Essentials 106: Medals

1. Introduction

Medals and awards are the basic method by which the Brotherhood recognizes its members’ work. There is a medal for virtually every form of activity, rewarding everything from participation in Unit projects, gaming participation, to a lifetime of excellent service to the club.

2. Sacramental medals

Sacramental medals are rare. They are awarded to those members who have truly stood out in their position or field, especially for service instead of individual achievements. Sacramental awards are set apart because of their high standards and are usually awarded to individuals who have made a mark on the Brotherhood as well as their Clan or House. Receiving one is seen as a great honour.


3. Merit medals

With the exception of competition medals, Merit medals are the most commonly awarded form of recognition in the club. Like sacramental awards, they recognize service and accomplishments. Merit medals, while common, represent a member's dedication and effort.


4. Competition medals

Competition awards are divided into three categories: Novae, Crescents and Seals.

4.1 Novae

Novae are awarded for placement in competitions during large, Brotherhood-wide events such as Vendettas or Great Jedi Wars. Getting one is an achievement in itself, as these competitions bring in far more participants than regular competitions.


4.2 Crescents

Crescents are awarded for placement in competitions in the Brotherhood.

Crescents are divided into five tiers to reflect the size of the competition. Tier 1 competitions are large, Dark Council-run, Brotherhood-wide competitions that require skill. Tier 2 competitions are for smaller, less intense Brotherhood-wide competitions run by any member of the Brotherhood. Tier 3 competitions are normal Clan-level events. Tier 4 competitions are often run by Houses, and Tier 5 competitions are Battleteam-level events.

The level of Crescents awarded by a competition should be included in that competition’s page, and can be upgraded based on the level of activity in that event.


4.3 Seals

There are two basic types of Seals.

The Seal of Loyalty, awarded once a year by the Grand Master, is a special award based on nominations by Clan and House leaders, as well as members of the Dark Council, and is awarded to members with proven activity and dedication to their Clan or House. The Seal of Loyalty is awarded on Star Wars Day (May the 4th).

Other Seals are special and unique to individual Vendettas, Great Jedi Wars, and other large-scale Brotherhood events. Awarded for each event and competition you participate in, these Seals are specific to the event and will not be awarded again. They can only be earned from that particular event.

5. Other medals

Other medals are awarded for specific activities in the Dark Brotherhood.

Clusters of Fire, Clusters of Earth, and Pendants of Blood are awarded for participation and skill in gaming. Clusters of Fire can be earned by participating in Player versus Player matches and events. Clusters of Earth are earned for Player versus Environment gaming. Pendants of Blood recognize certain accomplishments in gaming. Clusters of Fire and Earth can only be earned for playing with (or against) at least one other member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Clusters of Ice are awarded based on word count for fiction, a combination of word count and number of posts in run-ons, and by number of posts in the Antei Combat Center.

Clusters of Graphite are awarded for participation in graphics events. Depending on the skill level required for the competition, you might receive one, two, or three clusters for participation in the event. You may also receive clusters of graphite for creating graphics for the Herald, including warbanners, selector items, and other Herald mandated graphics.

Legions of the Scholar are usually awarded to the top two finishers in trivia events as well as to the organiser of the event and to the creator of the questions.

A Scroll of Indoctrination is given only for recruiting members. Mentoring them to DJK earns a Scroll of the Master.


6. Awarding Medals

Not everyone can award medals, and to keep the process balanced, certain medals and awards can only be recommended by certain leaders in the Brotherhood. All awards are approved by the Master-at-Arms and his or her staff.

6.1 Competition and Other awards:

Novae are only given out to the winners of events in specific Brotherhood-wide competitions, awarded by the event's judge. Legions of the Scholar can be recommended by every leader.

Crescents are controlled by the tiers of the associated competition. Crescents can be awarded by the creator of a particular event, or a leader of the unit where the event was held, provided they have access to the right level of crescent.

awarding others

Crescents fall under a special grouping:

awarding crescents

6.2 Merit and Sacramental Awards

As stated before, these are handed out for doing more than what is expected. These are given for doing things, be it leadership, project-work or just encouraging others. The Merit and Sacramentals are the club’s way to recognise and honour activities and actions that benefit the club as a whole.

awarding the rest

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