Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!

Today EA launched their Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game available for Apple and Android . It is a fun game in which you're fighting on holotables and collecting cards and ranking them up to fight in turn based combat through different waves of enemies. In my personal opinion this and Base Command are more fun and addicting than some other Star Wars mobile games to come out recently. We will have a competition created shortly for this new game.


Count me in!

Been playing for a couple hours now. Game is purrty fuuuuun

Woo! Another game I can't play! :P

This game is strangely addictive

Solari if you don't have an iPhone or Android you can always download bluestacks for your PC. It's an Android emulator that I would use when I was droidless. Works wonderfully

Another p2w star wars game <3

you dont have to pay to win. im doing well with just playing through the modes. Got 5's from tcw he is awesome.

Haven't paid a dime. Love the jawa

Does anyone want to share their Ally code, assuming you've gotten that far?

Mine is 523-992-562

Ally code: 899-936-968

A word to the wise, I just installed the game on BlueStacks and it's not supported :(

Odd. Just downloaded it in bluestacks and had no problem

I haven't been able to select an ally even though I've got 2...but my code is 922-896-218

Aiden, for some reason it tells me I don't have the required hardware to play it through BlueStacks?

No idea, I barely got bluestacks a little less than a month ago so maybe mine is an updated version? idk, I got to level 5 or so before quitting just to be sure it worked.

My code : 243-236-726

@ what lvl do you get the code? I started playing just now :)

I think close to 20, but I can't remember. 18, maybe.

You get there fast.

At level 18.

Mine is 973216325

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