Gaming 101: Setting up & Finding Matches

1. Introduction

Welcome, students. This course will give you a detailed walkthrough of how to set up matches and connect with the club's gaming community so you can start having fun and collecting rewards. We will first go over a number of items that are available to you. These tools should prove useful in understanding how to locate game servers and find opponents.

2. Challenges on Telegram Bot

The gaming bot for Telegram is used to set up official matches that count toward gaming comps and vendettas. It can be found with the following username: @DJBFistBot. Just be sure to select the competition you’re playing for when prompted with the joining queue screen, and you’ll be added to the appropriate queue and automatically paired with a partner. In order to select a specific competition, you need to enter option B or C. Be mindful when choosing option C, as it will exclude your score from the weekly PvP Pendant of Blood.

The next course in this series contains more detailed information on how the Fist-O-Matic bot for Telegram works and how to use it to set up matches. Please review the course details in order to ensure you understand how the bot works.

3. Finding Members on Other Platforms

If you’re looking to find members for cooperative matches (or Player Versus Environment), you’ll find gaming information like IDs (useful for Hearthstone and Diablo 3), Playstation Network IDs and Xbox Live IDs listed on member dossier pages under Contact Information. Clan and House rosters also include a tab on the far, bottom right (in the same area you would find reports or NPCs) called Contact Methods – where gaming IDs and social media profiles for the members of those units are listed by platform.

You’re also encouraged to try reaching out in the “DB Gaming” Telegram channel or on the Gaming Forums on Discourse. Just add these names to your "friends" list, and you'll have plenty of options for other members to game with any time you're online!

4. Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast Matches

Most members utilize Steam software to run JA and JO. When you start the game in Steam, you will be given two options. Choose "Launch Multiplayer". Once you have the game started, select "Play" then "Join a Game". This will bring you to a server select screen. Along the top of the screen, you will see a category called "Source." Left click this until it displays "Source: Favorites". You can now click the "New Favorite" option near the bottom of the screen. Enter the IP Address information from the Gaming Servers Wiki Page. The server should now appear in your Favorites List. All you need to do now is double-click on the server and enter the Password that was shown for it on the previously-linked Wiki to join the game!

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO (SW:TOR)

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood’s member base generally operates on the Star Forge server. Currently, the club does have Empire and Republic faction guilds, but these guilds are relatively inactive. Instead, many players choose to “double up” by joining their favorite in-game guild while also using the Dark Jedi Brotherhood’s separate communication channels to pair up with gamers within the club. This tactic works well because guild membership is not required to earn Clusters for SW:TOR; you must simply be grouped with another club member. By eliminating this requirement, it allows our members to increase their in-game social circle.

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