General Warfare

1. Introduction

This exam goes over some of the other aspects of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's gaming, mainly capture the flag, free for all, matchmaking, regular team gaming, and vendettas. By the end of this course, you will have a sound knowledge base for each of the sections mentioned above, so that you as the member can go and participate.

Although this isn't a major topic on this exam, the Rites of Combat that are found on the wiki, are something you should always check if you haven't gamed in a while. This way you are kept up to speed with the rules. If you do have any questions, contact the Fist of the Brotherhood, since he or she has full control over the Rites and gaming.

2. Regular gaming

Submitting Gaming Scores

The Submit Gaming Scores option on each member Administration Menu will allow you to submit your gaming activities. There are options for numerous types of matches such as one versus one dueling, team gaming, free for all, and matchmaking.

2.1 Rules

Depending on the game you are playing there are various rules and standards that are defined by the Rites of Combat. The rules are grouped by category with only minor differences by Game (or platform), for example in first person shooters like Destiny 2, Overwatch, and Republic Commando, to win a one on one duel you must be the earn three points (or three victories). Team matches are played until 20 or 40 (depending on size) points are earned by one Team.

But general rules about gaming are the following:

  • To participate in regular gaming, you must be on the DB Gamer’s Lounge channel on Telegram, as well as utilize the @DJBFistBot for 1v1 matchmaking.
  • Participants must be members of the Dark Brotherhood
  • You may play up to twelve (12) matches against a single person on each platform, each day.

Gaming Night

2.2 Submitting Matches

Guide to Submit Scores.

2.3 Infractions and Penalties

The most common infraction that is committed in gaming is match dodging, while on more rare occasions there will be people who try to falsify matches for their own personal gain.

An example of match dodging would be when a member games in Jedi Academy against member A, but he or she declines a match in Jedi Academy against a second person (member B). Then later games again in Jedi Academy against a third person (member C) while member B (who previously challenged member A) is still online. In most cases the Fist of the Brotherhood will email the member in question stating that they were match dodging against people, with their summit carbon copied on that email.

The second time an individual is caught match dodging, the Fist will email the Justicar stating that they have been warned once by him, and the Justicar may give you a more serious warning at their discretion. Either way, a three day gaming ban will be applied and the member who was match dodging will not be eligible to receive a Pendant of Blood for during this week’s PVP Score.

If a member is found to be match dodging a third time, the Fist of the Brotherhood will ban them from the DJB Gaming Lounge for one month while the Justicar decides what action to pursue. All Clusters of Fire and Earth or Pendants of Blood that were earned during the time of the ban will be removed or remanded.

Falsifying matches is the more serious offense in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's gaming. This is actually where a member or members submit matches which they never actually played. There has only been one record in recent times where someone willingly falsified matches so that they could earn Clusters of Fire for the Grand Master's Royal Guard. Logs were sent to the Fist and the Justicar, where the Justicar leveled a three month gaming ban and a Letter of Reprimand against the member.

Word of the wise. Don't match dodge or falsify matches. It'll bite you in the rear when you are caught.

2.4 Rewards and How they are given

Regular gaming runs continuously with Clusters of Fire and Earth, and Pendants of Blood typically awarded within 24 hours of the match. No notification emails are sent for these award events. Instead, a summary mail will arrive on each Friday to inform members of the Medals that were earned for the week in each unit. For every match or activity played, members earn a set amount of Clusters of Fire, whether it be 1 Cluster for a win or 0.33 for a loss. Over time and gaming for a whole week, it is common for members to have earned far more than just 1 Cluster of Fire, more like 10-30 depending on how much you played.

A full table for Clusters of Fire and Clusters of Earth can be found here.

Pendants of Blood are given out to the person who has the highest PVP Score for each gaming week, which is Sunday to Saturday, as well as to the member who has the highest PVP score on saturday alone. PVP Score is defined on the Pendant of Blood Wiki Page. These medals are only awarded when at least 10 member have played over the course of the week, and the winner has played at least 10 matches. If this criteria is not met the award period will be extended by an additional week.

There are additional methods to earn Pendants of Blood, such as leveling up Characters in certain games. Again refer to the Pendant of Blood Wiki Page for the most up to date requirements to earn this medal.

3. Team Gaming

Depending on the game, team gaming can be just mindless fun with you and your friends in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood just going at it. Team gaming is something that has been around for years, inside and outside of the Brotherhood. A normal team match is a two on two match, but in the Brotherhood, we consider one on two the beginning of team matches. This brings me to a great strategy that is utilized by most members. During a team match, you'll want to have yourself and another teammate go against one other person, so that the opponent you're against will have a hard time killing both of you at the same time.

Now another tactic that is usually utilized for all types of team gaming including Capture the flag is using a voice chat server. Using the DJB Voice Server on Discord allows you to coordinate attacks against people, as well as tell your fellow teammates where you are, or even where the enemy is if you had just died. Currently the Brotherhood uses Discord to communicate with people as they play various games. For more information on this subject, we refer you to the relevant Wiki article.

4. Free for All

Free for All is a type of gaming that has been in practice in the Club for quite some time, in various competitions and just for fun. Free for all is an all out battle between three or more members fight each other to the death when one person finally reaches twenty-five points. More often than not you'll see members 'steal' your kills because they are targeting the same person you are. If that does happen, switch your sights onto that guy, and kill him before he kills you.


5. Matchmaking

Matchmaking was originally created by Bungie for Halo 2, where instead of having servers for players to join, players would sign into a playlist which would place them with other players who were also waiting for matches. Newer console games have continued to follow in the same trend with their multiplayer being set up without servers, but with playlists for different match types. During 2010, there was a competition where a game called Alien Swarm was allowed for a few weeks. There were some issues with report, and members wanted to continue playing the game after the 'allotted' amount of levels they were able to report. Taking both of these things into consideration the Fist created a set amount for Clusters of Fire for members who wanted to play Halo or another platform by just jumping onto the playlists through Matchmaking.

6. Action RPG

Diablo 3 was first brought to the attention of the Brotherhood with its release on the 15th May 2012, with a wide interest from the gaming community about the new game it soon found itself being tested and ran by the Fist Office. It became an addition to the approved games with people running regular gaming session for it. Diablo 3, like most games in the Action RPG genre is a simple click and kill style, but it still offers both rewards and team play for members of the Brotherhood.

7. Vendettas

Vendettas started during the time the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was still a part of the Emperor's Hammer. Today, they are club-wide competitions were the entire membership participates. Members that normally don't game throughout the year will join The DJB Gaming Lounge and many are known to show up with the hopes of winning a Nova and for their Clan or House. Throughout the year, there is a consistent number of members gaming, but during vendettas the numbers spike to about 40 to 70 gamers for the duration of the event.

The rules fluctuate from vendetta to vendetta, but there is a constant that remains. All members must obey the Rites of Combat and if found not doing as such, the Fist and the Justicar will pursue action on the infractions.

8. Conclusion

With that, you now have a well-based knowledge on each of the match types, events, and styles of gaming from this course. Be careful though, there are many members that have spent years playing and quickly recognize the strengths and weaknesses of newer opponents. So be prepared to lose a few times against people, but at the end of the day, realize it's not just about the winning and earning 400 clusters of fire in a month, it's about having fun with your friends.

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