Soulfire SGT Report


Soulfire SGT Report

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Soulfire Report


Hey guys, I know it's been a while since the last report and I apologise for that. RL has let up a bit, and I'll be aiming to deliver shorter reports more often, aiming for every couple of weeks. It'll be more of an update/newsletter type thing than the more traditional reports of yesteryear and hopefully it'll be easier to read (aka – shorter) as well as more relevant.

Sign ups for the next round of the Fading Light event have been opened, and it is to be an ACC tournament. If you're qualified, sign yourself up and if you aren't qualified, it might be worth doing so which will allow you to participate and have the chance to earn shinies. Details are here -

Our very own Riverche was made the Forum Tribune and I want you all to join in congratulating her. I'm sure she will carry on the great work that Socorra started before getting sweet-talked onto the DC!

That covers the main points relevant to the squad for the moment, anything else can be found on the DB news page.


Mark received a Sapphire Blade for continued awesomeness, way to go dude!

I got a Sapphire Blade for bribing the right people, go me.

-----Arrivals and Departures-----

We welcome Kyo Loric to the squad, a seasoned veteran who is already showing his enthusiasm and skills by completing SA courses and running his own competition, welcome!

Ji'ian got roped into joining and has already progressed to Acolyte, welcome to the squad!


Fading Light ACC Comp -

Soulfire Motto Comp -

Soulfire Banner Comp -

Soulfire RO Comp - and the RO is here

Star Wars Trivia and Lore -

-----Closing Statement-----

This report is pretty short and punchy, the competitions I've listed are the SF specific ones, ones run by people from the squad, or big comps that we need to keep our eye on to show the DB how awesome we are. It's been quiet for a month or so, but hopefully things will pick up a bit now, and we can get started on being at our best once again.

Thanks for reading,

SWL Nadrin Erinos Arconae

Whoop! Go Mark! :D

Congrats on the SBs! Good report!

Nice report :D Nice work on SBs :)

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