SWTOR Player Housing?


SWTOR Player Housing?

Wow... I like it.

Easier just bring back swg. It had all the characters, professions, space ships, housing, cities, missions, quests,etc

As long as player housing can be entered by any players, sounds great. If it's just for the single person...as silly as the ship.

Money graaaaaaaaaaaaab. Sure, you can buy the sofa for cheap, but cushions cost 2500 cartel coins each!

As much fun as I do have on TOR, I do agree with Aidan. Money grab. And the game is getting worse and worse for it I find. :/ But I guess if people are willing to give them the extra money for some special pixels, can I really blame TOR? :P

Guild ships would have been a better idea.

I just don't even see the point of player housing beyond the RP elements... unless it comes stocked with Daily Terminals and GTN and all the fun trimmings of the Fleet Station... all a House would do is slow my daily "commute"

Guild ships were meant to come this year sometime. They better live up to that because I want my Harrower, damnit.

I will wait till its on their main site to believe its real

Color me monumentally uninterested. =P

I like it. Hopefully there's more to it. I'm guessing housing themed for class, customizations, conveniences, etc. Should be fun.

It's an interesting idea, though I think the guild ship would have been way more interesting.

Agreed Maelous. I once had the dream of having an upgradeable guild ship, that you could enter into guild vs. guild pvp battles, where you'd attack their ships and board them in epicness... but alas, no such luck. (yet)

Yep. Definitely looking forward to guild capital ships. Hopefully that materializes at some point.

The game barely even qualifies as open world. Why player housing?

I'm interested if you get to pick your planet. That video looks like Coruscant, the capital, but I don't really want to own an apartment on Dromund Kaas...

I'm with Brimstone. If you guys are so excited about player housing, let's just play SWG again! ;)

I tend to agree with Ji on this. Open up the world, barring maybe the Fleet; It makes sense that you'd be safe on the hub. Questing in the Galaxy? Prepare to run the risk of random ambushes.

If they do that, then hey, player housing makes sense. Safe zones, resupply, whatever - it gives the new addition a role to play.

Don't we already have player housing? It is called your ship.

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