Gaming 103: Submitting Gaming Activity

I've completed a match, now what?

Generally, there are two forms of activity that can be submitted through the Gaming Portal: PvP (Player versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment). It is important to consult the Rites of Combat for what is required when submitting your gaming activity. Login to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood website and go to your Administration page. On the right side of the page, under the Competitions menu, select Submit Gaming Scores.

Submitting activity 1

You must now select what gaming activity you will be reporting.

Submitting activity 2

Player versus Player

PvP Matches are against other Dark Brotherhood members, either duels, FFA, or team FFA. This does not include Matchmaking activities. Now you must select your platform. Sometimes gaming is an event you can do for a competition or vendetta. You have the option to select this match to be included in a competition. Next you select the date of the matches played, the number of teams or people depending on the match, the members names that played, the number of matches played, and lastly which place they took in each match played. Once finished, hit “Save and Submit”.

Submitting activity 3

Player versus Environment

PvE Activity is cooperative gaming, matches against the computer or matches against randomly assigned players outside the Dark Brotherhood. Step one is to choose what platform and activity you are submitting.

Submitting activity 5

You will then select the date of the activity and have the option to select an active competition to link with this activity. You then will choose all members with the Dark Brotherhood that participated. Choose the required screenshot(s) you will be submitting by selecting the “Browse” button.

When finished, select “Save” or “Save and Submit”.

Submitting activity 6

I've submitted my activity, now what happens?

The information you have submitted is sent to the Gaming/FIST staff. If the information is accurate, everything required is submitted, and the match was created properly, the match/activity will be approved. If any information is found missing or wrong, the match/activity will be declined.

Submitting activity 7

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