up here in 2000). Now the best way is to pull your geek pants up, and talk to people about joining. People are excited about these new movies, talk to them about a gaming group you're in that plays a variety of different games. Or if they like writing or drawing talk to them about this neat little corner of the internet that does Star Wars related art and fiction. You'll find people are more likely to be interested than to poke fun at you.

One last thing. After this, I wont make mention about this unless it is badly needed as a reminder. Recently I was charged by the Chamber of Justice for Falsifying Matches. Thankfully I was exonerated of the charges. However this was due to my involvement in a loophole to get Clusters of Fire through Diablo 3. Not something Im proud of, but something I own up to. The whole situation could have been avoided if I didn't let my competitive side get the best of my common sense. The point to this is if it feels wrong, it probably is. All this being said…..Be Excellent to one another!

Until next time Hoth!


Maybe Hoth-ians?

Good report!

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