Sabertron Kickstart - Lazer tag with foam swords.


Sabertron Kickstart - Lazer tag with foam swords.

Not sure if this is really news worthy, but I think it is. So, yea.

Foam lightsabers, that can score your fights like lazer tag.

Yup. The video is pretty amazing, and the technology looks really cool. For anyone that is into cosplaying or larping, they are definitely targeting the Star Wars fans with their "Lightblade" model. They do also make a medieval longsword as well.

The project is already backed, so you know it's going into production. Nows probably the chance to get it at a discounted price before it goes live in retail. I backed for the "Apprentice" lightblade and get two of them. Can you guys ACC LIVE!

(Like, actually live. Come at me, bros)


Those seem pretty cool, I prefer my polyurethane sparing blades though ;p

The possibilities are endless! Wahaha.

Well if it is a hit, i can see them sponsored by sw and making custom hilts

... those look dodgy as hell :P

You seem a decent fellow. I'd hate to kill you. (come at me, bro) :P

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