Star Wars: Aftermath


Star Wars: Aftermath

Star Wars: Aftermath

As previously mentioned there will be a series of novels and comics released in the run-up to Episode VII. While we had only vague details, we did know that these publications would be dealing with what occurred after Episode VI.

We now have information on one of the first full-length novels relating to this time period, aptly named Star Wars: Aftermath. As the title itself alludes to, this novel will deal with the aftermath of the second Death Star blowing up and just how the rest of the galaxy dealt with the consequences of that action.

This novel is actually the first in a trilogy that will help bridge the divide between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. It will be written by Chuck Wending, and I would be happy to hear thoughts from others on this author. I personally have not heard of him before, but he does seem to have a number of books and guides under his belt. September 4th appears to be the tentative release date for this novel, and I'll assume the other novels in the trilogy will come out soon after.

I honestly can't wait for these books to finally come out as I really want to see what direction they have "officially" taken, and maybe it will also help us in our own fictional direction?

I'm with you. This, as a first look into what happens in the new canon, will be a big step into the unknown for us. One that I can't wait to take and to see what happens!

Do you think there will be a time schedule on this book's progression? Also, Halc, is this book officially canon according to Disney?

I don't know what you mean by a time schedule, however, all of these books/comics are "canon". That's why they are mentioned as explaining what happens in the time period before the upcoming movie. Just about anything new that's published will be canon

I'm almost a little disappointed about the fact that they're filling in the missing years. I was almost looking forward to the pure mystery of waiting for that opening crawl and have it tell me just what I was in for, what had happened to our heroes etc.

I'm willing to say that overwriting the horribleness that was "Truce at Bakura" with almost anything else is a blessing. (Though that's admittedly just my opinion.)

Time schedule really just means the release dates of each Novel and the ones that are not writen up just yet.

I seriously can't wait to see where the series is going to head from here, the book itself looks pretty cool! I just hope that what comes next will live up to what the fans expect.

Concerning a schedule...they haven't released anything specific. From their previous comments, it seems that everything will start to get released in and around September, with a continuous stream after that. This book is up on Amazon as Sept. 4th, though.

September 4th seems late if they're going to release a trilogy before the movie release, looking forward to this though... may actually buy a SW book again... last one was Vector Prime which kinda ruined it all :P

Hmm, this sounds interesting. I've never heard of the author either, but I can only hope that they know how important quality books will be in the lead up to relaunching the movie franchise in December so hopefully that means that this guy knows what he is doing.

The Truce at Bakura is Hemingway compared to any of the Barbra Hambly crap

@Kalen Don't celebrate the loss of Truce at Bakura too quickly... this Chuck Not-Norris guy wrote books called Dinocalypse, so maybe they just felt he's the natural choice to remake a story about space dinosaurs :P

I liked Chuck Wendig's work with White Wolf. He's worked on a lot of sourcebooks for Vampire: The Masquerade that I enjoyed.

I'm super excited to see how this "Journey to Force Awakens" pans out. I'll probably be checking out as much as I can, even the young adult stuff.

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