Advancement Survey

This survey is designed to help us get feedback from members of the Brotherhood on the earliest phases of their career in the Dark Brotherhood. The results from this survey shall be used to help us ensure that the Brotherhood is aware of the thoughts and concerns of the newest members. Please note that while all comments you make here may be shared with Brotherhood leaders, your name will be kept confidential. Nothing you say here (that does not violate the normal rules of behavior for the Brotherhood) will affect your DB "career" in any way. If you feel the need to state something forcefully, please do so, and be honest in all your answers.

Please answer all questions directly. Additional comments are encouraged, and can be made in the same block, but please directly answer the question first.

Note that while this survey is presented as a course and some questions appear to be worth "points" it is not actually graded, and there is no way to get an answer "wrong."

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