Voice of the Brotherhood: A Fiction Society


Voice of the Brotherhood: A Fiction Society

The fiction society is finally a reality, now known as the Inquisitorius. I collected documents and discussions from three different Voices before me, reconciling all the ideas I inherited with my own, and then had it torn apart and put back together again through constructive criticism and debate. What is being launched is a collection of many different member’s work. I only had the enjoyable task of putting it all together and seeing it happen. We now have a society that represents member’s fictional contributions and accomplishments.

Things to check out

  • Inquisitorius Wiki: The definitive source of information on the new Fiction Society. Including a history of the Inquisitorius, its operations, and system of ranks and rewards.
  • Rewards: Listed on the wiki page in a Rewards table, with details on what is rewarded at each rank and specifics about each item. This includes four new society specific Feats, two sets of armor, a weapon, three different accessories and a set of tattoos. If you have the necessary rank, you can check them out in your Lightsaber, Robe or Accessory selector.
  • Inquisitorius History Shadow Academy Exam: Created based on the information on the wiki page, a course was written that gives members an alternate way to join the society, as well as provide a format for members to show their basic knowledge of the society by taking the exam just for the few credits it provides.
  • Society Roster: Like all other societies, there is a roster on the site where you can see where everyone ranks.

Things to do

  • INQ - All In A Day’s Work: A chance to explore your character’s position in the Inquisitorius, or for those the society as structured does not fit, an interaction with a member who is a part of it.
  • INQ - Deep Pockets: A chance for your character to carry out an operation for the Brotherhood with a specific objective and broad instructions on how to do it.
  • Inquisitorius History Shadow Academy Exam: Also listed above, this exam will allow any member to achieve rank 1 if they aren’t yet a member of the society. As well as teach and test basic knowledge of the Inquisitorius and structure and provide some extra Shadow Academy credits.

Things to read

To help set the scene for the types of activities that members of the Inquisitorius may engage in at different levels, Kz’set di Plagia, has written four different scenes. This may help with the thought process as well on the two competitions run for the month of October listd above in the things to do section.

Inquisitorius Fiction Scenes: PDF Link

Things to know about

  • The Headmaster will be updating the Dark Sage Tactics requirements to include Inquisitorius society ranks.
  • The Master at Arms will be updating the Promotion Guidelines to include Inquisitorius society ranks in Promotheus.
  • The Seneschal has deployed the code, including administrative tracking of society progress (all of them on one page) and menu navigation to view the society roster.

Concluding thoughts

I had a lot of fun detailing all the history and structure, debating the goals and objectives, coming up with rewards, ranks, and fitting everything into the current Brotherhood structure. I will find some time in the coming days to specially thank everyone who made this happen, but I can’t say enough about how awesome it has been to work with the current Dark Council, which includes all the Consuls, as well as my Voice staff.

If there are any questions about any of the information anywhere, or inconsistencies, please share in the comments on this announcement, or send the voice staff an email.

In darkness,

Evant Taelyan
Voice of the Brotherhood

The shinies look amazing.
Great work everyone.

This is so awesome!

Woo Fiction Society! You guys are amazing.

So pretty! Love the armor and the things.

Woo, new Society!

Hope you guys like the new stuff :)

Awesome :D Would be nice if fictional contributions in the form of wiki pages could somehow be included too

I didn't expect to be so high in rank. This id awesome!

Can we Jedi-type folks write our guys as agents of our Clan, rather than Inquisitors, for that event? If not, can I instead use an old character?

Very nice job to the SCL, Voice and HRLD teams on this one!

<3 all round, fellas

Looks cool. Just one question though, how does it work fictionally if you don't feel your character is really that loyal to the iron throne? Because I'm sure not everyone plays a loyal subject.

Vanguard V'yr Vorsa said:

Hope you guys like the new stuff :)

OMG... OMG..! OMG!!!

@Malik: Well you could still work as double agent I guess or simply refuse to take on missions for the Society.

Malik's question and mine kinda fit together. Namely, how much freedom do we have to act as similar agents for other groups, IE our Clans? Because that'd be really cool, and I know a lot of Clans do their own intelligence deal in character anyway. :)

What happens on a dossier doesn't necessary reflect exactly what your character fictionally is doing. Like say - if you want Mav's accessory, but don't want to follow him around for 3 months fictionally waiting to see if anybody wants to kill him as his Guardsman. Or maybe your character hates Mav so it doesn't make sense and would more opportunistically be trying to kill him the whole time.

There is a lot of fictional flexibility in how you apply the rewards and perks. Clans have always had a lot of flexibility in how they approach their own stories. There is no reason that Inquisitorius ranking couldn't play a dual role within a Clan if they choose to do so. The important notes fictionally are: The opportunity to be part of the society are reserved for members of the society, as are the rewards associated with it. What if any and how those perks are applied within Clan or member stories is intentionally left open ended.

So if your character hates the Iron Throne, and outright refuses to help them do anything and won't return their calls (rude). Maybe service to their Clan, that is in service of the Iron throne, is passing along the rewards. Or, pretend you don't have any of them.

I like that "maybe your character hates Mav" idea :P

Level 8 already. Nice

This is really amazing!!! i'm so excited to see this happen!!! I'm a little curious to see how this develops fictionally after the Undesirables story you wrote. And pertaining more to myself - I am one of the so called "Undesirable" since I play a Shard. So how would I have been recruited into the very organization that had tried to kill me earlier?

You will notice Kaiburr that there are three "Undesirable" High Inquisitors, including another rock person. Just saying, that's all :)

For sure! I was just really curious and interested in seeing how this would be brought into play fictionally. I think this is an amazing step forward and I am really excited to see how this plays out!!!

There are lots of avenues we could consider, so fair deal. Thanks Evant!

Mmmm, new shiny outfits and toys!!!! It's like getting an epic chest in a rpg and finding new armor. I love this!

Cool fiction, sweet rewards, nice framework.

Great work all around guys! I'm already tallying up what I need to do to hit the next rank.

Undesirable and Inquisitors......when will we get wands? Sounds like book 5 of Harry Potter. :P

Inquisitors....are like a Star Wars thing. :p

Courtesy of Muz :P


Nobody expects the Pravus inquisition!

They are a Star Wars thing, but with the mention of Undesirables and a past mention of Muggles as NFO's it just made me thing of Potter. :D

I will in all seriousness say this really reminds me of Revan, down to the tats. Which is pretty cool, then again who was it that started Revan, and is GM now (again)? Also I guess if I get high enough in this to get the tat, I have to get it on the other arm, or would I add it as an overlay to the Revan one? Hmmm decisions.....

Extremely pleased that the points system is published straight away so that people can see how to progress within the society without having to guess. Love the goodies and the new feats.

Seraphol, the tattoo covers the entire back. Speaking of which, what does it mean that the tattoo can be activated? Does it do anything special when activated? Does it glow? Or does it just become visible? And how is it activated? If it's with the force, since that's how it's applied, then how would that work for NFUs?

Its been a few years, but ours would burn when we needed to check in. There was certain frequencies we used IC, or a certain location to meet up with a contact. As for NFU's it would work the same way. Remember according to the (horrible example given) Qui Gon statement about midichlorians they are in all beings. A tat that hhas some connection through the midichlorians through the Force can be activated by a Force User to an NFU.

Or thats how I figure it. Im not keen on writing, but this makes me want to get involved just for the armor and possible tattoo. :D

A Jedi being one of seven Grand Inquisitors...Well, it opens quite interesting ways for fictional development. I definitely like it. :)

This one has been bugging me since early in the process. I'm wondering how the tat works on more...challenging to tattoo species. I mean, is it just carved into V'yr's back or something? My carapace would be hard too. And lets not start on the Wookies :).

Under the fur wookie tat? Amazing. Shaved wookie with a tat? Amazing.

Not all roster candy has to make perfect sense. Also, this is Star Wars.

"The Force can do many wondrous and powerful things" <-- Plausibility Unlocked.

Especially given early days, the tattoo was an homage to the TIE Fighter Secret Order of the Emperor tattoo, which was applied by Force Lightning... sooo.. suck it carapace :P

We could always give out stickers to the tattoo-challenged among us. Special Force stickers. Sparkly gold, maybe star-shaped.

This is a great idea.

Very ninja, such society, wow!

Awesome work from everyone who put work into this project. Glad to finally say there is a DB society I care about (Sorry GMRG/SA :P), and love that the different types of members in the club have different places to show off in.

I do believe the degree requirements were altered for this society about 5 days ago

Well this is certainly an extra little plus for me participating in fiction comps and the like :D


Agreed, it's very nice to climb some ranks for our writing..! Thanks everyone working at the Voice for getting this out..! <3

Question: Do old ACC battles count? I don't think the system is recognizing them if they were before the new ACC.

Shadowing Macron's question, I had quite a few ACC battles back in the day that don't even show... my dossier doesn't even show any ACC battles.

The ACC is fully integrated into the current DB site, hence you will only see battles that were done on the new site. The old ACC site does still exist, but not all of that information is pulled in I believe. Also, I think the society focuses on "Completed" battles (ie. ones that were completely finished and judged), which is something the old ACC didn't really track. Now, I'm sure you could manually come up with how many battles you completed, with links, but whether that counts would be up to the Voice (or others). Probably sending them a quick e-mail outlining the situation, and whether you can include past battles (with proof) would be ok.

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