Eminent Daggo Mouk (Deceased)

Eminent Daggo Mouk (Deceased)

Elder 1, Elder tier, Unaffiliated
Male Ithorian, Mercenary, Scavenger
Height: 1.92 m / 6'4" - Weight: 102.0 kg / 225 lbs
Age: 58 years - Left Handed
Physical Description

With pale skin, scarred and bruised from years of cybernetic alteration, Daggo stands out even amongst his species. Like the rest of them, he has a long curving neck and t-shaped head. He has one good left eye, with the other having long since replaced with a cybernetic. Two mechanical limbs protrude from a grafted apparatus on his back. His right hand has also been replaced with a cybernetic.

Character Image

Loadout: Daggo Mouk's Standard loadout
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better (General Aspect)

Daggo Mouk is extremely competitive and strives to become the best at every task he is given. The benefit of this cutthroat approach to life and work is that he will always give 100%, pushing himself to his physical or mental limits to overcome any task. However, Daggo Mouk’s overzealous ambition makes him insufferable to all but the most patient of companions, making it difficult to make friends while he either proves successful or utterly fails at being the best.

Circuit-Brained (General Aspect)

Daggo Mouk loves to play with computers and enjoys interacting with them more than he does with people. Some may call him antisocial - and they'd be right.

Just Plain Selfish (Personality Aspect)

Daggo Mouk rarely acts without an alternate motive when it comes to lending aid or acting in a situation. Be it greed, power, or something else, almost undoubtedly Daggo Mouk is after something more than what he says - though sometimes Daggo Mouk is even blunt enough to admit to it. While his self-serving attitude comes as a boon, usually, to his survival and pocketbook, his relationships are often strained by his outright selfish attitude.

Technically Legal (Personality Aspect)

Daggo Mouk prefers to push the rules to the absolute limit. While he is unlikely to actually break rules or disobey orders, he toes the line between what is allowed and what isn't at every opportunity.

Combat Slicer (Combat Aspect)

While Daggo Mouk avoids combat whenever possible, he has no qualms working with technology under the stress and pressure of combat. Daggo Mouk has trained himself to keep calm and focus intently on Slicing even while taking blaster fire from cover or when placed under time constraints. In truth, Daggo Mouk almost works better when under duress, and actually needs motivation, typically, when Slicing.

Go Go Gadget (Combat Aspect)

Daggo Mouk's passion for technology extends beyond his talent with Slicing. He truly believes that wars can be won with technology, not soldiers, and will always try to avoid direct combat if he can afford it. Instead, he prefers to deploy clever traps with Explosives, or turn technology against others as a weapon. Daggo Mouk would rather overload a circuit breaker to shock a guard into submission than to test his luck with his hands or a blaster. If removed from technology or his gadgets, however, Daggo Mouk can easily be overwhelmed. Fortunately, he has no qualms with throwing a smoke grenade down and running for dear life.

Skill Feats
Second Skin I Droid Whisperer I See What You Did There Ivory Tower Jury-rig I La Resistance I The System, Is Down You Can't Stop The Signal Poison Weapons Ambidexterity I
Force Feats
Granted Feats
Order Feat: Mercenary Ithorian: Make Me Wanna Shout Ithorian: Slow On The Draw Junker III Hotfix III Technocrat Force Wielder Awareness
  • Basic
  • Binary
  • Binary
  • Ithorese
  • Basic Cybernetic Maintenance
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Starship operation and maintenance
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization None
Secondary Weapon Specialization None
Primary Lightsaber Form None
Secondary Lightsaber Form None