Alchemy Studies

An Introduction

There are many facets to the art of Force Alchemy, particularly true in the study of Sith Alchemy in particular. Two sources can best teach a student about Sith Alchemy, however: ancient knowledge and experience. I can provide you access to a small sampling of the prior and shall leave the latter to you. Study the notes enclosed below, and observe the path walked by the likes of Macron Goura.

The Beginning of Knowledge

Codex of Zhesos (with additional notations)


You should now possess a small knowledge of the ancient art of Force Alchemy. With this knowledge, you may yet join the ranks of many seekers of the Art who have created incredible things throughout the millennia. Do not allow yourself to become one consumed by the dark art, but rather learn to draw strength and might, prestige and power from its influence. Good luck on your exam.

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