Voice Report #17: Road to the RoS


Voice Report #17: Road to the RoS


This report will be on the shorter side for me. There are a lot of things going on, and I want to make sure I communicate them to all of you.



  1. The RoS kicks off on October 13th, 2018. More on this below.

  2. [The Collective] Chapter 2: Executive Action is live. Read it here.

  3. Chapter 3 will be released prior to the 13th.

  4. Mav and Atra have put together something new that I really like. It’s called the Pulse News Aggregator and it basically combines short news-style updates from each of the six clans. That means that these were not written by myself or anyone on the DC. This was done by your Clan Leadership, or by whoever they delegated the task to. One way or another, these excerpts come directly from your respective Consul, so if you have questions be sure to reach out to them. I personally think these posts are great, and they are a direct result of feedback we were given by the Dark Summit.

  5. Atra put out his latest Combat Master Report. In it, he makes a big change to a core Skill (Endruance renamed to Stamina) and a few other things of note. Read it here.

  6. Fiction Competitions are on hold for the duration of the RoS. See Howlader’s MAA news post for more information.

  7. Fiction Center has been updated to reflect the most recent chapter additions.

  8. You can find all of the [The Collective] arc fiction updates in the Fiction Archives folder here



Voice Projects are currently on hold for the RoS. Check back at the conclusion of the event to see how my sanity is holding up.

Inquisitorius Competitions

In my first iteration of Voice run/sponsored fiction competitions, we had a pretty decent turn out. We had 11 and 12 submissions, respectively, for both competitions. We went with a “Standard” prompt as well as a “Multi-Objective” prompt. Both seemed to do well, so we will continue to offer these two options going forward, I think.



Congratulations to everyone who placed. While only the top 3 earn crescents, I will use a top 5 to showcase member efforts that would be recognized in a major competition like a Vendetta. I’ve also left individual feedback on every entry.

To view feedback on fiction entries, you can go to your Administration Panel -> “Competition Participation History”.


Right of Supremacy

As I mentioned above, the RoS will kick off on October 13th, 2018. RoS’s are a form of Vendetta that vary slightly from a Great Jedi War, where the focus is on overall scoring and placement. Here are some details I’d like to share in preparation for the launch of the event.


The RoS will utilize the same “bins” structure that Great Jedi War XII utilized. I personally am a big fan of bins, as I believe this genuinely gives members the ability to achieve maximum participation in the overall event. Participation is the highest form of activity for a member of the Brotherhood, and activity leads to rewards and merits. I am always going to be for empowering our members to be active and involved with major events.


From the Voice, you will see the following competitions:

  1. I will be running (3) seperate fiction competitions spread out across the (5) weeks of the event.
    1. Each of these fiction competitions will feature a prompt with (3) objectives for members to “choose their own adventure”. Members will only be able to select (1) of these objectives for their entries, but the objective that gets the most entries will determine the direction that the fiction takes.
    2. In short, this means that you will be voting on the direction that the story goes in based on the objective you choose to write for.
  2. I will be co-running a set of Shadow Academy exams with the HM that will feature multiple-selection questions based on reading from the current Story Arc fiction updates.
    1. That means any fiction with the The Collective tag will be fair game. There will be no trick question answers, but I suggest making sure you’ve read up on the current story arc to be prepared.
    2. The member with the most correct answers in the quickest time will take home the win for these competitions.

Additionally, a Run-On competition will be run by the DGM.


  1. The RoS will be authored primarily by the DGM with support from myself. Updates will be released on a schedule to coincide with the event.
  2. Bubba has been kind enough to help me with grading Fictions this time around. Bubba was a top scorer in the previous GJW as a writer, so I’m excited to have his insight here on grading entries.


Ask The Voice

I answered some #askthevoice questions in [Fiction Chat - Log in to view join link] for Staff Saturday. If you want to get involved with the daily theme questions and larger discussions, don’t be afraid to join us :). All character types welcome.


That’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for Chapter 3 to drop, and the RoS launch news post :).

Thank you,


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