Combat Tactics 102: Armor


This course will familiarize you with some of the common historical and modern forms of armor worn by combatants across the Galaxy. Although most Force users eschew armor in favor of lighter, more pliable fabric suits, some -- particularly members of the Obelisk and Guardian Orders -- may prefer the protection that armor provides in close combat.

Kaminoan Phase I Clones

Clone Armor

Clone trooper armor, known formally as the Clone Mark I armor, was created to be resilient and high-tech. Each plate had to be able to withstand explosions, small firearms blasts, and even blasters bolts. The armor is not equipped with concealed weapons. There is a utility belt, which is able to carry a grappling hook, power cells, and other equipment that a trooper would need. The helmet for the armor could receive and transmit orders via the commlink antenna built into the distinctive fin at the top of the helmet.

  • Defense Type: Cold Energy, Explosive, Piercing, Poison, Slashing, Kinetic, Heat Energy, Blaster Energy
  • Coverage: Whole Body
  • Primary Manufacturer: Kaminoan armorsmiths
  • Affiliation: Republic Clone Troops


This armor was normally used when quick movement through terrain was required.Normally equipped with visors for better vision, the armor was stripped of some of the non-essential parts,making it lighter and easier to move quickly and silently in.


Swamp armor was light weight, stripping it of some of the protection which made it more of a recon attachment. The armor was dull green, providing greater camouflage around bogs, and had little protection beyond the armored areas of the torso, head, knees, and elbows.


Snow trooper armor, a variation of the Clone Mark I armor, had an extended chest plate, as well as having built in heaters, allowing the wearer to withstand the coldest temperatures. The armor itself is similar to the Mark I, with an extended face plate as well as thermal padding. Troopers wearing Snow Trooper armor were able to withstand fighting in ice cold conditions for a long period of time.

Kaminoan Phase II Clones

Brought in to replace the Phase I armor, this was a simple but effective upgrade. Now equipped with a unique helmet design incorporating polarized lens, the armor was also better fitted to the human figure, allowing for greater maneuverability and comfort. The manufacturers also used a lighter yet more protective material for the plates, which also allowed for simple modifications for the specific scenario in which the trooper was deployed.


The shock armor was commonly used as law enforcement, meaning that it was normally equipped with a high powered communications unit built into the helmet, with the purpose of being able to scan through databases and check locations and other systematic maps in the helmet quickly, leaving the wearer the ability to get to their destination quickly.


This armor was designed with the idea that the user would be out in long-range walks, so it had a required long range communication system built in. The armor itself had a life scanner built into the chest plate, allowing the wearer to be able to detect life forms that were near the area, as well as being camouflaged so that the wearer is given the ability to hide if the need arises.


This armor was normally used for the ability to place paratroopers on the ground. The helmet was equipped with a breather, able to take in thin air and convert it into a good amount of oxygen for the user to jump from high altitudes. The armor came equipped with a standard pressure suit, allowing the user to be pressurized, and also had a parachute.

Creshaldyne Industries Blast-Dampening Armor

In ancient times, thick leather or hide offered some protection from spears and arrows. However, as with everything in time, weapons have evolved, so armor has as well. Now, nearly all armor will contain some form of blast-dampening technology to help absorb blaster fire. As an example, this armor is manufactured by Creshaldyne Industries, and worn by the Naboo Palace Guard. The under level is made up of a basic garb that covers the chest, back and shoulders of the wearer. The outer layer is consisted of rubbery material able to insulate against heat, cold, electricity, and other forms of energy. The rubber shell is also made up inside with thousands of tiny reflecting crystals held in a gel. This is what allows the armor to absorb blaster shots, as the crystals diffuse the energy.

  • Defense Type: Slashing, Piercing, Kinetic, Electrical Energy, Cold Energy, Heat energy, Sonic energy, Blaster energy
  • Coverage: Torso and head
  • Primary Manufacturer: Creshaldyne industries
  • Affiliation: Naboo Palace Guard

Phase III Stormtrooper

The Stormtrooper has become a symbol of Imperial tyranny across the galaxy. The armor was normally used by well trained and equipped troopers. The armor, unlike clone armor which was designed to take a significant amount of damage, can only take a glancing blaster blow and physical attack. Yet, it also has a sophisticated survival system, giving the troopers the ability to go into extreme conditions. The helmet also had padding to stop head damage, and an in-helmet computer to monitor readings from the suit itself. Using this armor also allows one to seal the whole suit, which will engage a small oxygen supply. Just like with the armor used by the clone troopers, each set can be changed into special units. For example, Desert troopers wear the armor but it is laced with cooling units and robust sand filters for the helmet. Others, such as speeder bikers, have navigational computers vital to their piloting.

Stormtrooper Armor

  • Defense Type: Poison, Slashing, Piercing, Kinetic, Cold energy, Heat energy, Blaster energy
  • Coverage: Entire Body
  • Primary Manufacturer: Imperial Department of Military research
  • Affiliation: Imperial stormtroopers


Upgraded from the previous style armor, the snow armor allows the user to go into freezing temperatures for a short period of time without the risk of the armor freezing over.


Commando armor was upgraded from that of a normal Stormtrooper, the wearer would be able to attach a protective shield to the armor, as well as having an enhanced mask, which would give them the reading of the squad that they were leading. Often to signify leadership status, they would wear some form of pauldron on their armor.


This armor was able to absorb hard landings on the feet, sending the strain into the armor rather than the wearer. The armor also had built-in breathers for tough atmospheres, as well as the jetpack built into the back. The face mask was shaped like a V, giving the wearer two oxygen tubes that feed into the helmet.


The armor was made up of high resistance layers: the first layer flameproof, followed by the armor, which is able to withstand high levels of heat. The armor also had a built-in tinted visor to allow the user to see through bright lights. If the heat around the armor rose, the person inside of the armor was kept comfortable due to cooling units placed around the inside of the armor.

Custom-Built Mandalorian Battle Armor

Mando Armor

Mandalorian armor is built with a collection of different materials and layers. It starts with simple blast-resistant duraplast armor plates attached to a waterproof mesh suit, followed normally by a liner shirt with a micro-energy field protected with two layers of ceramic plates. This greatly improves the wearer's protection to his back, chest, and stomach. The armor is carefully layered so that it doesn't restrict movement, but instead improves mobility. Mandalorian armor is best known for the amount of weapons it can hold. The standard holsters can have a different use of blasters and blaster rifles, but the armor is also able to hold a gauntlet that could project flame, a sonic beam weapon, and a dart shooter. Also the armor can hold multiple blades of different shapes and sizes and a fibre cord whip with a grappling hook. The armor’s most powerful weapon is the concussion rocket launcher built into the suit's jetpack.

Custom-Built Imperial Life Support System

Although the outfit itself looks terrifying, it's actually nothing more than a design to provide life support. It has the full systems incorporated to the person for respiration and uses the neural system of the person. Like the Stormtrooper armor, this is equipped with a temperature system to make sure that the person has the right temperature for the condition that they are in. This armor also provides electrical impulses which have the ability to provide greater mobility and strength to muscles and nerves. The helmet for this suit is the main part of the life support system. It has an air pump always cycling purified air through the lungs of the wearer. Durasteel armored plates protect the rib cage, shins, the gloves and chest and arms. It also has eye coverings able to look into infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths and able to have some form of defense against sonic attacks. The boots to this were normally all-terrain combat boots and the suit would also came with an armored cape. The armor would have to be recharged on a regular basis.

Other Armor Variants


The true origin of this armor is unknown. The armor is made up of different material, including insect and animal hides, allowing it to be able to deflect or absorb most types of fire, blaster weapons, and other attacks, leaving the wearer unharmed.


Bone armor is normally worn by groups of people who have little money. It covers the wearer from head to toe in different animal bones which offer some protection against weapons, but little from constant fire or modern high energy weapons.


This armor was typically used by Republic members. It was lightweight and covered their whole body; though it can absorb some level of fire, not all high energy weapons will be deflected thus leaving the wearer vulnerable. The armor was cheap to get and had room to store other equipment the wearer might want to carry.

Vader Armor


Visually similar to chitin armor, the Acklay armor is made up of hides of different animals: some will absorb blaster fire, others will be able to withstand heat, while still others offer some protection from explosions. The armor is considered to be medium style armor. The wearer is covered from head to foot in the armor, giving them wide protection from attack.


This armor was designed with one type of wearer in mind, a Wookiee. It protects the whole body of the Wookiee, covering them from enemy attacks. The armor itself is made up of multiple materials, including a metal chest plate which took energy blasts and a helmet which gave the wearer some head protection. The armor is quite heavy, which is why it was designed for a Wookiee, as they are able to move quickly in the armor where others would be slow and sluggish.

Rebel Battle Armor

This armor was built for the Rebel Alliance, and contains padding which normally absorbs the energy of a blaster. The chest plate is metal and the helmet allows the wearer to see clearly in night or day, allowing the user to be able to defend himself in most situations. Overall, the armor is well built and protective against most weapons.

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