Vendetta 101: Foundation

What is a Vendetta?


Vendettas are large scale events that involve several Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. This term covers various events, the largest of which is the Great Jedi War or GJW.

Great Jedi Wars are very large scale events that last many weeks, and may last over a month. They provide many forms of activity and serve as major plot points for the Brotherhood’s history. The rewards following Great Jedi Wars are substantial.

Other Vendetta events exist, such as the Rite of Supremacy, the Clan Feud, and special events. These are all of a somewhat smaller scale, though all involve participation from two or more Units, such as Clans or Houses, and often encompass the entire Brotherhood.

What can I expect?

The start of a Vendetta will be made known to you well in advance. It will be announced prominently on the Brotherhood Main Page as well as both Clan and other leaders' reports, and there will be a lot of general 'buzz' surrounding the event long before its official starting date.

Leading up to a Vendetta, story updates are posted on the main page of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood website. These story segments let you know what is currently happening in the Brotherhood and give you a view of the tensions and struggles that precede the Vendetta. They hint at what is to come and get the creative juices flowing for those members who enjoy writing in-character fiction.

When the Vendetta finally starts you can find the competitions much in the same way as you do for regular competitions..

Some events will last the entire length of the Vendetta, while others will only be available for a short time, to be replaced with new events at a later time.

What events will there be?

Generally, events are divided up into four categories:

  • Gaming
  • Fiction
  • Media
  • Miscellaneous

Gaming events include the game platforms supported by the Brotherhood, as well such things as temporary flash games. Unless the description for a gaming event specifically states otherwise, their rules are determined by the Rites of Combat.

Fiction events involve committing words to paper in one form or another. People participating in fiction events write everything from stories to epic poetry to limericks. They may participate in Runons (cooperative fictions written in a group), or write a fictional review. They may take on the mantle of a newspaper reporter and write an article on the events happening during the Vendetta.

Media events cover the range of graphics and multimedia that have always been part of the Brotherhood’s culture. Graphics events usually just ask you to create a picture of a given subject in any way you want to do so (Computer design programs, hand-drawn and scanned in and so on). Multimedia can be anything, from an animated stick figure cartoon to composing a DB-related song to making a video.

Miscellaneous events are anything that does not fall into the first two categories and can include very unique and exciting events. These events could be anything from formulating a battle plan, to identifying characters in a comic strip, to searching the internet for clues to a puzzle or even deciphering an encoded message.

I think someone is cheating. What should I do?

If you suspect someone of breaking the rules of the Vendetta (usually published on the Vendetta website) you should inform the Justicar (JST), Grand Master (GM) and Deputy Grand Master (DGM) immediately. Provide them any evidence you may have and explain what you think the other member has done. They may ask you for more information, so make sure you are capable of further explaining your suspicions when contacted. If, after reporting the issue, someone contacts you trying to influence you, report this person to the Justicar as well.

You may wish to add your Unit leader (Quaestor or Consul) to the email informing the JST, GM and DGM via carboncopy. However this is not required. If you are reporting said leader, do NOT add him in CC. The sooner the Chamber of Justice can begin investigating accusations such as these, the better. This goes double for Vendettas with event deadlines in play.

What rewards are available when the Vendetta is finished?


Generally, participation in events - regardless of where you placed in them - earns you a number of seals specific to that Vendetta. Almost every Vendetta has a seal with a unique graphic and name and is a lasting sign of your participation in a large scale event. Some Vendettas may have other, special forms of participation medals.

The members who place in the top three in each event are awarded the Gold, Silver or Bronze [Nova] for first, second or third place, respectively. Alternatively, some smaller-scale competition may award high-level Crescents instead.

Beyond this, Houses and Clans of the Brotherhood often award specific members with Merit Awards, promotions, or both, based on their participation in these events. This is at the discretion of the individual Unit, but they are generally quite generous with these awards.

Field promotions are awarded for outstanding performances during Vendetta-level competitions. A member must show truly exceptional skill and effort, worthy enough to bypass the standard promotion requirements, in order to be considered for a field promotion.

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