The Wardens BTS Report #4


The Wardens BTS Report #4

Ello Wardens

And welcome to another report brought to you by ME! A lot has been happening in the DB and we'll talk about that soon. I myself have become a DJK and I even gots me a new fancy Warbanner. I've been a ToR addict lately and haven't been around much. Now that I'm closing in on the last couple of levels I can get back to DBing without all the distractions. Sooooo without further ado heres some reporting stuff.


News and other Reports

Oooh weeee we got some awesome stuff this week and I'll start off with some of the bigger events.

  • Muz drops another GM report on us and he lets us in on the most recent Seal of Loyalty recipients. Congrats to Keirdagh, Aiden Kincaid (Shadow), Howlader, Halcyon, and Benevolent for their awesomeness and dedication to the Clan! You guys definitely earned it!

  • The prestige system has been updated and put into effect. James lets us in on the info here. Pretty crazy to look at the Prestige Rankings and see how much people have really jumped up.

  • Theres a ToR Guild Report now? If your into The Old Republic you should check it out. Special thanks go out to Armags and Furious for all their hard work and coming up with the idea for a report in the first place.

  • New FIST Report!! Find out all your gaming info here and learn more about Star Citizen.

  • Aaand theres another report ya might want to read. It does give some info on an interesting competition.


Competitions and Awards

Kicking off this list with some TAL comps (and one run by a certain member of The Wardens)

  • Ice in the Summer is a competition run by our own Zoron! Its alot like the March Madness comp he ran a few weeks ago, except this time there is no website and Zoron will be accepting your submissions through e-mail. Click the link above to find out more.

  • I'm also still running The Wardens Weekly Puzzle it ends on the 17th so get those quick times in and dethrone Chaos!

  • The Taldryan Gatekeeper Trials are getting intense now since we still dont have a Gatekeeper thanks to Yacko taking the win last month.

  • Tarax has an Idea and this is one of the few times it's a good one :P Go check out this fun competition and help Tarax name his newly acquired sword.

Now onto some other interesting competitions I'll be entering.

Now the Awards

  • Zoron managed to get 24 CFs this week. AND he earned a PoB for being awesome at gaming!

  • Aiden Dru won a Ruby Crescent and got 53 CFs gaining his GMRG IV rank and getting a tie with Armags for the lead in CFs for Taldryan.

  • Catmatui snagged a Crescent with an Emerald Star, earned 17 CFs and reached GMRG II

  • Raistline earned a Crescent with a Saphire star, passed the SA course "Old Republic History" with a perfect score and earned 16 CFs



That's all for this week! Remember to get those ACC qualifications in before April 25th!

DJK Aiden Dru / BTS

Battle Team Wardens

House Ektrosis

Clan Taldryan

Oh, and Ektrosis has a new member Jango and Im hopeful they'll make their way into The Wardens!

Do all the competitions! Especially mine!

Good report, Aiden. Attaboy.

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