Vendetta 102: Submission

How do I participate?

All vendetta events are organized on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood website, and can be found at the Competitions page. When a new vendetta launches, you will be able to "subscribe" to whatever events you would like to participate in by visiting the Competition page for that vendetta. Some events will require you to subscribe before seeing event-specific information, such as a fiction prompt or a puzzle; others may be timed on a clock that begins running when you subscribe, so be sure to read the instructions!

Great Jedi War XI was the first GJW run completely on the website, and you can see that all relevant information for submissions and placement -- including novae earned and individual rankings -- are tracked through the Brotherhood's database. All modern vendettas operate this way.

I've completed an event, what do I do with my entry?

Most modern vendetta events can be submitted directly to the event's Competition page. Some events, like trivia or gaming, are usually tracked by the database as you complete them -- for example, when you click "submit" at the end of taking a trivia exam, the database will know that you have participated in the vendetta event and there is no need to make any additional submissions (except to let your summit know you participated!). Likewise, gaming events usually require participating members to submit matches as they occur, rather than waiting to submit something at the end of the event.

For events such as fiction or graphics, you will usually need to visit the event's Competition page and upload a file in order to submit your entry. Be sure to pay attention to permitted file types (i.e., .docx, .pdf) that may be listed in the event's "details" section.

Be sure that your house and clan leaders are aware that you have completed an entry. If it is a fiction event entry, your summit may request that you send a copy to them for proof reading before you submit. You are allowed to have others proofread your fiction entries, but they cannot write your entry for you or make substantial edits to it.

You should email your clan and house summits (Consul, Proconsul, Quaestor, and Aedile) when submitting a vendetta entry. In fact it is a good idea to include your summit in all of your competition entries, regardless of whether it is part of a vendetta or not. This allows them to more accurately track all of your activity and make sure you're rewarded accurately and quickly.

There are two exceptions to the summit-email rule. First, when the event is time sensitive, for example if you have to answer a set of trivia questions or complete a puzzle and placement is based on the time it takes to complete. In that case, do not waste time emailing your summit until after you complete and submit the event. Second, in events that have secret solutions -- again, like trivia or a puzzle -- you may never send your summit the answers that you submitted; however, you certainly may (and should) let them know that you participated.

If you are unsure what to do, either ask you summit, the event coordinator or another Brotherhood leader.

Is there anything I should include in my entry?

Yes, ALL Entries must include your Dossier Name and Pin #.

If you are submitting a document, please include these details in the document itself or in the document's file name at a minimum.

As a reminder, it is also a generally good idea to include your name, ID line, and Pin # in your email signature. Setting your signature up in this fashion will ensure that all of your Dark Jedi Brotherhood communications are easily identifiable.

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