Voice Report #5 - The One With A New Faction and M:VOICE Applications


Voice Report #5 - The One With A New Faction and M:VOICE Applications


Hello everyone! Be sure to check out the news post for the results and closing fiction of the Tenixir Prison Break event. We saw a lot of really good submissions from people and I hope you all enjoyed this low key introduction to a new faction and interlude before our next war!


Prison Break and a New Faction

Order has been restored on Tenixir, thanks to the Brotherhood’s efforts at the request of the Principate. Make sure to check out the fiction here.

TL;DR Recap

  • Hyward Duscal, the Collective agent leading the capture of the Misery is pleased they took the ship. He oversees captured Brotherhood forces being placed into the prison cells onboard the ship.
  • Collective Scientists arrive from Tenixir, but do not wish to wait before returning to Collective space. They peace out before Hyward can stop them.
  • Rasha Hawee’s message reached more than just the Brotherhood, and additional criminal organizations arrive at Tenixir to free their people.
  • The Misery attempts to return to Collective space only to find they flew straight to a Brotherhood trap. Dacien Victae thanks Hyward for returning the ship before venting the air into space. The captured Brotherhood forces are left safe in their cells with air.
  • Kroj Skross wreaks havoc in the prison, killing guards and prisoners alike. He is too into the moment to notice the Brotherhood show up and restore order, partially by shooting him in the head.
  • Dwipps Bruskars retreats back into his cell block, not wishing to die.
  • Dacien returns with the Misery and the rest of the Brotherhood forces. The Principate requests he order the Brotherhood curb stomp the riot and incoming ships. He gladly obliges the request.
  • Order is restored and in the days following the riot, the Principate releases nearly all surviving prisoners to Brotherhood control.
  • The Shroud Syndicate sees use for the prisoners, largely thanks to the efforts of Rasha Hawee in helping the Brotherhood. They have her and many other prisoners freed.
  • These freed prisoners go on to form the Tenixir Revenants
  • Operation Rescue Evvie is successful. Violet D’slan, Damien Blackadder, and Darren McGavin were all rescued and are in various stages of resuscitation. Evant Taelyan is alive.
  • Evant attempts to use the force but fails. Idris Adenn goes to bring him to the Grand Master.

Tenixir Revenants

We now have a third faction to interact with. The Tenixir Revenants is now live. Most of the NPCs found on the roster come from the Create an NPC event that was run, but adapted to work with the faction. Additional information can be found on their wikipedia page. (Logo is coming soon)

This faction is very anti-Principate. The run-on event featured two possible options for us to go for in interacting with the prisoners, and the overwhelmingly picked option was to crush the prisoners rather than help them. This choice further solidified our relationship with the Principate, while making the Revenants more distrusting of us. Going forward our relationship with one will impact the other.


M:Voice Applications!

As I mentioned in an earlier report, I plan on having Magistrates on a rotating 1-year basis. When I started rather then start with both Magistrates fresh, I asked TuQ to stay on while I got into my groove. Its been about 6th months, and TuQ and I have agreed it is time to open that position up. I want to thank him for being so awesome and helpful as I transitioned into this role. He will be remaining on the staff until his replacement has been found.

About the Role:

  • This is a one-year long position (barring whatever issues that require stepping down early).
  • The biggest focus of the magistrate role is helping maintain the Character Sheet and Fiction Competition queues.
  • The goal is to keep the in queue time as short as possible
  • Custom aspects are discussed in the Voice Staff telegram channel, so the ability to both check the site, and discuss fairly regularly is a must.

Application Details:

I am stealing this idea from Bubba’s recent CoJ applications. Instead of sending in a written application please visit this link to apply. This short-form does include some SAesque questions to show you have a basic understanding of some of the CS guidelines. Obviously we don’t expect you to be a pro-CS reviewer out of the gate (and one of the reasons we ALL discuss sheets).

I hope this form makes it a bit easier for people to apply, as I know writing up a full application can be a bit daunting.

This form will be active through Friday, May 8th.


Feats Project

One of the major projects on the table for the Voice Staff is an overhaul of the feat system. At present, there are many skills and force powers lacking feats to impact them, while others have many many related feats (Looking at you TK and Force Lightning).

Because of this I am opening up a feat suggestion form, so that those of you who might have an idea for something that could be a cool feat and let us know. That isn’t a guarantee the feat would be added to the system, but I know that you guys are capable of coming up with a lot of things we wouldn’t think of.

Feat Suggestion Form


Thank you for reading. As always if you have any Fiction related questions, concerns, comments, snide remarks, feel free to message me on Telegram: @IdrisAdenn or send me an email [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


All Description of New Faction looks great. I'm looking forward for more,, action" connected with it

compiles a list of skills feats

Also, those looking to make feat suggestions don't forget the feat database is good reference for whats already out there.

#VioletLives #EvvieRescue

yaaas feats. come work for me :P

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