Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor: Chewbacca's not dead?!


Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor: Chewbacca's not dead?!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Peter Mayhew will be reprieve his role as Chewbacca in the upcoming Star Wars film next year.

Chewbacca is Back

This is cool in it's own right, but when taken in the context of previous Episode VII news it could mean potentially huge changes to Expanded Universe Canon.

Episode VII is confirmed to be set about 30 year after Return of the Jedi. For those keeping track that would be around 34 ABY, or 9 years after the date listed for Chewbacca's death on Wookieepedia.

What else may have changed? No Vong War? Different children of the original cast of character? No cloned emperors?

We may have to wait until next year to know for sure.

Photo from The Hollywood Reporter.


I'm hoping this is like a flashback thing. :/

They may do like the prequels did and di the vong war, which if memory serves me, lasted 4-6 years, and from what I've read, they are doing the vong war and chewy might get killed early on in the first episode and shoot ahead a few years to next.

EP I was 9 years before EP ii and EP iv was 2 years before EP v

I could see them using Chewbacca in the beginning to kill him off. That would be a solid Inciting Incident, very emotional for the Big Three. I mean, Mayhew is not the healthiest guy. He walks around with a cane, so there's no way he can run around in that huge suit. It has to be for some basic stuff.

People, per-lease stop being so silly. Deaths? Pfft. Peter Mayhew is quite clearly playing Cheewbaaccaa the clone that Han Solo has been growing to replace his best friend.

I hope so. The books were pedestrian at best. An argument can be made that the comic books and video games actually had better literary value than the novels. But in all, the EU offered up nothing to make what had been established by the original three movies any better. The entire EU just suffered from the same lack of general ability to tell a story and meaningfully develop a character (did Thrawn change? did Mara Jade really change?) that the SciFi and Fantasy genres are incapable of doing. If they decide to completely throw out the entire EU, it'll be for the best.

If it's Vong War and Chewie gets killed of early does that mean yhe next two films would have Han doing his depressed abandoning of the family thing.

Or would that end up being too Dark for Disney.

I will wait to see what happens. After all they were going though the all the canon stuff all ready to streamline it. so maybe they are throwing out more then we thought. I have enjoyed the books. To each there own there. I hope they don't throw it all out that would make me sad. After all these years to just throw away all that work would be very sad to me.

One more thing Just meet Peter mayhew in Janary. he didn't get around very well with out help and some times he was even in a wheel chair so yea I really don't see him being a big part of the movie. If it is to show his death I will cry all over again.

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