Essentials 103: Paths & Orders

1. Introduction

People are complicated. This course will discuss the differences between the three Paths the Dark Jedi Brotherhood adheres to and will explain how those Paths influence the Orders available to a character. You will learn how Paths function within the Brotherhood, what Orders or professions are available to Force users and non-Force users, and what Orders are available to those on different Paths.

2. Paths

In the modern Brotherhood, there are three Paths a member of our organization may choose to follow: the Light, the Dark, or the Gray Path. These represent your use of the Force or the side of the Force to which you are most drawn. Even individuals who lack the power to tap into the Force will find themselves drawn to one side or the other. Your Path may also impact how you view and interact with the world around you. In many ways, your Path represents your alignment to the Light or the Dark. It is possible, however, for characters to believe they are doing good while still being drawn to the Dark Side.

2.1. Dark Side Path

The original Path of the Brotherhood, the Dark Path, is for those who seek power. Force users following this Path tap the Dark Side of the Force through raw emotion to attain that power by any means necessary. Those drawn to the Dark Path - Force users and non-Force users alike - are typically known for deceit, aggression, and the accumulation of power. A chief indicator of an adherent to the Dark Path is a self interest that trumps the needs of others.

Members of the Dark Path may be Mercenaries, Loyalists, Dark Jedi, or Sith.

2.2. Gray Path

The Gray Path seeks balance between the extremes of the others. An adherent of the Gray Path sees more moral ambiguity in the galaxy than those disposed to follow the Dark or the Light Path. It can be a difficult Path to walk, and many stray. Force users of this Path can choose to use either the Light or the Dark Side of the Force. Non-Force users who walk this Path will seek to strike a balance between emotion and serenity, order and chaos, selfishness and selflessness - careful never to stray too far into the depths of either the Light or the Dark.

Members of the Gray Path may be Mercenaries, Loyalists, or Force Disciples.

2.3. Light Side Path

The Light Path is walked by those who value justice and order in the galaxy. They may use violence when necessary, but only to protect themselves or others, or to see justice done. Force users use the Light Side of the Force. As self interest is the uniting factor of all followers of the Dark Path, compassion and care for others above oneself is the chief indicator of followers of the Light Path.

Members of the Light Path may be Mercenaries, Loyalists, Force Disciples or Jedi.

3. Orders

Where a Path is essentially your alignment, your Order is more akin to your profession. While some Orders are restricted to adherents of certain Paths, others are open to followers of any Path.

3.1. Sith Order [Force user; Dark Path]

The Sith Order consists exclusively of Force users who have chosen the Dark Path. They are those who identify with and follow the teachings and philosophy of the ancient Sith - an Order that has existed for thousands of years as the enemy of the Jedi. Members of their Order crave power and have risen to its heights throughout history - enslaving worlds, manipulating galactic wars and politics, crafting superweapons and establishing empires.

The Sith follow a code that is the antithesis of the Jedi Code. While Darth Bane established the Rule of Two for the Sith, members of the Sith Order within the Brotherhood are not beholden to it and will typically take on multiple apprentices throughout their life.

3.2 Order of the Force Disciple / Dark Jedi Order [Force user; any Path]

Force users who follow the Gray Path belong to the Order of the Force Disciple. They are a loosely-organized group of fairly independent Force users. As followers of the Gray Path, they strike a balance between the Dark and Light Sides of the Force.

Some Force users following the Dark Path choose to remain unaligned and do not join the Sith Order. Though these members may hold many of the same beliefs and values as the Sith, they may be more likely to turn to the Light Side of the Force. They may also place less emphasis on gaining power for power's sake. These Force users are known as Dark Jedi.

Likewise, some Force users following the Light Path do not join the Jedi Order and opt to remain unaligned members of the Order of the Force Disciple. These members may choose to tap the Dark Side of the Force when they deem it necessary.

3.3 Jedi Order [Force user; Light Path]

The Jedi Order consists exclusively of Force users who have chosen the Light Path. Members of this Order can trace their origins thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire. Throughout their long and noble history, members of the Jedi Order have stood as guardians of peace and justice.

The modern Jedi Order that exists within the Brotherhood - a relatively recent phenomenon in itself - has no centralized council or doctrines, but its members generally seek peace, respect life and strive to defend those in need. Most adhere to the Old Republic Jedi Code, but others have found peace in variations that place less emphasis on emotional detachment.

3.4 Loyalists [Non-Force user; any Path]

Loyalists are non-Force users who have pledged their complete support militarily to the unit of their choice.

3.5 Mercenaries [Non-Force user; any Path]

Mercenaries, like Loyalists, are non-Force users. However, rather than pledging themselves to a single cause, Mercenaries freely lend their support to the highest bidder.

Again, both Loyalists and Mercenaries can be followers of any of the three paths. For example, a Light Path Loyalist is someone who fights for the honor of his or her Clan and exemplifies the honorable warrior, while a Dark Path Loyalist is completely ruthless in their devotion to their Clan.

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