Voidbreaker Report 005: "Lightning" RoS Edition


Voidbreaker Report 005: "Lightning" RoS Edition

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Welcome. For this Lighting Edition™ report, we’re going to focus on the ongoing Rite of Supremacy (RoS) and how we, Voidbreaker, can finish strong and show the rest of the Clan, and Brotherhood, how it’s done.


Voidbreaker x RoS

As most of you know by now, Voidbreaker members have dispersed between each of the factions. Just remember that no matter what sub-faction you picked, we’re still a team and we’re here to support you. My job as your BTL is to help ensure that each of you has the resources, tools, and answers that you need. If you need anything, have questions, or just want someone to talk to, I’m here for you, regardless of what faction you choose :). #TeamVoidbreaker


Rite of Supremacy: Escalation

As a recap, and for anyone who might not have been around for last month's report: What exactly is an RoS? Basically, it’s a major club-wide event that we get to participate in. Usually, for something like a “War” (often called Great Jedi Wars, or GJWs).

My goal for Voidbraker is for each of us that have pledged to do at least 1 competition. Even if it’s just the flash game, that will be a huge accomplishment for us across the board. Taking it one step further, our next “stretch” goal would be to do at least 1 competition in each bin. By doing 1 competition in each bin, you can still reach full participation without having to go all out.



Of course, if most of you are like me, you won’t be sated by just doing the minimum. If you want to go beyond, push past your limits, and go PLUS ULTRA let’s try and aim to hit as many competitions as we can! The more comps you do, the more potential points you can score!

One way or another, let’s show the Brotherhood who the best Battleteam in the club is! Arcona Invicta.

If it’s your first time competing, make sure you check out these SA exams that go over the basics.

Once you’re ready, you can check out the list of competitions here.

Also, I can't stress how you should not be intimidated about doing events. Even the Graphics events can be done by a non-artist (like me). For example, from Phase I we had to draw a conflict between the two factions. So, I doodled this:


GM Evant, playing with his space ships from the Tenixir Revenants and the Severian Principate while he plots his schemes.

Is it going to win? Probably not. But it's a perfectly valid entry and you never know what the competition will bring!

How-to Guide: RoS Events

I’ve put together a short guide on how to complete as many events in as little time as possible for those with busy schedules.

You can see the guide here.

Still too much reading? Here are the starred events that should take you no less than 5 minutes to complete.

As a reminder, you have until July 6th, 2021 to complete these events. Please try to not wait until the last minute!

Storyline Notes

Big events like this usually have a larger (macro level) fiction that ties together the theme of the events. You can read the published fiction updates here:

Each of these newsposts from the Voice contains a TL;DR. I’m not going to repeat what’s already there. However, from Voidbreaker’s perspective, we’ve been deployed on our own, so to speak, without committing the full force of Arcona’s fleet/resources. So, it’s up to us to figure out how we each factor into this story and have an impact! Your character(s) stories are their own, but if you need help or have questions just reach out and ask.

The latest update gives us two new enemies to fight against: the “Seer” character and her army of Crystal Ascendents (Acolytes with Force-imbued crystals that make them more powerful), and the Restoration Troopers (also powered by Force-crystals) that the “crazy” part of the Severian Principate have unleashed.


Captain's BLog

Not that I should be blogging at a time like this, but I figured I’d answer a few quick questions that came by my datapad during the current chaos.

Zuzu asks: Hope y'all haven't missed me too much! How's everyone doing over in the Harmonists? The VB crew sticking together through all the fights?

incoherent noises Yes. Everything is great Zuzu. muffled screams in the background Nothing to worry about. We miss you too. Less-than-three you! <3

Sully asks: Hey Zig! You’re not going to be mad if I go through two cybernetic arms this skirmish...right?

::Slow Inhale:: As long as the rest of you comes back in one piece, I will repair or help replace your cybernetic as many times as needed Sully. You're the thing we can't replace though, so make sure you make it back to the ship. It just wouldn’t be the same without you ^^

Also if any of these crystal-jerks harm you I will end them



Out of Context Quote of the Week:

“It vibrates” — Karran (L’ara Erinos)

Taken from the #arconathings tag.


In closing, my personal goal for this RoS is to have Voidbreaker, as a team, score more points than any other Battleteam in the club. I, myself, am shooting for 100% completion, meaning I will do every single competition possible. Do you think we can do it? Only one way to find out. #LetsGo

For anyone that missed it, I got my first full body comm of Zig back, and I’m really happy with how she turned out ^^.

If you need me, my inbox/PMs are always available: @raindbowdirewolf on Telegram / [Log in to view e-mail addresses].



Woot woot!!

Be home soon Zig, you better all be okay!

Imagine if Jax were colorblind.

"...there are different stripes? It is the one that smells like magnesium."

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