Essentials 104: Ranks

1. Introduction

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is structured into tiers of ranks, which are organised as follows:


Before we begin, we should start by explaining that the ranks through which you will pass are dependent on a few choices. As a Novitiate and Journeyman, you will see some overlap in ranks between the Force-user orders. At the Equite level, all of the orders have distinct rank names, but Force-using Elders share rank names like they did at the Novitiate and Journeyman tiers. Finally, the Grand Master is above both Path and Order, and your rank will be Grand Master regardless of your choice.

Rank Table

2. Novitiate

Journeyman is the entry level of the Brotherhood. Between now and being promoted to Knight, Captain, or Professional, you will learn about the Brotherhood. The focus of this tier of ranks revolves around activity and learning more about the club you are now a member of. Overall, be active, do competitions, play games and such and you will move through these ranks with great ease.

3. Journeyman

Journeyman is the first intermediate tier of ranks (followed by the Equites), and it is comprised of members who have found their footing in the club. At this stage, you will be regularly active and may begin looking to assume leadership at the Battleteam or House level, or possibly join the Dark Council staff as a Magistrate.

JM Ranks

4. Equites

The Equites are the experienced mainstays of the club. You advance into the Equite ranks by doing projects to better your Clan, House and the Brotherhood at large. Another way to advance is by leading Units. This tier of ranks revolves around improving aspects of the Club to improve the experience of others.

EQ ranks

5. Elders

This tier of ranks honours the most influential and devoted members of the Brotherhood. When you enter this tier, it is because you have significantly impacted the Brotherhood through hard work and effort. Usually, your years of service to the club, in various positions, working on numerous projects, have propelled you to this station.

Elder Ranks

6. Grand Master

This final rank is the only one related to a position. In order to attain it, you have to have been appointed to the office of Grand Master. Due to this detail, in reality, the highest Elder rank is far more rare than that of Grand Master. It is, in a way, easier to become Grand Master then it is to reach the top of the Elder tier.

7. Who can promote you to what rank?

Always good to know this stuff:

Position Promotion Authority
Grand Master All Ranks
DGM / Justicar Elder-2
Core DC Elder-1
Consul Equite-4
AED-PCON Equite-3

8. Progressing through the ranks

Though no single member’s journey through the Brotherhood’s ranks is the same, you’ll find a clear path has been established through the Novitiate and Journeyman ranks. Activities and accomplishments that count toward these promotions can vary from passing Shadow Academy exams (you’re already on your way!) to writing fiction, playing supported games with other members, submitting artwork to competitions or just logging in and joining us on one of our communications platforms like Telegram or Discord. Advancing beyond the Journeyman ranks requires that members are recognized for more than a list of activities, but their holistic contribution to their units, the club and its members.

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