Vizsla: V


Vizsla: V


Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession

Shooter McGavin leaned back on the ancient four legged chair and scratched his inner thigh. His head tilted slighly at the speaker, his right hand opening in a show of dismissal.

"Is it really a complicated profession? You pay, we slay."


Greetings everyone and welcome to Clan Vizsla's fifth report. This report will announce the new Leader for Battleteam Saxon, update the overly important Clan credit race, and provide a quick list of current Vizsla sponsored and suggested competitions.

BTL Saxon

Battleteam Saxon and Battleteam Wren are unique in that they were created with a future eye on turning them into Houses. Last month we were fortunate enough to transition BT Wren into House Wren. BT Saxon, formerly led by Xen/Idris, was our second planned House and we looked forward to seeing Xen lead us into the future. (Un)Fortunately, Xen moved off to the DC and Saxon is now without a leader to take her towards her future-house hold.

With that said, we had a tremendous amount of interest in the position and fielded multiple internal and external applications for the position. I am happy and exited to announce Warden Raiju Kang as Saxon's new leader. Raiju's application was excellent, detailed the things we were looking for, and he hit on many topics we found interesting.

Congrats Raiju!

I'm in it for the Credits

The following list is a breakdown of credit contributions from members to Clan Vizsla. This is the only way to earn the Clan Vizsla name.



Keeping it in the Tribe

  1. Riddle Me This: Raiju's Clan Vizsla Only Riddle Style Competition.

  2. Code Red: Appius' take on a Few Good Mandalorians.

Give us our stuff

  1. The DB is running a Mandalorian Celebration in honor of the Mandalorian's launch on Disney Plus. Take a look, win some cool stuff, be a boss Mandalorian:

  2. GMRG Events. Go ahead and do them, even though I know you already are:

DJB News

  1. Justinos is our Fist.
  2. Xen is our Voice.

Closing Out

Watch The Mandalorian. It is worth your time.


short report

No "vis a vis" jokes on the title? Come on!

A clan named after a dog? Wow, things have chnaged Sarin! Hope you are well. New site is lush!

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