Essentials 102: Societies

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is host to several departments or societies that grew into niches of the club. Writers will find a place to advance within the ranks of the Inquisitorius, as well as a chance to prove the pen is mightier than the sword in the Antei Combat Center. Gamers can find community and healthy competition in the Grand Master’s Royal Guard. Artists will find their skills catapulting them into the ranks of the black-market Shroud Syndicate, and aficionados of Star Wars lore can test their knowledge in the Shadow Academy Society.

In addition to giving members a place to enjoy the activities they love the most with a community of like-minded Star Wars fans, the societies offer a way for members to earn additional credits, fictional character standings and special items made available only to society members who have reached certain ranks.

Now, let us take a closer look at these institutions:

Inquisitorius (INQ)

The Inquisitorius is the society focused on writing and character development. Although you control every aspect of your character, the Voice and his staff manage the Character Sheet system, which helps to keep characters balanced. In this way, it is similar to many tabletop RPGs: the character sheet gives a general outline of who your character is, but you get to choose how to “play” your character by writing them in various fiction competitions or engaging in combat writing through the Antei Combat Center (ACC).

Fictionally, the Inquisitorius is a secret society tasked with identifying, hunting down and eliminating threats to the Brotherhood. You can advance through the ranks of this society by earning Clusters of Ice by participating in and organizing fiction competitions, placing in and earning awards for your writing, and by competing in or judging ACC matches.

To learn more about the history of the Inquisitorius and how to get involved, consider taking the Inquisitorius History course.

Antei Combat Centre (ACC)

It is important to understand that, first and foremost, the Antei Combat Center is a system for competitive combat writing. There is no need for game disks, controllers or cheats to be successful or to participate. All it takes is the ability to understand the rules, follow the guidelines and write a compelling, combat-driven story with another member of the club.

To qualify to compete in the ACC, members must prove that they understand those rules and guidelines by creating a character sheet and completing the ACC Qualification Exam. Once qualified, members will be able to enter the Antei Combat Center and find opponents to test their skills.

The ACC is led by the Combat Master, and the battles are graded by the ACC Judges. While the ACC does not share the same rank-advancement structure as the Brotherhood’s societies, activity within it contributes to your standing in the Inquisitorius and is measured by a variable score called an Elo ranking. Each quarter, the member with the highest Elo gain is granted the title of Avatar of Strife.

The Shadow Academy and the Shadow Academy Society (SA)

Since you are taking this course, you have already been introduced to the Shadow Academy, the Brotherhood’s premier source of knowledge. It is run by the Headmaster, with Professors overseeing the different departments.

The DJBWikipedia defines the Shadow Academy as follows:

The Shadow Academy is the primary training facility for new members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. At the Shadow Academy, new apprentices are trained by powerful Dark or Light Jedi in the ways of the Force as they begin their journey towards understanding their chosen path. The Academy also serves as an enormous archive of information for the Brotherhood, housing various libraries, console rooms, and the Dark Vault, the latter of which the Brotherhood's valuable artifacts and treasures are sealed off and studied in.

The SA offers a wide range of courses ranging from basic knowledge regarding aspects of the club to in-depth Star Wars material. The Shadow Academy has courses covering History, Leadership Studies, Grammar and Writing Studies and much, much more. The Academy also offers a wide array of Dark Side Degrees, which are organized into four tiers: Dark Pundit (likened to introductory exams), Dark Maven (likened to Bachelor’s degrees), Dark Savant (likened to Master’s degrees) and Dark Sage (likened to Doctorate degrees).

Shadow Academy Society

In addition to earning knowledge and degrees, members who advance through the Shadow Academy will ascend the ranks of the Shadow Academy Society (sometimes called the Imperial Reclamation Society), whose agents play a significant role in the expansion of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. In its higher echelons, the SAS consists of well-trained and experienced operatives who are tasked with crucial missions like tracking and recovering mysterious and powerful ancient artifacts, protecting promising dig sites and excavations, and transporting valuable discoveries directly to the headquarters of the Shadow Academy.

Grand Master’s Royal Guard (GMRG) Society

The Grand Master’s Royal Guard is the gaming group inside the Brotherhood. Through gaming on the approved platforms, you earn Clusters of Fire and Clusters of Earth for PvP and PvE gaming, respectively. If you earn a set amount of these Clusters, you are advanced to the next rank in the GMRG. The higher your rank is, the more treats you unlock on your dossier. For instance, those who hold the first rank get a warbanner tassel showing off this status. You do not have to be a member in order to play games with other members of the Brotherhood, but, if you are going to dedicate your time to it, you might as well become a member (by doing a single SA course: GMRG History) and get the perks, anyway. The GMRG falls under the auspices of the FIST of the Brotherhood.


The Brotherhood approved gaming platforms change over time. The most current list of widely-played games supported by the club can be found on the supported games page on the Wiki.

Shroud Syndicate

The Shroud Syndicate is a society of artists and creatives within the Brotherhood.

Led by the Herald of the Brotherhood, the Syndicate operates fictionally as smugglers and pirates, with members providing extra resources to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. They operate outside the law or, more to the point, break the laws and are involved in any illegal or black market operations and deals. The structure of the Shroud Syndicate promotes the most determined bounty hunters, smugglers and other outlaws, who do not hesitate to achieve the Syndicate’s goals by any means necessary.

Membership and Activities

To become a member of the Shroud Syndicate, you must complete the Shroud Syndicate Initiation course. Respect and promotion to the higher echelons of the organization are earned by acquiring Clusters of Graphite through taking part in or hosting graphic-related competitions. Some dedicated and highly-skilled members may find they have the opportunity to join the Herald staff and help create graphics for the whole of the Brotherhood.

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