Star Wars: Aftermath - An Excerpt


Star Wars: Aftermath - An Excerpt

Star Wars Aftermath

One of the first pieces of fiction (if not the first?) dealing with the post-Return of the Jedi era will be released on September 4th. Star Wars: Aftermath, as has been discussed previously, deals with the aftermath of the second Death Star blowing up and how the galaxy reacts to the news of the Emperor's Death.

Now, an excerpt of the novel has been released! I don't think it will spoil much, but if you really don't want to know anything until the novel is released then go ahead and avoid that link. Otherwise, if you're like me and read every scrap of information, then click on the link and enjoy!

The excerpt is pretty dark and shows you that things are not all nice and happy. Remember that "celebration" scene at the end of RotJ where we see people celebrating on Coruscant? Well, they show you what happened immediately after that scene, and it's not pretty. The excerpt also focuses on Wedge, who will be one of the main protagonists of the novel.

So, what do people thing? More hyped about the novel? Less? The same?

Cutting off the head doesn't mean the body stops lashing out... I'm intrigued.

idk why, but the way it's written hits me wrong.

It fills me with all sorts of sad dread... so I know exactly what you mean

The way it is written makes me feel like they are cutting out parts and jumping around. It's somewhat jarring. I hope it isn't like that.

It was...strange to read it. Honesty I'm not surehow I feel about the style, but the excerpt itself has me intrigued.

All I remember reading is that Chuck Wendig's previous works include writing about space dinosaurs, and the first book after ROTJ in the old EU was about space dinosaurs, which... I found funny :P

Ugh.... that excerpt just made my head hurt. This reads like it was designed for a fifth grader with severe ADHD... :)

Ahahaha that is god awful. Who the fuck do they get to write these things?

As others have said that is really hard to read, not sure if I'm gonna pick this up if that's any indication of what the whole book is like.

The pilot, Wedge Antilles, once Red Leader...

RIP Rogue Squadron, a sad goodbye to my favorite part of the Star Wars universe.

The premise sounds excellent, but from the comments coming out from the woodwork, I really doubt I'd pick it up.

1) it's a period that I would be very keen to read upon, but... 2) it would have to be done extremely well. Cramming the fallout of Palpatine's death into one book...

Its just an excerpt, possibly could be much better crosses fingers

I thought the style was crap yes, but it doesn't mean the story is bad. I liked the idea, the threat of the Imperial's is still very real.

I like the premise - the rebellion is the war begins. I agree on the style being weird. Especially when this book will be our first post-Ep 6 content...everyone is going to be scrutinizing heavily.

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