Inquisitorius History

1. Introduction


The Inquisitorius is a society formed of the most active fictional contributors within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Rewards for these contributions by showings of activity, skill, or service, grant access to secret skills and technologies. Fictionally, the society was formed by the Grand Master, and is made up of agents from the ranks of the Clans given tasks to hunt down and eliminate threats to the Brotherhood. The granted perks help these members to carry out orders and execute the Grand Master’s will. This course will cover a fictional history of the Inquisitorius as well as the society's ranks and structure.

2. History of the Inquisitorius

The Inquisitorius was a society formally established in 33 ABY by the newly appointed Grand Master Darth Pravus. It was formed following the Eleventh Great Jedi War, as a way to protect the Iron Throne with a severely crippled fleet and army as a result of the conflict, as it became clear the Dark Council needed to address threats both internal and external in a more systematic fashion. The Voice of the Brotherhood, a newly appointed Dark Councilor Evant Taelyan, was tasked with making the vision a reality.

Potential agents to fill the ranks of the new society were identified by their service to the Brotherhood or their Clan, in showings of loyalty and service. Once identified, they were put through a period of evaluation to determine if they were reliable and powerful enough to carry out the responsibilities of the Inquisitorius society. Then, once inducted, continued acts of loyalty in service to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood would see them elevated in the society to higher ranks.

All movements and actions of the society took place in secret, behind closed doors and in a classified nature, and as such most accomplishments of its members were never known to the outside world. Yet advancement and reward were given within the society itself. Protection of the hand moving in the shadows was itself of the utmost importance to the safety of the Brotherhood.

To keep the society difficult to track and infiltrate by others, dissemination of information and resources was done in secret, at drops, and in dark corners and shadows. Rarely would multiple members ever meet, with small gatherings being a rarity. Membership in the society was marked only by nondescript tattoos and symbols to designate rank and authority within the organization. Nearly all members of the Inquisitorius held roles and positions of some capacity all over the Brotherhood and went about their day-to-day with none knowing just how deep they were in the secrets of the Iron Throne.

The current location of the Voice of the Brotherhood at any given moment is the closest thing the society has to a base of operations. Where the specialized equipment was procured and how it made its way into the hands of members, how advancements, training, and identification of new members was handled, and where all the information and data on locations and missions and assessing threats was stored and managed remain a mystery to all.

3. Being a Member of the Inquisitorius

To become a member, you must simply complete a fictional activity, or complete this course. It's that simple. Then, all members of the Inquisitorius are placed into a ranking hierarchy depending on their contributions and successes.

Through contributions to the goals of the Brotherhood or their Clans, or acts of service or skill, a member will find themselves climbing through the ranks of the society. This primarily includes participating in fiction activities such as run-ons, fiction competitions, or Antei Combat Center matches, as well as earning Clusters of Ice or Dark Side Scrolls. Additional advancement is available for shows of skill with placements in these activities, or through service to the Brotherhood by running these competitions to provide the opportunities, judging matches in the Antei Combat Center or holding different roles with influence on fiction. The Society Points Chart covers all these different ways to earn points.

The ranks themselves place a member into one of five different agent tiers, based on twelve different ranks within the society. As a member advances through the ranks they will find different perks become available both fictionally, and for show. The Rank Chart below covers the points required for each rank and associated perks.

  • Apprentice Inquisitor: (Ranks I through IV) - The first tier a member is placed in, having only recently been identified as an agent of the Inquisitorius, these are more aspiring members than full fledged ones. They are given access to information and resources necessary to carry out less critical assignments for training and to prove themselves for advancement into a full time member.

  • Inquisitor: (Ranks V through VIII) - With enough service and shown skill and dedication, a member of the society will reach the rank of full Inquisitor. Most members of the society will have this rank. Trusted now with high profile assignments and information, including tasks that are highly important making up the rank and file of the society.

  • Chief Inquisitor: (Rank IX and X) - With not much left to prove, Inquisitors will find themselves at this rank, getting a first pass at missions and information before the lower rank and file membership. These agents will find themselves in audience of the Dark Council on occasion to report on their missions, and get access to some of the best resources available. At this rank, there was little doubt of the member’s allegiance and loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood.

  • High Inquisitor: (Rank XI) - With not only an unfaltering loyalty, but a dedicated history of both service and high skill in the field, agents will be pulled into an inner circle of their peers known as the High Inquisitors. Often receiving objectives and orders directly from the Voice or Grand Master, these agents are entrusted with missions where failure would be costly to the Dark Brotherhood.

  • Grand Inquisitor: (Rank XII) - This rank was reserved for the best of the Inquisitorius society. The actions and movements of those at the rank of Grand Inquisitor, and results of the decisions made remain so secret and classified that their impacts may never be known to any but the Voice of the Brotherhood and Grand Master. They are so trusted within the Brotherhood and by the Dark Council, that they receive specialized training to ensure those secrets can be well protected.

4. Advancement and Rank Structures

Society Points Table The following table shows all the different ways a member can earn points with the society, through different activities, services, or showing skill and winning different competitions as outlined.


Rank Table and Rewards The following table shows the number of points required to reach each rank of the society, as well as the rewards that are given when you reach each rank.


5. Conclusion

This course is intended as a full review of the fictional background of the Inquisitorius, and an understanding of the entire structure to make it clear how your character may possibly fit into it. It’s just another way to help reward and give visibility to the great members who spend countless hours contributing fictionally to the Brotherhood in a variety of ways.

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