Vizsla Consul Report #1


Vizsla Consul Report #1



Members of Clan Vizsla-

Welcome to my first report as Consul. I want to thank Evant for this opportunity.

First off, thank you to Pravus for his two years of service as Consul. It was his efforts that led to the founding of Clan Vizsla, and without him we wouldn’t exist. I have known Pravus for over a decade, and I know how important this club and this clan are to him. I hope that I am able to live up to his example and continue to build on our excellent reputation. Thanks for all you have done for Vizsla and the DB, Matt. Enjoy your retirement!

To Korvis, thank you for holding down the fort during the search for a new Consul. I look forward to working with you and the rest of the Vizsla Summit as we move into the Rite of Supremacy and beyond!

This will be a short report, with a couple of announcements and a brief concept on what I am looking at for future planning.


Clan Title

After a Clan vote, I have made a decision on the Clan Title.

From this point forward, all clan members who contribute two million credits to the clan coffers (through competition placement, participation, etc.) will earn the title of Ad Viszla.

This title can only be bestowed by the sitting consul of Clan Vizsla, through a request to the Master at Arms. Members who earn this title will be able to display it as part of their dossier name for as long as they are in the clan. Should they leave the clan for a Dark Council position or move to the Rogues, they will be allowed to retain it. Any member who leaves Clan Vizsla for another clan will lose their title. Should they return, they will be required to re-earn the title by contributing another two million credits.

With that said, I want to congratulate Kenath Zoron as the first clan member to achieve this honor. Zoron is an absolute beast when it comes to competition participation and placement, and so his title is well earned.

Congrats, and I look forward to naming the next Ad Viszla when that time comes!


Clan Restructuring

With our current clan size, I feel it necessary to do some restructuring in terms of our house and two battleteams. Effective immediately, I am closing Battle Team Saxon. The members in that battleteam will be moved to either House Wren or Battle Team Deathwatch. The House level will be for EQ1 and above, while the Battle Team will serve as the organization focused on the JM4 and below members.


Open Position: Battle Team Leader for Deathwatch

I am opening applications club-wide for the Battle Team leader for Deathwatch effective immediately.

While there is no rank requirement to apply, I will preference members who have some experience with the competition system. I firmly believe that leaders in this club bear the responsibility to provide content for the members, whether you are a battle team leader or a member of the Dark Council.

Any member interested in applying for BTL of Deathwatch should send an email to both myself and Korvis no later than 15 May 2021.

For members outside of Clan Vizsla, please give your clan leadership a heads up if you want to apply. While I am 100% on the “go where you want” train for the DB, I also think it is bad form to just suddenly take a position and vanish. I will ask Consuls about non-Vizsla applicants, so assume that they are at least one of your references ;).


Future Plans

The Rite of Supremacy is right around the corner. Clan Vizsla was named Second Clan during the last GJW, and I have no doubt that you all will bring your “A Game” to the RoS.

Once the RoS is over, I am considering a co-op event with another clan. I have been in discussion with two consuls on this already. I personally view co-op events as low key, non-competitive and fun events that allow us to interact with other members. While we are all in Clan Vizsla, we are part of the DB as a whole. And hey, we’re a clan of mercenaries…we’ll work with anyone as long as the credits are good!

Once we have a couple of cooperative events under our belt, I will work with another clan on a competitive feud. I want to try to do at least one feud a year. Competitive events allow us an opportunity to hone our skills and prepare for club-wide Vendettas.

For internal events, we are going to run quarterly Great Hunts. The House and Battle Team Leaders will be responsible for planning these Vizsla-only events. I want to expand on their purpose with a Wiki Page (anyone interested in a project?), and I to memorialize the list of quarterly winners on the wiki, maybe even give you a cool accolade that you can use inside the clan (Keeper of the Darksaber anyone?).


Ask Drac

I did this as Fist, so I’m doing it as Consul, too.

Malfrost Asks How Does it feel to be leading the coolest, best clan in the Brotherhood? And _How much butt are we going to kick in the upcoming RoS?

I’m excited to be back in Vizsla. We have a great deal of potential and we’ve already shown what we are capable of in a club-wide event. As for the second part, I’d love to see us repeat our success from last year. The only way that happens is by every member coming out to participate and compete. Participation matters in a Rite of Supremacy. So let’s show up and show the rest of the DB what Clan Vizsla can do!

Zoron Asks Any predictions on the upcoming RoS in terms of events? Or even events you hope to see vs. want to avoid?

The DC always puts a lot of effort into these. I’ve been on the other side, and I can guarantee that the work going on is focused on providing the best possible event and experience for the members. I expect brackets for gaming, and I won’t lie, I really hope there isn’t a cluster race. I just don’t think they work well in a vendetta, since there is too much opportunity for exclusion. But whatever comes out, I’m going to do my best to continue my streak of doing 100% of the events. Because participation and placements = credits, and credits are what count for Clan Vizsla!!!

Atra Asks Do you have any plans to increase recruitment for the clan? How do you see the current atmosphere of the clan and what, if anything, would you change? What do you perceive as your greatest hurdles and how do you intend on tackling them?

Recruitment is a challenge these days. We’ve seen the random joins come in, never interact, and then vanish. Opportunities for recruitment exist in various forms, whether through gaming (hello Warp), fiction, roleplay, etc. We need to look at ways to bring people in, and then find ways to make them WANT to stay.

As for our atmosphere? Our clan is built on the foundation that what members do matters. The only way to earn our title is by contributing credits via competition participation, placement, etc. We have members that interact with and are friends with people outside the clan. One thing we can do is increase the number of cooperative events we do. I’ve seen too many examples of small groups (and yes, I mean cliques) that tend to stick to themselves. They do activities together, and people who join in do not feel welcome or comfortable. I think that is something we do well enough, but we can do better. Warp is a great example of someone who is willing to get outside of his normal circle of friends/clanmates to game with others.

My greatest hurdles…my failed Justicar confirmation brought a lot of those to light. I need to be a little more patient and a little more tempered in my demeanor. While I am first and foremost Consul of Clan Vizsla, I am also a leader in this club. And I should act accordingly.

Evant asks In recent years Clans have dedicated themselves to a Path, something put in place to make sure that members get the best experience possible in the Clan they are placed into. What Paths do you see Vizsla following and how does that align to the experience new members will get when they join? As a secondary question: Do you think that similarly to how the Jedi order is light path locked and the Sith order is dark path locked directing members to experiences, that something similar might help direct members to Vizsla?

I think every path kind of works for Vizsla. Mercenaries and Mandalorians have a code, just like the Jedi, Sith, Loyalists, etc. Anyone is welcome here. I don’t think anyone path really fits. Just watch the Mandalorian show for an example. It’s a melting pot. And so are we. So to hit the second question, no, I don’t see one specific path directing people to Vizsla. I see Vizsla’s main draw as being open to anyone and everyone who is willing to participate and make the Clan better and stronger.


In Closing

For everyone in Clan Vizsla: No matter your thoughts on me personally, I want to make it clear that I am YOUR Consul. And I will give you all my absolute best every single day.

On that you have my word.

This is the Way.

-Dracpool, out.


Great report!


Fantastic report. Zoron is a beast.

Congrats Zoron!

Great report and I look forward to partnering with you and your staff in the future!

good report. grats Zoron Ad Vizsla

Excellent report, and congrats to Zoron!

Congrats Zoron!

Grats Zoron!

Congrats Zoron! Also excited to see where you take VIZ, Drac. I have no doubt it will be a success.

Congratulations Zoron.

Some good things to look forward to!

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