Veiled Origins - Part II


Veiled Origins - Part II


Part II

Sanitary Tunnels, Seng Karash, Aeotheran

One Month after the New Cycle Massacre

"Locke, what news?"

Aul was out of breath. He had just made his way back from the wreckage of the Lion's Tooth, attempting to recover some of his research equipment. The building, marred beyond recognition by terrorist attacks shortly after the New Cycle, was a veritable gauntlet of death one month later. The curiously armed and fervently aggressive populace had overtaken the building, occupying it as a sign of victory over the members of House Shar Dakhan, who had been pushed into the sanitary system of the city to regroup. With their ground and air forces completely destroyed the group was crippled, save for the weapons on their backs.

Darkblade, in his usually manner, attempted to overtake the populace in his AT-AT. Unfortunately, the armored transport soon found itself caved in among the rubble of purposely destroyed buildings. The ship itself was fine, for all intents and purposes, but it was sadly and ironically stuck. Useless.

The rest of the group found themselves constantly overwhelmed by armed civilian "militia." Though lightsabers did a great job of deflecting blaster fire, much like the events of Order 66, one could only deflect so much before it became too dangerous to remain exposed. The sewers were far safer.

"We've cracked the code, Aul. Darkblade, he cracked the code," Locke responded.

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