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Kane Vader

These notes contain many links to the Wikipedia of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Following these links is not required to pass this course. They are only included for those interested in further reading.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood (DJB) is one of the oldest online Star Wars clubs still in existence. As the Brotherhood maintains an active and vibrant organization, our history is not static, but continues to be written every day. This course is meant merely as an introduction to its origins and a broad sweep of its history. A complete chronicling is available in courses within our Department of Lore.

Rise of the Brotherhood

In reality, the DJB was founded in 1995 (5 ABY) by Kane Vader, the first Grand Master.

The fictional history of the DJB began around 3950 BBY when Okemi, Tiamat and Ferran joined together as the Triumvirate in what would come to be known as the Star Chamber. Around 2950 BBY, Tiamat lost control of a ritual that would harness the power of Antei's star, and sent the system into darkness. What truly happened is a mystery, but the Triumvirate fell that day. The survivors continued to train in secret, passing their knowledge down through generations of Sith. Nearly 3,000 years had passed when Kane Vader was approached by a single emissary of Okemi. In secret, Kane Vader assumed the mantle of Grand Master and Lord of the Star Chamber.

Using his influence in the Empire, Kane Vader recruited more members and secretly positioned himself to replace Palpatine. In 4 ABY, the son of Anakin Skywalker slew both Palpatine and Darth Vader, ending the rule of the Empire, and Kane Vader ushered in the beginnings of what we now call the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. In 5 ABY, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was officially chartered, and an allegiance with the Emperor's Hammer, one of the many remaining Imperial Remnants vying for control over a segment of the former Empire, was formed out of convenience. Kane Vader then appointed his apprentice, Jedgar Paladin, as the new Grand Master.

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The Exodus

The Exodus Era

In 13 ABY, under the leadership of Grand Master Firefox, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood broke from the Emperor's Hammer. This was a result of a longer period of discontent between both clubs that culminated on April 13th, 2003, in an event now known as the "Exodus." This “split” was led by seven prominent members of the Brotherhood at the time: Firefox, Chi Long, Justinian Khyron, Jac Cotelin, Corran Force, Pyralis and Trevarus Caerick. Following the Exodus, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood abandoned their headquarters on Eos and returned to the Antei System, where it started thousands of years prior, and founded its capital on Antei.

The Brotherhood weathered many conflicts from their base on Antei: civil wars, invasions by Force ghosts, the Aliens, a group of pseudo-Jedi following perverted Jedi teachings, and the One Sith. In 28 ABY, the Brotherhood permitted the establishment of - and then subsequently attacked - its first light side Clan. Finally, in 32 ABY, Antei was destroyed by former Grand Master Muz Ashen during a ritual to gain immortality.

A New Order

Succeeding Muz Ashen was Grand Master Pravus, a man who became known as the architect of a “New Order.” Compelled by his vision of a “clean, pure and efficient” Brotherhood, Pravus began his reign by commissioning the Inquisitorius to carry out the wholesale slaughter of “undesirable” alien species along with the remnants of the old Krath and Obelisk Orders. Leaving only the Sith Order to stand against the Jedi, Pravus also welcomed non-Force users, Mercenaries and Loyalists, into the ranks of the Brotherhood for the first time.

Shortly thereafter, the Iron Legion assumed the role as the Brotherhood’s military, and Pravus led an armada to invade and destroy New Tython, the seat of power for the Jedi of Clan Odan-Urr. The rift Pravus’ deceit and manipulations caused between the Clans and the Iron Throne bred a resistance to his “New Order” that led to further loss among the Clans.

In 35 ABY, Grand Master Pravus declared Arx the new seat of government for the Dark Brotherhood. As elements of the re-grouped resistance prepared a last-ditch assault on Pravus’ flagship, a new enemy revealed itself. The unknown assailants finished off Pravus’ already crippled flagship and opened fire on the Clans who had gathered for the stand off against the Iron Throne.

Intelligence eventually revealed the Brotherhood’s new threat as Rath Oligard’s Collective - a force set on purging the galaxy of Force users altogether. This new threat would draw the Brotherhood’s attention away from its internal strife for a season.

The first apparent victory against the Collective on Nancora proved to be a ruse to lure the Clans away from their homeworlds. In the absence of assistance from the Iron Throne, most clans were devastated, some were rendered homeless, and one was lost.

In 36 ABY, Pravus abruptly relinquished the throne to his Deputy Grand Master, Telaris Cantor. In apparent contrast to his predecessor, the new Grand Master began his reign by calling for a unified Brotherhood to meet the growing Collective threat. Heeding this call, the Brotherhood won its first major victory over the Collective when it crippled and seized a space station crucial to the Capital Enterprises, assassinated the leader of the Collective’s Technocratic Guild and retrieved an artifact of unknown power. The space station, Meridian Prime, has since been converted to the headquarters of the Inquisitorius.

A year later, when it appeared the Brotherhood may find a potential ally in the Severian Principate, the Collective intervened with a false flag attack that launched the Thirteenth Great Jedi War.

The Brotherhood will never be completely at peace. Do not worry, you are still in time to become a notable figure in the history of the Brotherhood. Who knows? Some day, your name may be part of this course.

More information can be found on the Wiki, Chapter 16 of the Codex or the DB History courses within the Department of Lore. For the details of recent story arcs, visit the Fiction Center.

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