Loyalist Order Core

1. Introduction

The Loyalists are those who perform their duties with honor and sacrifice, leaving behind everything for a cause they believe in. They pledge their significant skills to an organization of their choosing, serving that organization until they can no longer. These are not the rank-and-file scrubs that you see performing needless exercise. These are the elite, the gifted, and the legendary soldiers who excel from day one. In this course, we will delve into the history of the Loyalists and discuss what drives them. As their goals are so varied, Loyalists can be found in any of the Paths.

2. History

2.1 Pre-Brotherhood History

Loyalists can be found all through history. In every army, in every organization, the Loyalist is represented in the form of guards, enlisted soldiers, and flag officers. These brave souls flock to a cause and give it their all, usually sealed with an oath.


The early days of the Empire saw the rise of Agent Kallus, a ruthless agent in the service of the Imperial Security Bureau. Codenamed ISB-021, Kallus was charged with the capture of the Rebels on Lothal. During his service, he was a ruthless officer who was fully dedicated to the Emperor and his new Order. Agent Kallus would have been a follower of the Dark Path.

Also in the Galactic Empire, Maximilian Veers was a Human male that served as a General in the Galactic Empire army. He became famous for his actions and leadership at the Battle of Hoth around 3 ABY. His assault force, consisting primarily of AT-AT walkers, was tasked with destroying the shield generators that were powering the planetary shield.


As with Veers, Firmus Piett served in the Galactic Empire as a Captain aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor, under Admiral Ozzel. Ozzel, having failed the Sith Lord Darth Vader, was succeeded by Piett. Now Admiral Piett, he was in command of the Imperial Death Squadron, Darth Vader’s personal fleet of Star Destroyers. Leading a rather successful career, Piett died at the Battle of Endor when an A-Wing crashed into the bridge of the Executor.

The Rebel Alliance also had its fair share of Loyalist heroes. In the early days of the Rebellion, a Human Commander by the name of Jun Sato ran a Rebel cell by military protocols. During the Siege of Lothal, he proved a skilled tactician and commander despite having his command ship, the Phoenix Home, severely crippled under Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced. His tenacity initially prevented him from facing a possible evacuation, however, the crew of the Ghost made him realize that it is better to live to fight another day. Jun Sato would have been a follower of the Light Path.


The most famous of these heroes was probably Admiral Gial Ackbar, a Mon Calamari, who not only fought in the Clone Wars, but led the Rebels to victory at the Battle of Endor from his flagship Home One. He became the primary military commander of the Alliance, creating a symbol of defiance against the Galactic Empire’s non-Human hatred. He also excelled at detecting traps.

Crix Madine, a Corellian, was an officer in the Rebel Alliance with the rank of General. Specializing in covert operations, he saw extensive action during the Galactic Civil War. He utilized his talents to secure and steal a lot of equipment from the Empire, eventually culminating in the captured Imperial Lambda-class shuttle Tyderium, which was then used to infiltrate the Imperial base on the forest moon of Endor.

2.2 Brotherhood History


In the Brotherhood, the Loyalists hold sway as our armed forces. They are the ones who keep the peace and make up the bulk of the Brotherhood’s military might. Loyalists serve in the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne and in the militaries of every Clan. From Vendettas to Great Jedi Wars to smaller conflicts within the Brotherhood, the Loyalist forces are always there, leading the charge. Without the Loyalist forces, there wouldn’t be enough personnel to crew and command the massive navies of the Clans, or to assault hostile bases.

At the moment, a Loyalist can choose to specialize in one of eight disciplines.

The Field Medic has gone through both rigorous medical study and combat training to be able to provide medical care not just from the comfort of a lab, but in the fields of battle as well. These are the finest minds in the galaxy when it comes to medical knowledge and experience, making them valued on any battlefield.

The Weapons Specialist is the one you call when something needs to be taken out, destroyed, buried, or otherwise reduced to rubble. They have undertaken extensive training with their weapon of choice, and, with additional training, this knowledge and experience is expanded to a secondary weapon. For a Specialist, any weapon type can become deadly, making them valued in both the Loyalist ranks and the Mercenary muscle.

The Ace is more than just a “pilot”. Their understanding of the technology that they use to set a machine into motion allows them to apply their aptitude to a wide range of vehicles found in the Galaxy. This can be anything as small as a speeder bike to as large as a capital ship. Knowledge paired with instinctive, seemingly inherent talent allows an Ace to pull off incredible stunts without any intervention from the Force.

The Director shows that leadership can come in many forms, but there are those who are born with certain gifts that help them stand out from others. Whether brokering in diplomacy or warfare, a Director seeks to manipulate events toward their desired outcome. They see beyond what is right in front of them and tend to be thinking of their next course of action before the current is even completed. Beyond that, they know how to influence the emotions of those who follow their command—all without the aid of the Force.

The Hunter comes in all shapes and sizes. Some choose to pursue careers as Bounty Hunters while others use their skills for Smuggling or simply to pursue their own hobbies. When tracking down an objective for either personal or monetary satisfaction, Hunters have a unique knack for spotting clues that others might miss. This, when combined with their inherent knowledge of the various gadgets and technologies of the Galaxy, keeps them in high demand for a wide range of jobs or missions.

The Infiltrator is a master of getting into places they do not belong. They have long been used as agents on both sides of history for the Republic and the Empire. They are your go-to professional when you need to discreetly acquire information or gain access to something behind a locked door. Infiltrators are more than common thieves, however, and can use a wide range of tricks and techniques to accomplish their missions.

The Scavenger is someone who can always find you that one part you need to get your ship running. In a Galaxy where conflict over the varying methods and ideologies of government rage alongside the ongoing battle between the Dark and the Light, there is still room for the average sentient to make a living and survive without getting too involved. Smugglers, brokers, and bounty hunters alike are forced to find ways to survive in a multitude of harsh and constantly changing environments. As a result of this adaptive lifestyle, these Scavengers develop a unique relationship with the wide range of technology used across the Galaxy.

The Scoundrel sits at the heart of a Galaxy that often writes them off. In truth, there is no one in the Galaxy that has seen or experienced as much, making them invaluable despite their tendency to look out for themselves. A citizen doesn’t want their kid to marry and run off with one, but they understand the important role that a Scoundrel can play in getting things done.

3. Philosophy

Following a strict code of order, strength, and discipline, the Loyalist utilizes teamwork to get the job done. In essence, the greater whole is only as strong as its individual parts. For this reason the Loyalist ensures that they are the best at what they do, making sure that their strength supplements their fellow members, whether that strength is used for protection or offense.

The Loyalists do what they do out of loyalty to a cause, nation, or organization. They strive to maintain order and keep the peace, fulfilling their duty to whichever figurehead they swore fealty. They will not hesitate to follow their leaders into conflict.

4. Ranks of the Loyalist Order


5. Conclusion

As you can see, the Loyalists are a unique Order with a varied and rich history, both in- and outside the Brotherhood. Though their motivations are their own, all Loyalists follow at least one of the principles set forth in this course.

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