Voice Report #9: Welcome Home


Ever since someone thanks Muz went and blew up Antei, the Brotherhood has been homeless, so to speak. While each unit has gone through their own respective changes to their domains and territories, the Dark Council has existed mostly through a flotilla. Today, however, I’m proud to present to the Brotherhood the launch of our new home system, the replacement for Antei, if you would.

A lot of hard work went into this project. I’ll save recognition for the conclusion, and get right down to business.

Welcome to the Arx System.

welcome home

(Brownie points to anyone that knows the band/song)

Arx System

The Arx System is located in Wild Space, isolated from the rest of the galaxy and tucked away from prying eyes. For now, at least. Beyond the battle between Pravus and his Inquisitorius and the Lotus resistance, events will soon transpire that should help to solidify the fiction behind Arx serving as the new home of the Brotherhood. For now, I’m going to focus mostly on the out-of-character elements and stick to the project itself.

Arx System

In short, Arx is a fairly simple and straightforward system. A single, yellow dwarf sun sits at the center of the system with a lone planet and its satellite the only denizens of its orbit. We wanted to keep the Arx System simple, and as you’ll see below, the planet and its satellite most closely resemble Earth. This was done, design wise, in hopes of creating a relatable and easy to visualize homeworld. Thanks go to Vyr for creating the awesome image above in a matter of minutes. In the future, we may add to the system, but for now, we feel this is the best and most logical starting point for the Brotherhood.

Planet Arx

Planet Arx shares a lot in common with planet Earth. We took a similar approach to having a breathable atmosphere and relatable climate, but with diversity for different types of environments to play in (desert, plains, arctic wilds, tempest storms, and bears, oh my...).

Welcome to Planet Arx.


Arx is broken up into three main continents: Elos Vrai, Uskil, and the Sorasu Desert. Each continent houses landmarks and locations vital to the Dark Brotherhood. You will notice that some of our Possessions stores show up as well as new creations from the creative team. I encourage everyone to take a look over the article, take in all the details, and let us know what you think. Constructive feedback is always welcomed, and this is something that I do genuinely believe will grow with us as a club as we move forward into the future.

This is just the beginning.


This is the first version of the detailed map of Arx. Everyone’s favorite gray Wookie — Kevliin — has been hard at work hand-drawing icons for the various landmarks and locations on Planet Arx. He did this based on a very poor sketch of mine, and keeping the icons universal has helped create what I think is a very helpful and aesthetically pleasing resource for getting to know Planet Arx better.

Thank you, Kelviin, for working on this. We appreciate it.

Beyond the planet itself, Planet Arx does have a cute little satellite named Arx Minor. While this article is little more than a stub for now, I too hope to expand and build it out as we move forward and develop the system.


Artwork For Arx

Speaking of is also exciting as we launch a unique kind of competition for the members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. In a joint venture from the Herald and Voice, we are going to be running a series of Graphics events geared towards generating images and artwork for our brand new wiki articles! So, this is where you guys come in. The Brotherhood hosts a community of talented artists and creative thinkers. We need you, the members, to help flush out these articles with original artwork. We would much rather have our own artists take the field rather than hiring out external artists for commissions.

So without further preamble, Vyr and I give you the Art 4 Arx parent competition!


The idea for this competition will be to create artwork or images that can be uploaded and used in the Arx System and Planet articles. These images can be hand drawn or digitally created/manipulated, but we do want to try and get as much new or original content as possible.

Parent Competition

Sub-competition 1

Sub-competition 2

Sub-competition 3

Sub-competition 4

Members are able to submit one entry for each sub-competition (meaing a max total of 4 entries). The top 5 placements in each competition will earn points towards the overall container.

  • First Place - 5 points
  • Second Place - 3 points
  • Third Place - 2 points
  • Fourth Place - 1 point
  • Fifth Place - 1 point

The winner of the overarching container competition will be have the option of giving a name to Planet Arx’s great lake! This is a great opportunity to leave your mark on the future history of the Brotherhood. It’s also just a great way to give back and show how strong our community is.

(Do not throw away your, shot!)


Thank You

I wanted to wrap this newspost up by thanking everyone that contributed to this massive undertaking of a project.

Atra and Slagar did some initial legwork prior to me taking over as lead on the project, and their writing was absorbed into the final project. A’lora/Moro, as P:Voice, also jumped in and laid out a lot of the foundation and groundwork for the system and the finer details of the planet. His planning and creativity helped form the current image of Arx, and we’re grateful for all of his contributions.

Thank you to the Voice Team of past and present for helping with small revisions and proof-passes. I know that Atty is still red-penning some of the published work, but if you guys spot anything, please email us and let us know. I’d prefer not to get a bunch of emails for singular call-outs, but if you spot more than a few, group them together and send them our way. We’ll make sure to update in real time anything that slipped through the cracks ;). I’m very confident in both the Voice team and the Wiki staff in this regard.

A special thanks to Sarin, whose vision is what ultimately gave us Arx. This was not an overnight project. It is something that has been on the forefront of the creative staff of the DJB for more than two years. Since even before I was CM or Voice. Seeing this come to light is yet another example of how the current DB always moves forward, and always pushes to get things done.

We still have some work to do, obviously, but I’m confident that together, as a club, we’ll continue to make it work. Thanks everyone, and we really hope you like Arx. :)


  1. Arx System article
  2. Planet Arx article
  3. Art 4 Arx

#hype #art4arx

In Closing

This might be one of my shortest reports. That said, I wanted to make sure the focus was where it needed to be. Expect another update from both Atra and I before the end of the month. I'll talk more about the DB Storyline, the upcoming war, and the results of the ACC Phase I competition! Until then...


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Coheed, Welcome Home!

<3 Claudio

Posted on Aug 7, 2017 at 5:03 AM
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Also, this is a big deal. Awesome :)

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Oh you better believe Arx is about to have some naturally occurring "iridescent" landscapes.


Love to Arx.

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Well done! It looks great!

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She's here! Amazing work!

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Welcome home guys!

So, when's the house warming??

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Claudio's hair is his tell!

This looks awewome. Great work indeed!

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This looks amazing! Also, time to whip put my pencils and paper. ;)

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So, when's the official changeover to the Arx Combat Center? :)

Posted on Aug 8, 2017 at 12:59 AM
Maricktar new1

It was decided a bit ago that Antei Combat Center will remain the title out of legacy and respect for the history of it. This was mirrored by the GM and the DGM, so it's probably going to be staying the Antei Combat Center for a while longer :).

Posted on Aug 10, 2017 at 6:59 PM
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This is fantastic.

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well more roaming and great planet.