Ugh, its this guy.


Ugh, its this guy.


OMG he’s alive!

After a long stint in the Unknown Regions, I have returned and the halls of the Academy again smell like cheap Corellian whiskey.

Seriously though, I am around quite a bit more than I have been recently. The holiday season kicked my ass as I work for a US based delivery company. Now though Im a bit more relaxed and have more than a few hours a week off of work. All that being said, lets dig in for a staffing announcement and the SA roadmap for 2019.


A few weeks ago, I put a call out for Magistrate applications. We received quite a few well written applications, but I could only go with two. We have decided to go with Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae and Kadrol Hauen. Ciara is an old hand within the DJB having served as Praetor and Magistrate to the Krath High Priest(ess), PCON and CON of Tarentum, and as Eclectic Pedagogue in the SA. Ciara was brought on because of her experience to help us complete some of our larger projects. Plus it never hurts to have a Krath at your side.

Kadrol is one of our newer members in the DJB and has a better knowledge of how the initial join process is for new joins. We plan to utilize him in a possible change of how new member joins are handled. Beyond this we are planning on utilizing him on projects to help him grow as a member and potential future leader in the DJB.

Thanks to all who applied, and I welcome you to apply for our next position opening soon™.

Shadow Academy Roadmap 2019

  1. Shadow Academy Society revamp. The vast majority of this project is completed, but I am giving my new Magistrates the chance to look it over and give their opinions. I would like to thank Wally for his assistance in getting this Society within the DJB fiction. You may remember from this past years Vendetta that the Society played a role in the retrieval of an artifact from the Technocratic Guild. Fictionally this is how we will remain. A group that will obtain artifacts, treasures, and arcane knowledge for the Brotherhood. Think of Indiana Jones but with a little less morals. Expect this to be completed no later than the end of the 1st quarter.

  2. Future Course re-writes: Quite a few of our courses are a bit out of date, or completely out of canon. One of my goals as HM is to try and ensure that all of our non Legends courses follow the nuCanon as close as possible. I know this isnt a popular opinion with some, but this is our ultimate goal. Fear not though as I am a huge fan of the EU, we will attempt to retain as much as we can within the Legends department. Some of the courses that we are looking at for rewrites are going to be our Fighters, Freighters, Capships, and potentially some of our Combat and Weaponry courses. These courses will be brought online as we finish them, but I estimate no later than December.

  3. New courses: We are looking to add several new courses in through the year. I have had interest in doing a Biologics course that could include various flora and fauna within the SW universe. I have also been talking with another member about working on a Force Religions course that would include things like the Sith, Jedi, Church of the Force, Guardians of the Whills, etc. Lastly I have an idea for a Force Oddities course. This would cover topics like bending a Kyber Crystal, Sith Alchemy, World between worlds, Force ghosts and so on. As always I am up for new course ideas from the membership with the following criteria: The course can only include content that is Canon. Anything that comes from Legends cannot, and absolutely will not be accepted. Include how it would be beneficial to the DJB as a whole.How does it fit into our current lore in the DJB?

That about sums everything up from the Office of the Headmaster. If anyone has questions dont hesitate to poke me in TG or via email. As always though the Shadow Academy is an amazing resource, created and administered by some imperfect human beings who strive for perfection. We try our best to catch and fix any and all errors before we release courses, but we're not always successful. Because of that, we will always need your help. If you spot an error, please report it to the SA Staff using this simple form; if it's a major enough error, or you spot enough, you'll be rewarded. With cookies. And an SA team thankful for pointing it out.

In Darkness -
Daniel Stephens,
Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

Ugh, Seraphol.

Congratulations to Ciara and Kadrol!

Yeah this guy is the worst. He didn't even mention me once!

(Congrats you two, you'll be great!)

Congratsulations !

Well done Ciara and Kadrol!

Who the frick is this guy? Why is this showing up on my news feed? What is this Dark Jedi Brotherhood? I have so many questions right now.

Author's note: Good luck to both new magistrates.

Congrats, Ciara and Kadrol! And good luck, you have a lot of reading and writing ahead of you. :p

Well done Ciara! HMR represent with the Magistrates =D

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