Voidbreaker Report: 007


Voidbreaker Report: 007

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Captains Quarters
Voidbreaker II
39 ABY

The Captain’s office wasn’t usually the place for quick chats. However, with the rushed recent times, Zig and Zuza found themselves having an evening catch-up, even as the Captain hurriedly tapped away on her monitor, completing various reports and forms. While Marick had taken upon him the majority of the finances and top-level paperwork, there was still apparently a lot of ship-based work to be done from an administrative standpoint.

It was...nice to have someone to talk to. While Zuza teased Zig, she was never pushy or demeaning. She always smiled, tucked a few strands of hair away from her face while laughing at an innuendo or awkward phrasing. Sure, Zig flushed and caught herself staring or getting distracted by the Human woman’s eyes, but she always covered it up by quickly glancing back at her terminal, or by looking and commenting elsewhere on the rooms decor.

”Uh...Captain? You might want to come down to engineering,” a junior engineers voice called out over Zigs commlink. She sighed, leaned back in her chair, and glanced at Zuza, as if she had a feeling about what might be going on. *“The reactor isn’t starting up and we’ve tried turning it off and on again multiple times...but still not getting any auxiliary readings.”

“Did you run through the preliminary checklist before starting it up?” Zig asked with an all-too-knowing sigh. Her eyes met Zuza’s.

“Uh...no, but can you please just come down and look, it's making a weird noise...”

The Zygerrian rolled her eyes while maintaining a faint smile at Lottson. “How many times do I have to remind you guys not to skip routine maintenance procedures. The ship needs to walk before it starts sprinting into battle!” Zig drawled.

“Uh...yes, but we’re understaffed and Nathan took a personal day.”

Of course. She had come to rely on Nathan’s neurotic attention to detail and procedure. And with Avery dealing with personal leave time, and Zig stepping up as Captain, they had been pushing the junior engineers a bit harder than usual.

“Sorry Zu, I’ll be back in a few.”

Zig growled slightly to herself in frustration as she grabbed her datapad and stormed out of the office, leaving Zuza alone without much thought or concern. Whether it was a sign of her stress levels, or the simple trust she had in her crewmate, the usually security-focused Captain left her terminal unlocked.

It took Zuza an unusual amount of time before acting, trying to avoid the temptation of the lit up screen. It was for the captain’s use, it had to have important untouchable and very shush shush things on it. No. She wouldn’t be that irresponsible.

Spinning on the chair didn’t improve the boredom situation however, so she exited her chair and leant back into the captain’s seat. Maybe just a peek and the usual computer pranks, so long as she didnt do anything too bad, Zig wouldn’t mind too much. Right?

Zu threw caution to the wind and leant forward, focussing. Within moments a broad grin crossed the Human’s face, seeing the latest report draft most of the way complete.

“Oh this is going to be good.”


So, as the fiction suggests, Zuza has “infiltrated” Zig’s office and will be taking over the Captain's Blog section. Feel free to jump ahead to the end of the report to read that, but keep reading for some important updates to Voidbreaker and our day-to-day operations.

My reports will be written in my voice, with a section set aside in-character for Zig. If you have any thoughts on how the report could be improved or done differently, my inbox/PMs are always available: @raindbowdirewolf on Telegram / [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Voidbreaker News

So, to kick things off, I want to highlight Voidbreaker Battleteams performance in the RoS, and really focus on how awesome all of you are with some infographs and numbers. But first...


It’s been relatively quiet as most of our activity last month was channeled into the RP Operation we ran: A Horn In a Haystack. Voidbreaker was of course at the center of the RP, and thanks to the new Cluster of Ice Policy the Voice put out, we’ve now been able to earn Clusters of Ice for these activities.

Since we are a very writing-oriented team, I’m going to highlight our Cluster of Ice activity. So, here is a look at Voidbreaker’s CI counts over the last month.

  • Wally - 63 CIs
  • Zuza - 52 CIs
  • Techie - 28 CIs
  • DoonDoon - 23 CIs
  • Eun-Sil Urie - 20 CIs
  • Mune - 18 CIs
  • Karran - 13 CIs
  • Archian - 8 CIs
  • Edema - 4 CIs
  • Lee - 2 CIs

Otherwise, so long as I’m here in some capacity and serving as either your BTL or a member of this summit, I promise to continue to follow up on semi-monthly check-ins and 3-month audits of your roster activity. You guys continue to keep being rockstars, and we’ll do our part making sure you’re recognized. If you have questions, are concerned you’re not getting recognized, or just have questions on what you can do next, please let me know.

Voidbreaker Updates

Wiki Updates

I wanted to specifically call out our very own Mune for taking initiative and filling in all of the “TBD” sections of the Voidbreaker wiki . This has been very helpful to the worldbuilding we look to do and maintain, as the Voidbreaker Wiki is meant to be a living-article that serves as our hub of information to inform our writing as a team.

So, I wanted to highlight those additions found mostly in the Facilities section.


Here is a great example of Mune’s contributions:

The Bridge - Upon entry to the Bridge, one is greeted by the sight of windows spanning the fore of the fair-sized space, giving an exceptional view of the stars beyond. Below the same windows are panels and monitors, showing diagnostic reads and scans of the environs surrounding the ship. Back from the windows are three additional console stations and guard rails arranged in a horseshoe shape, with the Captain’s chair situated behind the smaller center console. Directly behind the Captain’s chair is a large holoprojector. The starboard and port side walls hold other consoles and larger screens. A final screen is angled from the ceiling above the windows, displaying important information such as star charts and tactical data. The lighting is variable and is set to whatever level the on-duty bridge crew feels comfortable.

If anyone wants to source or create some reference images, that would be a great addition to the Wiki. If you want to add anything, just let me know and we’ll get it onto the Wiki :).

Clan News

The biggest takeaway from these reports, mostly Atty’s Clan report, is our switch to Discord as our primary chat program for both the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and Clan Arcona.

Here is the link to the server: DJB Discord. Once you join, you can follow the steps in this guide to authenticate and get added to Arcona’s section of the server (known as a Category).

If you feel overwhelmed, you can always mute Chats, disable notifications, or hide muted chats.

Also make sure to take the new Discord Shadow Academy Exam made by our very own Aedile, Aru Law! This is also some quick, easy credits and SA points to collect.

For Voidbreaker, I will be doing my best to multitask between both Telegram and Discord. However, over the next few months, I will be focusing the bulk of my attention and efforts onto Discord. Like it or not, this is now our main platform for the club. I will not be deleting my Telegram, but I am archiving most chats to help make sure I don’t miss things when I absently check the app for messages when I have extra time.

As always, Clan Arcona adapts to whatever the club leadership decides to do. Even if we don’t love it, we show up, contribute, and remain a healthy, active part of the club that also leads by example as the First Clan. For those that don’t know, I was at the forefront of pushing Telegram as a platform back when IRC was dying and the clubs communications were suffering. The same level of open-mindedness I was given when pushing Telegram, I’m trying to extend to the push for Discord.

I do know there is a lot of exciting things in the works for some of the bot-functions on Discord, especially for having dbb0t serve as a full-service RP bot with alias support, dice rolls, and logging/auto-counting. Keep an eye out for Arch’s next Exarch report for more progression on that.

If you have questions, concerns, feel free to add me as friend or DM me at: w4lly#9352


With the srs bidness now out of the way, it’s time for something a bit more fun and lighthearted.

Captains Blog

Muahaha. Zuza here, and I am the Captain now! (Look at me!) Ask me anything! And everything!

​​Sera asks: What’s Zuza think of Galeres folk, or those that she’s had the opportunity to interact with? Who do you look up to? Tali, Zig? Down to spar with Sera? If so, when? She’s gotta get back into her training regimen with the clan.

For the few I’ve had the chance to meet, I’ve liked them all! Mostly just Sera, who I am absolutely down for a spar again!! I’ll beat you hand to hand this time, I’ve been practising. For who I look up to… Well Ziggy? She is my captain. wink.

Wyn asks: Hey Zuzu, do you see any sus-named folders on her desktop? Something that might be hiding where she keeps her secret stash? Or a file referencing certain latex-clad Sith? Asking for a friend.... gl hf

Well, I didn’t search too much but there is “50 Shades of Voidbreaker”. I think all the crew have seen it. If you haven’t, sucks to be ya!

Lee also asks: Have you found anything interesting on Zig’s computer? What sort of new files might the captain find on her computer when she returns?

Again, I’m not really looking through her stuff deep. Lots of cute baby pictures of her on a surface search I’m totally not sending out with this buut...

Archian asks: Sage and Zuza are sitting at the bench, their hands are moving to the West..." how would you finish this sentence? Where are the best dance lessons at VB? Did you see any more Dragon Balls?

To west in a vest? Cora does good dancing, you should ask him about that.

Jax asks: ”Hello...Captain. I have forwarded a memo on fraternization among enlisted and officer ranks and would like to inquire with your expertise. I still do not fully understand the ‘owo’, can you please elucidate?"

The OwO is a thing of perception of interesting happenings. I.. guess. Um, what does fraternization mean?

Ruka asks: ”Have you gone to medical recently? The Proconsul's office just mandated more routine med checks”

Oh I must have missed that one, hm. I’ll have to book that soon.

Cora asks: "Do you have any hopes or critiques for our arrangement in sharing the Proconsul station? How can we best serve you?"

Not at all! I reckon you two will be a great pair for running the position.

Diy Asks: How many images of Sage will have snuck their way as the background? Unsupervised party on the Voidbreaker when?

I’ll send the messages out soon hehehe. And only a couple! Pictshop is harder than it looks.

And finally, Aru asks: ”Zuza, how's the experience so far? Are you more prone to let Sage do whatever on the VB? What about Aru? Are you tall enough to see past the driving wheel? Sage can pick you up.”

Well I am certainly enjoying myself. Who knew the captain’s seat was so comfy, and it’s adjustable! No need for pick up, though Sage and Aru are probably gonna have the same level of permissions as now.



That’s all for now. Reminder that if you have questions, ideas, concerns, please just let me know. You can email me, message me on Discord, or just post consecutive dog pictures and I'll likely start paying attention.

Special thanks to Zuza Lottson for helping out with this report and co-writing the fiction-blip with me.

Until next time, thanks for hanging out with Team Voidbreaker.






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